Keyboard, Oh Lord! Why Don't We? review by Thulsa Doom

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  • Released: Apr 11, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.7 (11 votes)
Thulsa Doom: Keyboard, Oh Lord! Why Don't We?

Sound — 10
Thulsa Doom is probably the more serious band made up by the guys who among other famous (and infamous) bands like the Cumshots, Black Debbath and Hurra Torpedo, to mention a few. This is their third album, and they have turned away from their stoner-rock approach on the first record (The Seats Are Soft But The Helmet Is Way To Tight, it's a stoner legend) and the punkier style on the second record (...And Then Take You To A Place Where Jars Are Kept) and over to a more poprock style of play. However, this sounds great! The record features everything from slow, almost lazy, poprock tunes to bombastic, immortal hard rock tunes (the title track is a majestic rock opera, featuring Norwegian blues legend Amund Maarud on guitar). Since these guys aren't all that serious, they go by the pseudonyms "The Reverend Doom Perignon" (Henning Solvang) on guitar and vocals, "El Doom" (Ole Petter Andreassen) on ditto, "Angelov Doom" (Egil Hegerberg) on bass, vocals and keyboard (oh, lord, why don't we) and finally "Fast Winston Doom" (Halvor Hoegh Winsnes) on drums. Guest musicians feature among others Ingus Doom. Their previous singer, "Papa Doom" (Jacob Krogvold) split with the band after their last record, and some of the band's bitterness can be heard in the opener "Papa Was."

Lyrics — 10
Tracklist: 01. Papa Was 02. Need The Air (single) 03. Stay OK 04. Raisins And Grapes 05. Tears In The Morning (coversong, originally written by Bruce Johnston) 06. In The Deep Of A City 07. Be Forewarned 08. The Ballad Of Me And Fast Winston Doom 09. Mr. Slow 10. Keyboard, Oh Lord! Why Don't We? The lyrics can't always be taken seriously, but they are nice, and go nicely with the music. The vocal performances are outstanding by all three singers, and their vocal range span from quite high to brumming deep.

Overall Impression — 10
As I haven't got my fingers on the first record yet (I'm still waiting for my mailorder to show up), I can't judge how much they have gone away from the stoner-approach, however, it is a bit "popier" than their last record (And Then Take You) but nevertheless, this music style seems to fit them perfectly. After my first listening, "Papa Was," "The Ballad Of Me And Fast Winston Doom" and of course album closer "Keyboard, Oh Lord! Why Don't We" struck me as simply amazing tracks - and they still do, after I have had the album for a couple of weeks. Being a big fan of these guys (not only Thulsa Doom, but the other bands they have as well) I was not let down after having waited for this record since the last one. It actually blew me away. I hate nothing about it. I don't even dislike something about it (except, perhaps, the fact that it came in a cardboard cover, not hard plastic, as normal is. I have far to many cardboard covers), this is definitevely one of my all time favorites, and a certain party record! Go ask your record dealer, today!

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