Major/Minor review by Thrice

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  • Released: Sep 6, 2011
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (52 votes)
Thrice: Major/Minor

Sound — 10
First of all, I have to say that this is my very first review so be indulgent. Second, this part will be quite long, courage folks. Being a big, big Thrice fan since "Identity Crisis" (2001) I had, as many ohter fans, to enlarge my musical orientation during the progression of this band. I like to think of Thrice by 3 phases: 1-"First Impressions", "Identity Crisis", "Illusion Of Safety", "Artist In The Ambulance" and If we could only see us now (1999-2005) Being the Punk/Post-Hardcore one. 2-"Vheissu", "The Alchemy Index Fire & Water", "The Alchemy Index Air & Earth" (2005-2008) As the Experimental/Art Rock one. 3-"Beggars", "Major/Minor" (2009-2011...) Being the Folkish/Grunge Rock, mostly forgetting all their past hardcore influences. For "Major/Minor", they came up with a more mature, evolved and catchy sound than any of their latest releases. As always, Thrice's sound is rageful yet groovy, heavy yer calm, perfect. Only bad thing about this album is that Teppei's vocals are almost absent on the entire album. Let's see this song by song: 01. "Yellow Belly": This is the first song they've released officially from that record and is a great way to introduce you into the album's mood and sound. The song comes in with a real nice yet simple guitar riff with a nice groovy and grunge sound. The best part: The epic outro that is a nice crowd singing one. Great song. 02. "Promises": This song in my top 5 from this album and maybe from all Thrice's work. The main riff has this catchy and groovy thing that just's been stuck in my head for like a week straight, which is a great thing IMO. The best part(s): The pre-choruses and choruses. 03. "Blinded": An athmospheric tune more than a catchy one, a first in this album. This song's mood is a little softer and less heavy than the two first. Great thing from this track, the drums are prety fast considering the other instruments/voices. The beat part(?) : This isn't really a part, but the entire drumming is sick. Less favorite on the album(nice one though). 04. "Catarcts": This groovy-egyptian toned son of a bitch is a beast. Everything in this song is catchy with some heavy parts and moody ones. In this one, the other brother Beckenbridge has quite an amazing bassline. One of the best on the entire album. The best part: The intro riff and the vide throughout the track. Beast of a track. 05. "Call It In The Air": Pure sound, simply amazing and relaxing intro. Thrice at their best, mixing heavy tones and relaxing parts. The vocals? Masterwork by Dustin into the choruses followed by one of the heavier moments of latest Thrice's work, that was my very first WOW moment in "Major/Minor" followed by my second one, the heavy and angry outro! The best part: the magnificent outro. 06. "Treading Paper": And there it goes, my third WOW moment, god they're on fire, the riff following the calm intro has a nice 70's vibe just like the entire song. All i could tell myself listening to this was this: ________________. Nothing. Cannot tell anything, simply amazing, again. The best part(s): The first riff following the relaxing intro and the intriguing guitar in the outro. 07. "Blur": Fastest, heaviest, Vheissuest(?) track on this album. What I like about this song? It recalls me my favorite album of all time, "Vheissu" (2005) by it's complexity and very intriguing second verse with amazing drumming as always. Enough said. The best part(s): The second verse, the choruses and the heavy outro riff that really comes out of nowhere, thanks. 08. "Words In The Water": I was scared of this title, it reminded me of the "Water" EP, which I loved, don't get me wrong, but a song like one on this EP could've ruin this entire album mood. The first ballad out of three in the effort. Great vibe, nice mood and some tiny heavier parts that just helps the song being more powerful than it is. This in the longest track on "Major/Minor". The best part(?): Not really a part but the lead, indie rock guitar on this track is simply amazing. 09. "Listen Through Me": Gotta love the instrumental during the verses. Gotta love the pre-choruses. Gotta love Thrice. The best part (?): The lyrics and the vibe. 10. "Anthology": Best song of the album hands down. All in this song feels like a masterpiece. Incerdibly catchy from the vocals to the guitars, great chemistry by the two brothers Riley and Ed Beckenbridge on the rythm section, amazing crowd singing parts, and one of the best guitar riff on the entire album, you'll know which one by listening to it! The best part: From 0:00 to 4:27 to be as cool as some young youtubers. 11. "Disarmed": I don't know if this is the new tradition for Thrice, but keeping and epic rock ballad to end a record remind me of "Vheissu" with "Red Sky" and of course, "Beggars" with the song, "Beggars"!.. Gotta appreciate the bass lines in this and of course all the melodies delivered by Dustin on the vocals and Teppei on the guitars. The best part: the 2:30 riff, not because it's the heavier on the track, but it is pretty darn good from that until the end! Long, long... Ranch? No (sorry, have been playing "Zelda" all night). Long long sound review I know but I'm not sorry.

