A City By The Light Divided review by Thursday

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  • Released: May 2, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (34 votes)
Thursday: A City By The Light Divided

Sound — 9
Thursday seems to be the band that either you love or hate. Sonically Thursday has been a mix of introspective, politically driven lryics with a post-hardcore meets emo sound. Sonically, A City by The Light Divided finds Thursday with a more ambient textured/layered sound. It's not overly produce but somethings some songs flow together really well and sometimes they dont (and it becomes increasingly heard to hear the vocals). A City By The Light Divided Shows a more mature Thursday and something that is quite possiblely better then break through album Full Collapse.

Lyrics — 10
They lyrics on a City by the light divided has gone back to the introspective and super personal style that many fans of thursday have come to love. The lryics in most of the songs definitely compliements the overall arrangement. Just check out tracks like "The Other Side Of The Crash" or "Running From The Rain" Now unto Geoff himself vocally he hits notes like no other and he has done what few singers have done lately, and that is have a unique sound that is different from the current trends in music! Vocally this is definitely not Geoff's best performance (that honor in my opinion belongs to Full Collapse) but that doesnt mean it's his worse! I think War All The Tme presented us with some Geoff's best lyrics and I think A City By The Light Divided has come close to matching the same intense emotions captured in the lyrics, while not repeating themselves.

Overall Impression — 10
Overall I was highly suprised by this album! I must admit that I didnt have high expections for this album, but my expectations were clearly blown away 30 minutes into this album! I think This is definitely a step up from War All The Time and in my opinion a step two steps up from Full Collapse. The Musicianship on this album is something that is impressive in its own right. I think Musically this is Thursdays most complex album. Songs That stood out to me upon my 1st venture into this album were "The Other Side Of The Crash," "Counting 5-4-3-2-1," "Running From The Rain," "The Lovesong Writer" and "Telegraph Avenue Kiss." What I love about this album also is Thursday has definitely changed there sound while not alienating the listener. It is more dynamic and textured then War All The Time, Full Collapse or Waiting! The only thing I hate about this album while trying to expand upon there sound some songs vocally are drowned out by the rest of the band (which sucks). If this album were lost of stolen I would buy it again and if I ever found the person who stole it I would force them to listen to "nu" Limp Bizkit until while watching a Ashlee simpson performance cruel? Yes but hey I love this album and I think this is an album that could very well be the best rock record of the year! unlike a lot of bands this year Thursday has definitely topped themselves and proved the hype for this record was well justified!

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    this cd is definitely great i think. imo, the best tracks on this cd is at this velocity, running from the rain, counting 5-4-3-2-1, and telegraph avenue kiss.
    Sorry. whoever reviewed this cd is a moron. here's what really happened. when those 5 demos were leaked a few months ago Thursday announced that they were old or throw away material. Only "at this velocity" was supposed to be on the new cd. Well three leaked songs actually appeared on the cd and the new single, "counting 54321" is also an old song they decided to rehash. Considering that, and the fact that this cd is REALLY overproduced, i've come to the conclusion that they've decided to buy in and sell out. It's really bad. They've adopted a more traditional and redundant approach to song writing. It sounds like these emo kids have spent to much time listening to indie music and decided to jump scenes. Unfortunately they just aren't able to pull it off because that's not who they are. I have loved thursday since "waiting" was released, but this is where the love affair ends. It's a newspaper tragedy. wink wink. I wasn't just dissapointed with the lack of direction and inabilty to write innovative material. The cd is so poorly mixed that you can't hear the vocals at the most crucial parts. And geoff has never really used vocal effects. In their other cd's you can usually hear him loud and clear. His voice's resonating clarity was one of the major selling points of their sound. On this cd they went completly ADD. You can't go for ten seconds without a pan left, pan right, vocal distortion, crew vox, phase shifter, ect... This isn't britney spears hit me baby one more time. I guess it's not too distracting though because you can't hear what's going on half of the time. It's especially bad on the chorus to "telegraph avenue kiss" one of the leaked songs that wasn't supposed to be on the album. You can't hear the first few lines of the chorus. I've been in plenty of recording studios and if i hear that, i'm telling the engineer to turn those vocals up. damn. Being a guitarist i've always loved thursdays guitars. In their other albums it seem that there is always something interesting going on to back up geoff's vocal outbursts... not on this cd. It's strictly power chords for "a city by the light divided." Did all of their fingers get cut off so that they can only bar drop d power chords from now on? I think they just got lazy and added a keyboardist to pick up slack. That didn't work because i was actually embarrassed for them when i heard the bells in the background of the bridge for "telegraph avenue kiss." And when it seems that they might be doing something interesting on guitar, what happens? It gets buried in the mix so that it's barely audible. nice! Well i saved the vocals for last. Geoff had said on this cd he had focused more on vocal content. He said he'd write vocals first and try to make melodies fit the words so they'd have more meaning. Yeah, right. Thursday's lyrics have always been amazing and i can't name one line on this cd that compares to any of their vocal achievments in the past. In fact this cd shits all over their previous work. "keep crashing this car over and over." yeah, you said it buddy. Geoff even asks why the songs turned out the way they did. I don't know, maybe you can help me out. This cd blows. If you're as dissapointed as i was with this cd, maybe you can fill the void with Anatomy of a Ghost's "evanesce." That's about all i have to say. I'm just counting 54321 until this band admits they've sold their souls and breaks up.
    bands grow up. you wouldnt want to listen to the same old band over and over again. the new cd is great. good for them.
    Personally I feel this is Thursday at there best! IMO this is there best CD (Thus making it my favorite release by them) Yea, They've changed there sound but thats what happens when you grow...I am honestly glad they've changed because i dont want another Full Collaspe or War All The Time (I mean dont get me wrong those were indeed great albums but dose Thursday really need to do what they've already done?) I agree with the reviewer and i say cheers to them for having the gonads to state his opinion knowing that few might agree...my thing is if you dont like the CD sell it! I dont think Thursday have sold out...how could they when very few bands sound like this? but doesnt everyone cry sellout when bands change there sound?
    this cd is for fans of the used, taking back sunday, my chemical romance and all the other bands that sell a ton of cd's. It's for people who think that blink 182 grew up with their last cd. I like change. I think "the ugly organ" is way better than "domestica." "crimes" is better than "burn piano island burn." Circa Survive is better than Saosin but this cd is crap. It's embarrasing and if you identify with the lyrics you're an airhead emo moron. Just go out and buy more underoath shirts and eyeliner.