Three Days Grace review by Three Days Grace

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  • Released: Jul 22, 2003
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (58 votes)
Three Days Grace: Three Days Grace

Sound — 8
Three Days Grace make a name for themselves in the rock community with this self-titled release. Blending rock with doses of metal, grunge, and punk, the boys from Three Days Grace have created a CD that has a memorable and original sound. A sound that I'm sure many other rock acts will find it hard to compete with. Similar to 3 Doors Down and Seether, this band has reached similar popularity because of its easy-listening music that all ages can listen to, and fans of other genres can enjoy as well.

Lyrics — 8
Lyrics on this CD are ranged. At times they are sad, at other times they are happy, some times they are angry, some times they are just thoughtful. A range of emotions are met on this album, so it is a good CD to listen to no matter what mood you're in. And the good thing is, the Three Days Grace vocalist does not come off at all whiny or emo on some of their more sadder songs. His singing is good too. Doesn't have the best range, but nonetheless he can sing pretty well!

Overall Impression — 8
When I feel I need to get away from all the heavier metal I listen to, I find that this album is something softer I can enjoy. It is post-grunge type rock that has a few traces of metal and punk in it, which I quite like. Some have said Three Days Grace's self-titled is nu-metal, but that is definitely not true. The guitars aren't tuned low or distorted much, and the vocals aren't angsty or whiny. There is no rap/hip-hop influence either. It's just good old rock. The songs on it are all fairly good, though I'm a bit disappointed that that it has several fillers. Not to worry though, it is still enjoyable, and some good tracks are "Scared," "I Hate Everything About You," "Wake Up," and "Now Or Never." If you like this type of rock, this album is a good listen. It also has some excellent acoustic guitar pieces that are great to play. I'm undecided whether I would buy it again if it was stolen, but it certainly is good in any rock CD collection.

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    Wow that unregistered dude must be scared to show his face after dissing 3DG like thathes just jealous because theyre famous and hes not and if they sucked the wouldn't have got a record deal assbite even if they do use the same thing over and overthey make it sound good so shut the f*** up and go f*** your mom
    i think that unregistered dude is completely right, this shit is so repetitive and simple and the singer does not know how to create lyrics, i'm not afraid of ur badass go f*** ur mom speech u dumbass, u think ur tough cuz u like three days grace, DAMN DUDE
    ok, they might not be that great at their instruments or they might have pathetic lyrics as u guys say, but hey they f***ing made it and they're probably one of the catchiest bands out there. i mean yeah u can dis them, but c'mon. and u kno keeping it simple isn't bad, they just don't want to overdo it like all the other bands that try to show off their skills.
    Yeah I agree, they may not be the most talented band in the world, but they make the best of what they have, and I think they have some pretty good, catchy songs (even some of the other ones do tank though...)
    it's reptitive but they're sound is acceptable, great singles but every other song is filler
    Three Days Grace Rocks Hard!! NOw im gonna go and disprove what the second unregistered dude said. First off they definatly write thier lyrics, second the lyrics are "I could be mean, I could be anrgy, you know i could be just like you." Not the BS "or i could be just like you like the unregistered dude said. I may be bias toward 3DG but those unregistered dudes were being totally negative and it was not necessary about any band, except the wiggles. Lol
    Burn - 6/10 without doubt the worst song on the album and certainly not a good opener Just Like You - 8/10 pretty good song, doesn't really have the 3dg style I hate everything about you - 8/10 good song, the verse can get a little boring, a little too repitious too Home - 10/10 very good song!! certainly the best song on the album, different from the rest but still has the 3dg style Scared - 9/10 good song, nothing really to say about this song its pretty straight forward Let you down - 7/10 one of my least favorite songs on the album, the chorus loses all it's energy after he says "I will" Now or never - 8/10 another one of my least favorites, am i the only person to recognize that the song only starts after like 10 seconds so that the song would be in 3 minutes range instead of only 2?!? that's a ripoff and the verse is boring, the song also doesnt have a bridge Born like this - 9/10 good song! the lyrics dont really make any sense, someone's gun is laughing?? chorus really good Drown - 9.5/10 one of the best of the album, the verse can get a little boring Wake up - 8/10 great intro!! the pre-chorus ruins the song tho Take me under - 8/10 good song, the chorus is kindof odd and takes a while to get used to Overrated - 8/10 good song! great ending for the album
    i dont no y that unregistered guy said that..i would like to see him and his most likly pop band get arecord contract and get more albums sold than 3dg..i really like them even though i dont really like there type of music. im more into metalcore but from time to time i lik listening to these guys. This guy must have been drunk or sumthin
    seeing the review that said constantly that 3DG sucks, i can clearly see why they posted as unregistered. three days grace has got to be one of the best bands out there. lyrics are great,(and by the way, if the guy who posted the bad review returns, you got the lyrics to "Just Like You" wrong)music is great, and id LOVE to see the bad reviewer put out a cd that a) sells millions b) establishes a huge fan base and c) rocks more than that guy will ever hope to
    three days grace is one of the most untalented bands out there right now, and that unregistered guy that said they sucked has a point, all you guys have to say is "they have a huge fan-base and have sold a lot of cd's" like wtf that's not what makes a band a good band, first of all, all their songs follow the same basic unoriginal song structure, not one, not even one, out of the first cd and one-x is there one song that has a different song structure, pathetic, second, all the lyrics are the same, even you fans have to agree with me on that, some of them are pretty good lyrics but they're all negative, and repetive, third, the bass guitar in the song is horrible, it just plays the same things as the guitar, fourth, their live performance SUCKS, i went on youtube, i havnt found one good live performance by three days grace, and they went on 22 months of touring after their debut album release (it's sure obvious they're not doing it just for the money lol), i can write better songs than these guys any day