Transit Of Venus review by Three Days Grace

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  • Released: Oct 2, 2012
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 7.3 (125 votes)
Three Days Grace: Transit Of Venus

Sound — 7
In Three Days Grace's fourth studio album, they include the "electronic" sound that many bands including Muse, Linkin Park, and Papa Roach have been experimenting with. They do a decent job of pulling it off, but their previous sound seemed to leave a more lasting effect. A few songs stand out to me, but others seem to not grab my attention. The guitars have your typical Three Days Grace sound, mostly being tuned in Drop D, with one finger chord choruses, and a few decent solos. The drums are alright, but don't seem to stand out as much as they did in their other records. Adam Gontier's voice hasn't changed much over the years, and still remains good. Overall I'd say the sound of this album is okay, but definitely the least of all their albums.

Lyrics — 7
Pretty typical Three Days Grace lyrics, songs about being in denial, being a loser, broken relationships, and being angry at someone who left you. The two previous albums ("One-X" and "Life Starts Now") talked heavily of Adam's personal demons, where this album appears not to as much. Expectations has interesting lyrics, narrating stories of people who are convinced that they made it big, only to have their dreams crushed, following with the chorus "Expectations Go To Hell". "Unbreakable Heart" is similar to "One-X", where it speaks of being pushed around by others, being a loser, etc, then adds the positive "never give in" note.

Overall Impression — 7
Overall, "Transit Of Venus" was a decent album, it doesn't beat their other albums, but it does a decent job of keeping me entertained. My favorite songs off this album are "The High Road", "Expectations", "Chalk Outline", and "Unbreakable Heart". I have to say I hope 3DG goes back to their old sound, and doesn't keep it up with the electronics in this album. It wasn't a failed experiment, but I would have expected more from them. If this album were stolen or lost, I'd probably buy it again, it wouldn't be a matter of "OH NO! I HAVE TO BUY IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!", though.

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    awesome band to see live. the album needs to be reviewed by someone who isn't a fan boy lol.
    Wow a perfect 10 out of 10 for a Three Days Grace album, eh? They must be better than the Beatles!
    You can't expect someone with the username 3dgfan34 to write a well balanced review. I've listened to it, and it's not a bad album by any stretch but it could be better
    Joshua Garcia
    Perfect 10, some poorly described new sound, Adam flows with music... This review is just awful. I'll save everyone the trouble and describe the sound as a mixture between One X and Life Starts Now.
    10/10? No. UG should really filter usernames before posting reviews. It IS a good album, but not a 10, I'd say a 7.
    the chalky one
    Four long ass years I waited, the old songs (no offence) were getting a little old...Then suddenly, Chalk outline came on! I was like "Yes! A savior from bordom!" Three days grace forever!
    Not to troll (I like 3DG), but how in hell did this get a better review than The 2nd Law? Bah. Besides that, it has the same problem all their stuff has: it sounds too similar. Some good tracks there, though
    I found the album boring. After Life Starts Now i knew that I couldn't expect anything else from them that would suit my tastes.
    Giving the new Mumford & Sons a 10 was one thing, but this? I just don't understand reviewers anymore. The lyrics "seem to have strong meanings"? What the hell does that even mean?
    aside from the point that this is an over biased review, dont smash people's opinions in their face. trust me, im quite appalled by the 10 on this, but to each, and their own.
    I totally agree that it takes some time to grow on the listener. I didn't really like it at first but I enjoy it more each time I listen
    Better than Life Starts Now by a lot. I thought it was very average too on my first couple listens but it grows on you quickly. I'd give it a 6/10 right now, but down the road I can definitely see myself bumping that up to a 7/10. Not the greatest, but for what 3DG are, you can't ask for much more.
    I think it is was a really weak album compared to their others. I honestly wanted to change each track after listening to 1 min of them. I saw them live in Bossier City, La in '11 and when opened up for Sevendust & A7X. They were weak then and havent changed. Personally judging by their Live Performance(then) and this album, they wont be around much longer.
    In case you haven't noticed, 3DG are pretty popular. Unless there are some severe fallouts within the band, they're going to be around for a long time to come.
    When I get the time (read: when I'm bored enough during class) I'll write a more balanced review. It's a good album, and how much you'll like it depends on how recently you went through a breakup.
    I really like "Chalk Outline", "Operate", and "Misery Loves My Company". The rest are more or less "meh". I wouldn't go out of my way to buy it, but there's no reason not to listen to it.
    I'd rate it a 6/10. It's mostly just average material, nothing innovative, but it has some good songs.