Transit Of Venus review by Three Days Grace

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  • Released: Oct 2, 2012
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.3 (125 votes)
Three Days Grace: Transit Of Venus

Sound — 7
Ok I've read the other reviews on this site and they've been giving very off reviews of this album, so I'm going to attempt to give it some justice. In their senior effort, Three Days Grace shifts into a more electronic vibe. This isn't a bad thing but its kind of unusual for this band. Most notably on "Expectations" the whole song has this backing tech-no riff, I think it brings the song together. Overall I thought it was great for them to try this but it just missed a few marks to me. Tech-no sound aside, the album opens great with "Sign Of The Times" it has that perfect feel to flow through the rest of the album. I'm only going to mention songs I feel have great impact, "The High Road", for some reason this song felt a little incomplete but I still liked it. "Anonymous" has that feel of soft feelings transitioning into a very hard hitting chorus like it was trying to uplift everything its very good to transition like they did in this song. "Happiness" to me is a sequel to "The Good Life" from "Life Starts Now", it has the same feel to it of wanting to have the good life, living life like a rock star. The album closes on a pretty high note with "Unbreakable Heart" it wraps all the themes int he album quite nicely, I just didn't like the effects they added to it, it would have been perfect without that. The guitars still have that crunch we all love about TDG, but the bass is not as prominent as I'd hoped like it was on "One-X" or the self titled. Drums are the usual style I do think they stand out on "Happiness". Other than that it was pretty good musically.

Lyrics — 9
The high point of this album is by far Adam's singing, he experiments the most on this album with his voice. His writing on "Sign Of The Times" and "Anonymous" are the best I've heard from him since "One-X". On the song "Give In To Me" it feels like he's trying to reach out to us and tell us to understand the meaning of love, loss, and what we all want out of our partners and our selves. "Broken Glass" is more of a "One-X" song where it talks about being pushed down by everyone and retaliating against all the posers and authority. "Chalk Outline" has that feel of walking dead without a heart its like a for telling of "Misery Love My Company", witch has its own feel of redemption and trying to fight against all your fears and demons. Adam really went all out on this album and it shows.

Overall Impression — 8
Overall I'd say this album is leaps and bounds better than "Life Starts Now" it even measures up to "One-X". With songs like "Chalk Outline", "Expectations", "Anonymous", and "Happiness" this album defiantly was great. But I hope on the next album they reduce the use of effects, I see that they're trying to be more diverse but it just makes them sound a little bit more generic because almost every new band is doing that. This album defiantly has the replay value I pay for when I buy an album I've listened to it about 12 times since I bought it on Tuesday. This album hits all the marks it set to achieve I just wish it could have been more realized but I still say its one of the best albums from TDG and I would defiantly buy another copy if I lost it or anything happened to it.

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    When I saw MetallicStrat8 saying on "Give In To Me" Adam's reaching out to us I screaming and facepalmed. IT'S A MICHAEL JACKSON COVER. But TDG did it justice I was skeptical of a Michael Jackson cover but it's pretty good.
    ^ agreed... hated the album.. couldn't get into it at all. Chalk Outline was the only decent song and even that wasn't worthy of being on my itunes. The Michael Jackson cover was absolutely horrendous too. Never again guys!
    One X was the last good album they did. Then Adam got clean and sober then they went downhill.
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