A City By The Light Divided review by Thursday

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  • Released: May 2, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.2 (34 votes)
Thursday: A City By The Light Divided

Sound — 9
Quite frankly, I was reading through the other reviews on this album, and wondered if I had the same album everyone else did! I haven't been a Thursday follower since the beginning, as some of these kids have been, but I was very pleased by this album. I will admit, when I first bought it, the day after I saw them play live, I found myself wondering, what happened to Thursday? I mean, the Thursday I knew did not sound like this. This CD didn't deliver the aggression or harsh vocals I had come to love. But for some reason, I just kept listening to it, because I wanted to give it another chance. Very rarely do I fall in love with a cd the first time through. So anyway, I kept listening to it, and soon had a completely different mindset. I had fallen in love with the album, and I had no idea how it had happened. Sure, it was a different sound for Thursday, but it's a more mature sound, I mean let's face it, they are getting older, and maturing as musicians as well. This is simply proof of that. The sound was more "emo-ish", sure, but I wouldn't call them "emo". But my advice to all of you is to listen to this cd a couple of times, and see if you change your mind at all.

Lyrics — 5
Well, I still love their lyrics. They always seem come up with something different, than what you normally hear. But with that said, I was still dissapointed with them. And also, Geoff just, rarely screams anymore, maybe he's grown out of it or, maybe Thursday as a whole has just grown out of it?

Overall Impression — 9
This compares to other albums as being probably their most unique. It is definitely different from the others, but I feel it has this kind of hypnotic sense to it, and I just keep listening to it. My personal favorite off this album is probably "The Otherside of the Crash/Over and Out of Control" but there are a bunch of good songs. I really like the keyboard in that particular song too, it just fits, especially in the break. I don't like the fact that the songs are toned down in a sense, and I do not like "Arc ? Lamps, Signal Flares, A Shower Of White (The Light)" or "Sugar In the Sacrament". They are definitely not my style or Thursday's. Finally, if some jerk stole this CD, I wouldn't buy it again, because it's uploaded onto my Itunes. Gotta love that Itunes.

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    God forbid a band change the way they sound... I've been around since Waiting. I'm glad to see Thursday taking it in a new direction, and the influence from ambient bands is evident. While I feel like the instrumental track is a cop-out because the CD is short, it's still worth listening to. Now, my only gripe is that Geoff's vocals aren't easily heard on all the tracks. I don't know if this is bad mixing, or a head nod to ambient bands by making Geoff's vocals another layer of the track. Thursday has always been about the light and the darkness, but they've diverged from the ringing clean parts to dark distortion only. Now they've got an entirely new palette of sounds to work with, and I love it.
    but they've diverged from the ringing clean parts to dark distortion only
    That should read "they've added onto the ringing clean parts and dark distortion."
    I haven't followed Thursday for a long time... actually I never really cared for them... but with this album...I thought I give 'em a try... and oddly enough I loved them! I thought the lyrics were amazing and yeah... I'm glad I bought it...
    alright "The cd is so poorly mixed that you can't hear the vocals at the most crucial parts. And geoff has never really used vocal effects. In their other cd's you can usually hear him loud and clear. His voice's resonating clarity was one of the major selling points of their sound. On this cd they went completly ADD. You can't go for ten seconds without a pan left, pan right, vocal distortion, crew vox, phase shifter, ect... This isn't britney spears hit me baby one more time. I guess it's not too distracting though because you can't hear what's going on half of the time. It's especially bad on the chorus to "telegraph avenue kiss" one of the leaked songs that wasn't supposed to be on the album. You can't hear the first few lines of the chorus. I've been in plenty of recording studios and if i hear that, i'm telling the engineer to turn those vocals up. damn." - chillywilly he hits the nail on the head. thursday's old cds are some of my favorites, the new one is pure garbage. everything is so muddy, distorted and horribly overproduced that you cant even hear the songs. for everyone saying "oh stop bashing they changed their sound." the production values of the cd have nothing to do with "changing their sound" it sounds like they recorded the cd in geoff's garage. the only redeeming quality is that under all the bullshit of the cd the lyrics (the ones you can actually understand) sound like theyre just as up to snuff as before and if they got a producer who was worth a shit the songs might have a fleeting chance of being good. overall the cd isnt worth the plastic its recorded on.