Lyrics — 9
I will shorten this one. The lyrics are, as always, amazingly true, honest, poetic and complex. Dustin is a genius writer and any fans know that. Well fans, you won't be disapointed by this record. Dustin sound more and more like a bear on each album and haven't use big auto-tune on this one and it is believable, I just watched the Red Bull Studio Livestream and it was awesome. Lyrical masterwork on this album: "Anthology". Dustin used lyrics from every album and almost every song they've ever recorded and did an amazing job putting all that together to write a song, not even talking about the band's history. While Dustin's vocal work is impressive throughout "Major/Minor", we do miss the back vocal support from Teppei who's making only some single harmonies. Some fans may be disapointed to see there is no more hardcore shouts on the album, I'm not, Thrice aren't these Thrice anymore, get over it.

Overall Impression — 10
In comparision with the other 3rd phase Thrice album, "Beggars", "Major/Minor" comes in with a louder, in your face album which delivers great intriguing moments that recalls "Vheissu", amazing relaxing moments and an album definetly worth the wait and every penny. On a personnal note, my 3 favorite songs on this album are: "Promises", "Cataracts" and "Anthology". Those three tracks are a perfect summary of what the album is: A Groovy album with surprising moments followed by some heavy yet catchy moments and a nice indie vibe. If this were stolen or lost (I must say that I got the Limited Vinyl Version), I would rebuy it at any price on Ebay or Craigslist because, it is simply perfect. Beast of a record, thanks Thrice, again.

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    ThatOldMixtape wrote: The typos in this review are murdering my eyes. Please revise before submitting next time.
    What a pompous doucher.
    Man, this album is great. Lyrics are amazing as always, and the music is outstanding. Kudos Thrice.
    not many albums nowadays are worth listening as a whole but this is an epic lyrical journey and musically a real masterpiece! The thing with Trice is that they have changed much over the years but they always delivered good albums.. And this comes from someone who has been listening since the illusion of safety days when their songs made my youth just a little bit more epic
    AWACS wrote: I loved Vheissu, favourite album, I am quite upset that I am JUST hearing that theres a new ablum for the first time tonight. Gonna be a must buy for me, and I havent listened to a single track yet.
    Yeah they didn't really focused on the promo for this one, it is sad because this album is very catchy and groovy, the kinda sound you can hear on some radio stations. Unfortunately, they will always be seen as Thrice, a post-hardcore band because everybody knows Artist in the ambulance and not much know the following records...
    Great review man.
    Thanks a lot!
    I loved Vheissu, favourite album, I am quite upset that I am JUST hearing that theres a new ablum for the first time tonight. Gonna be a must buy for me, and I havent listened to a single track yet. Great review man.
    Soon as I heard that they might be bringing back math-y rock element from their old stuffs. I thought it's gonna be Beggars mixed with heavier feel. I guessed I was right in some way. I'm glad Thrice kept going in their own way and not compromise what the fans wants. They grow up, move on and move out to new ideas and sounds.
    ThatOldMixtape wrote: The typos in this review are murdering my eyes. Please revise before submitting next time.
    Well, considering english isn't my primary language, I think this is a pretty decent effort. Also, what did you think of the album ?
    Also, favorite tracks are: Anthology Words in the Water Call It In the Air
    Thank you for the kind words. Thrice is my favorite band of all time, and I'm glad people are loving this album. It's amazing.
    Thanks for the review This was a hugely underpromoted record, I didn't actually know it was out. Dustin is one of my favourite vocalists.
    agreed! not at all easy to say this is their best, but I think it really might be. Loved thrice as long as i can know and always will. They never disappoint and have become one of the most mature bands sound wise throughout a career I've ever heard. Thank you again THRICE! damn!
    I love everything thrice ever did, and this might just become my favorite album! The vibe of teppeis guitar parts is among the best Ive heard.
    This album blew me away. I love all of Thrice's albums, but Beggars was a little too mellow for me. Major/Minor is Thrice at their best, IMO. Not many bands can have a different sound each album while still sounding awesome like Thrice.