Vheissu review by Thrice

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  • Released: Oct 18, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9 (267 votes)
Thrice: Vheissu

Sound — 10
Thrice were once your favourite fiery emocore band, who flickered with progressing potential. Vheissu is where all that potential is unleashed. Experimenting with everything, from lingering piano lines to synth violins to music boxes, this band have produced one of the most unique albums of recent years. Each song has its quiet, reflective moments, energetic, heavy moments and anthemic, sing-along moments. I found in the sleeve a note stating that a percentage of the proceeds from this album would go to charity, handpicked by the band.

Lyrics — 10
Dustin Kensrue's lyrics fascinate me. The albums artwork is littered with powerful lines from the album, and interesting images. The lyrics are rebel-rousing at moments, calming at moments and powerful and deep throughout. Kensrue clearly makes religious references, along with many other references. My favourite album lyrically for a long time. To see just how deep it goes, read my overall section, which explains most of the lyrics for each song.

Overall Impression — 10
01. Image Of The Invisible - I am dissapointed that they released this as the first single, not because it is a bad song (for from it, one of my favourites) but because it shows none of the depths and experimentation used in the rest of Vheissu, which means they won't bring so many new fans in. Catchy guitar line, and an instantly recognisable verse. Excellent vocal performance, impressive drumming and some great rhythmic guitar work too. Anthemic chorus and powerful lyrics. 02. Between The End And Where We Lie - every instrument is used to massive effect here, with a creeping piano line behind a brilliantly muffled drum beat emerging into a great rock song, with synthisised guitars and some great bass sounds. The verses have some very catchy lyrics, and the chorus makes you forget all your problems, just for a few seconds. 03. The Earth Will Shake - yet more brilliantly recorded sounds, getting the exact sound Thrice wanted. Great melodic verses, with some great lyrics about fighting against opression and breaking free from this mortal life. First tastes of Dustin's shouting for this album, and towards the end, he is talking about the apocalypse, which explains the song title. Excellent guitar sounds during shouting periods, and an intruiging call and response interlude. 04. Atlantic - simply a beautiful song, about a lover who has moved far away, and the character submerging himself in other things to try and forget about it. A total sing-along anthem. 05. For Miles - the piano sucks you in, and you don't come out for another 4 and a half minutes. This song is about making the most of your life, but making more of other people's. It's interesting, because the opening stanza is talking about the end of mortal life, but it moves on to what you should do in life. A guitar interlude, backed by choir sounds really intruiges you, and how much effort Thrice, and espeically Dustin, have put into this. Dustin sounds very angry when shouting towards the end, singing possibly from the perspective of a preacher. 06. Hold Fast Hope - this is a lyrical and musical retelling of a Biblical story, about Jonah, who runs away from God, and is consumed by a whale ("ribs will raise cathedrals"). An angry, heavy song, which has a brilliant melodic interlude and chorus, with a catchy, but unoriginal guitar riff. 07. Music Box - another lyrically beautiful song, melding well with the melodies. A song about lifting yourself up, and reasurring yourself that you are not alone. The opening music box sound fits brilliantly into Dustin's vocal melody, and the drum beat, which explodes into a massive anthemic chorus featuring one of the best vocal performances on the album. 08. Like Moths To Flame - a haunting piano intro flips onn its head, into a headbanging, moshing monster of a riff. A verse which talks of Peter's betrayal of Jesus, from the eyes of Luke, and builds up to a powerful chorus, reinstating loyalty. The haunting piano reappears, and sends shivers down your spine, then there is a back-breaking variation on the testosterone-packed riff. 09. Of Dust And Nations - a mysterious guitar line echoes throughout the song, being in the single form, or with the energetic drum beat and delay pedals. More deep lyrics, with all kinds of meanings. But from my perspective, this song is about eternal bliss, and looking back on a life that was worthless compared to what you become after life. I love the lines "Step out from time, see the dust of nations". 10. Stand And Feel Your Worth - one of the more anthemic and intruiging songs on Vheissu, this is about God, and living up to the plan he made for humanity. The more and more I look at these lyrics, the more I see inside that yellow and green album cover, images on the cover spring into my head while listening to the songs, and the phrases used reoccur in this album. The song itself has another piano part, which plays the part of the guitar in all but the chorus. A monster of a song live, this is Thrice at their finest. 11. Red Sky - a song with so many possible meanings and references it is mindboggling to think how one man could write such a masterpiece. Possibly about the apocalypse, possibly about appreciating life, twisting with every word, it makes you think, so much. Such anthems deserve to be among the best songs ever. Vheissu is an astonishing album. Looking into the lyrics has made me spin my perspective on life. The mottos and phrases in the lyrics have become more personal to me than anything in music before. As Vheissu comes to a close with that fading guitar, I feel a fresh start inside me. I realise I have given every song a 10 out of 10 rating, but if you forget lyrics (which pretty much guaranteed at least a 9 for each song) and rate them just by music, I am sure it would not be so glowing, but every song is almost musically perfect. An album which will stay with me for life.

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