The Artist In The Ambulance review by Thrice

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  • Released: Aug 12, 2003
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.9 (47 votes)
Thrice: The Artist In The Ambulance

Sound — 10
Thrice are great at putting together songs, and filling in gaps, something they have gradually improved on. This album sounds a lot more polished than their previous releases, and the songs have more structure. Teppei Teranishi is a great guitarist, though he doesn't show off his range of skills fully on this album. Riley is an awesome drummer, and this album proves that. Ed is getting better at the bass, as evident in "Stare At The Sun." This is a great sounding album that I have loved ever since I bought it on the recommendation of a wise man at JB Hi-Fi.

Lyrics — 10
Dustin Kensrue's lyrics are strong and emotional, and suit this style of music perfectly. He is an excellent singer, considering he has to juggle singing with rhythm guitar. The things he sings about are not your everyday topics, such as "Melting Point Of Wax", a retelling of the story of Icarus, whose wings melted.

Overall Impression — 10
I think Thrice have the potential to become an extremely influential band (if they were given more airplay) and are a notch above all th other bands in this hardrock/metal genre. The best songs for me from this album are Artist in the Ambulance, Hoods On Peregrine, Silhouette, Cold Cash and Colder Hearts, and Melting Point Of Wax. If it was stolen, I would hunt down the thief, then ask him his views on this album, and if he disliked it, I'd clock him a few to the head.

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    wow dude, seriosuly punk rock has turned into screaming and singing, get used to it. Thrice made a cd so great and you go and say how bad it is? This cd is amazing, if someone stole it from me id go buy it again. Next time you listen to the album open up your ears and actually listen to the cd. Thanks.
    wow. people are idiots on these comments. Well i'll give a straight up comment. not arguing back and forth about who's mother is better and bed. Save it for 3rd grade lunch please. This cd is where most of the Thrice fans grabbed on. I was on since there 5th live show. I enjoyed this cd just as much as the last two. I like how thrice is growing up in their sound on this record and got out of the "punk" beat the whole time. Which is a godsend because that's the worse thing a band could do. And you guys are trying to go too deep into Thrice's heads about "being dead" or "against war" go outside and realize the whole word doesn't chill on the internet and argue. It's pathedic. From Thrice's mouth "Artist In The Ambulance" means MUSIC HAS DIED! Ever since 9/11 all artist due is make music about the war and 9/11 and thrice thought we shouldn't allow such petty things like that effect artist writing styles. Cause some bands completely changed there styles since 9/11. So the whole album is about how bands have simply lost ideas and write about the war. and thrice uses metaphors for those bands as in there careers are slowing burning out... Oo..i need to take a break after correcting all you little bastards!
    SL!!! wrote: this album is sweet. but its not about death. the line we are the dead are about 9/11 and all of that nonsense and the way people were acting. its not so much dark and depressing, as it is a wake up call and getting you to be smart. /bad grammar?/ haha. yeah. and blood clots and black holes is not really just about health care but america kinda sucking in general. aka the war. thats where a lot of this album came from. Dustin is christian and so he is against war, from what they've said and what i interperet alot of the album is kinda fueled by that.
    Fucking... retard... I especially enjoyed your interpretation of Christians because we all know ALL CHRISTIANS ARE AGAINST WAR. like WHO DOESNT know that... In case you didn't notice majority of America is Christian and were you not paying attention to the fact that they were PRO-war?