Red Sky review by Thrice

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  • Released: Apr 11, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.4 (37 votes)
Thrice: Red Sky

Sound — 10
The post-hardcore quartet from Irving, CA have come out with a brand new EP that, once again, will blow the minds of past fans and future listeners. It contains two B-sides that didn't make the album Vheissu, "Flags Of Dawn" and "Weight Of Glory," as well as four acoustic, live performances. The live tracks include "Under A Killing Moon," "For Miles," "Red Sky" and "Of Dust And Nations." Thrice has managed to make past recordings shine both as originals, and as acoustic re-makings, not once, but twice. The first time with "If We Could Only See Us Now," and now with the current "Red Sky EP."

Lyrics — 10
Dustin Kensrue, as I've said many times before, is one of the best lyricists I have ever encountered in modern music. He writes about intensely deep subjects and ideas that are greatly influenced by literary works and scriptures. If anything, buy this record to hear the amazing lyrics of Dustin in greater clairity than ever. You won't regret it, and all you'll end up doing is expanding your mind and your vocabulary.

Overall Impression — 10
Again, Thrice has made an album that I'm proud to own. It encompasses so much of their sound and feel that this EP is better than most full-lengths I've purchased. All the songs are amazingly done, and the re-makes almost feel like completely new songs because of their setting and melodic feel. I would reccomend this album to fans of almost any genre, because it defies them all, and if lost or stolen, I'd rebuy it in an instant.

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    y2james2005 : sh*t, my band have an e.p called red sky
    haha my band is called Red Sky... not like anyone really cares or will notice... or atleast they shouldn't. I've heard some of these songs elsewhere, and they're awesome. Wasn't a huge fan of thrice earlier, but this new album is awesome. I disagree with it being too radio friendly. Seems less friendly in my opinon. Oh well. still good music.
    thrice is awesome but i think there new album just sounds like coldplay but heavier...iono that's just me. you gotta listen to the cd a few times to like it though. and i like those kinds of cds. and is this ep out already in stores?? i never got an email from their
    I think their old stuff is about a billion times better than the new stuff. I'm a big fan of their CDs before Vheissu.
    one of the first bands I ever got into, I respect how they progressed from their older stuff to what they are now. Always thought they were and to this day, are one of my favourites.
    i dont like thrice much, i used to but i kinda got over that sound as a matter of fact the only thing im posting for is the top section they are from IRVINE not irving. i live in irvine, seen them around.
    The Undecided
    Thrice is honestly my fave band. I have been touched by them on many occasions and it is a great spiritual feeling. I have the thrice symbol tatted on my left shoulder after I got into a car accident that could have easily killed me.
    thrice is doing what everyone else is except they do it in a more original and experimental way. Good on them. New E.P sounds cool
    I watched the video for The Red Sky on their website today. What a complete departure from their earlier material. While I can appreciate a band trying new things, it's just sounds like overpolished, radio-friendly garbage. Not a fan.
    you gotta have respect for thrice, loads of new garbage bands keep coming and stealing their old style and ruining it so experimenting is exactly what they needed to stay original.
    Ba***rd.... ok, you got connections. Still, too much money.
    mfest wrote: I think u got the b-sides through the pre order, and found live tracks on the aliance.... your a true fan!! F**k Yea!!! Good stuff, but it's like 15 bucks online... the new atreyu was just 10. not cool...
    Haha I am a true fan, but I actually bought this from a retail store that shall remain nameless, lest there be legal issues involved with me getting the album a few days early.
    I think u got the b-sides through the pre order, and found live tracks on the aliance.... your a true fan!! F**k Yea!!! Good stuff, but it's like 15 bucks online... the new atreyu was just 10. not cool...
    I wonder how I got a hold of this a week before it was realeased lol...
    thrices new material is NOT radio rfiendly at all. They are experimenting with music right now, which for Thrice is exactly what they should be doing becuase they are truly musicians. Now the VIDEO for red sky is disappointing. I'm sad to say this but it really was more of an advertisement. I also can't find other bands in the same genre that sounds anything like thrice. I don't know how people say Thrice sounds like all these other bands they really don't. Dustins vocals are just too distinguished from the rest. As for this EP, DEFINTELY worth buying.
    The new songs are great. Flags of Dawn is softer, and Weight of Glory is pretty hardcore.
    I get why people dislike the new album, but it's not radio-friendly, it's very original, yet it sounds very much like other bands. It's really an aquired-taste. Are the new songs on the EP good?
    Thrice is a great band, and yes, I'm a fan of their older stuff cuz it was a lot faster and insane guitar and bass parts, but I really liked the Vheissu album because its slow and new, which is good for them. I'm definitely gonna be looking for this album in stores. I only heard about it today though. But yeah, cant wait to check it out.