One-X review by Three Days Grace

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  • Released: Jun 13, 2006
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (337 votes)
Three Days Grace: One-X

Sound — 8
Three Days Grace return from their touring and are back with this album. The sound hasn't really changed since their debut album. The only thing that has changed is that the distortion is much, much, better. With Barry Stock on guitar, there is more second/lead guitar parts. This album even have a couple of guitar solos.

Lyrics — 8
Since Barry joined the band, Adam has taken more of a lead singer role occasionally. The lyrics are always dark. They deal with changing as you grow up and about being alone. Adam's vocals remind me of Davey Havok from AFI. Adam can sing soft during the verses and then provide a harder voice during the chorus. The lyrics are still repetitive sometimes but not as repetitive as (I Hate) Everything About You.

Overall Impression — 9
Adam's voice doesn't really sound like anyone else that I know. But as I stated before, he can sing soft and then provide a harder sound from his vocals. My favorite songs on this album are Pain, Animal I Have Become, Never Too Late, On My Own, Riot, Let It Die, and Over and Over. The one thing I hate about this album is that most of the songs are repetitive. But then again, Three Days Grace are known for keeping their music repetitive and lyrics catchy and sometimes annoying. If I lost this cd, I would definetly buy it again but it won't be as good as the one I have now because I have the bonus track, Running Away.

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    i bought it and it rocks! im kinda into 80's bands but their one of the new ones i like now. i wonder if the first ones just as good. their guitar parts are pretty easy to play but they sound really good.
    I love this cd. I listened to Animal I have Become a lot. Three Days Grace is a great rock band and have great music.
    MedicreDemon wrote: sicfreak91 wrote: TDG ... nu-metal???? .... UUHH .. NOO .. u don't even kno what nu-metal is u ****ing poser .. its a fusion of heavy metal and rap singing/screaming kinda voice ... really fast ... but heavy .. slipknot( at least there old stuff), mudvayne, SOAD ... NU_METAL .. TDG is just a mainstream rock band ... some would call them punk also because of there frequent use of power chords ... as for emo ... thats just a very meloric(sp) hardcore (heavy punk) ... A.f.i ... It dies today .. i hate u people that u think ur cool because u said a certain word but u don't even kno what it ****ing means .. thank you! im glad sum1 else agress SOAD si Nu metal
    SOAD is not at all nu metal, r u mental especially not thur new stuff thur hard rock with a thrash feeling at times
    when i first heard them they were kind of catchy, but the song i heard dragged on forever with the same lyrics over and over, if they put some time into their lyrics they might be good, THEY ARE DEFINITELY NOT NU-METAL, i dont no y anyone seems to think so, OVERALL, THEY SUCK
    This album is one of the best iv ever heard, 3DG really have improved since their last album. I agree that some of their lyrics can be simple and quite boring, i would like to see some deeper more meaningful words instead of boring repetitive stuff. Hope their next album moves closer to something like Tool, with some sort of message or idea. 8/10