The Adversary review by Thy Art Is Murder

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  • Released: Jul 16, 2010
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 7 (36 votes)
Thy Art Is Murder: The Adversary

Sound — 9
In my personal opinion, I like death metal/deathcore to be extremely fast, original, and consisting of an extremely wide range of scratchy highs to demonic lows. There are too many bands out there with the same lows, the same chugga chugga, and the same lyrical ideas. I'm not a super large fan on the extremely gory lyric content but the way Thy Art Is Murder interprets their thoughts into words is just phenomenally abstract and I find myself screaming along with a smile. The overall sound is so unique, as you can hear a combination of older death metal bands like Nile or Behemoth, but keeping it modern like The Red Shore or Trigger The Bloodshed with the occasional breakdown or four. I'm not all too familiar with drum triggers and such, but after watching Lee Stanton live on Youtube, I would say this guy is probably the fastest drummer I have heard, and I love it. He brings so much into the music, along with the panned guitars. And when you hear a breakdown nowadays, they are slow and tedious, but TAIM create fast, yet crushing breakdowns so as not to subtract from the extreme speed.

Lyrics — 7
As I said before, I'm not super into gory lyrics and I am, in fact, a Christian. But they write the lyrics with a lot more behind them than just hack and torture themes. As this CD focuses on Satan, God, and the human race, I feel a little more satisfied knowing that there are actually ideas and creativity behind the words, rather than just a cookie cutter copy so as to follow influences and such. I still say Breeding Bacteria from their EP is the best lyrically. I do extremely miss Brendon's highs but they were definitely right about his style not befitting to the album's musical style. C.J. could blow over a house with his vocals as they don't sound scratchy and muddy like a lot of vocalists but pack a lot of power and consistency. Still, overall I could misjudge him for just another guttural vocalist if I never heard him before.

Overall Impression — 10
For me, this album has definitely got to be the album of the year. I know many others would agree with me, but those 18 months of writing definitely benefited and they produced something more than amazing. The song that caught me the most was Laceration Penetration. The intro just pumps you up. As a lot of intros are amazing and then the song goes downhill, this song does not. Some other great songs are: The Adversary, Engineering The Antichrist, Decrepit Putrification, and Furnace of Hate. Overall, their is nothing I really dislike about it, except of course their mockeries towards God and such. But, every band has it's opinions and I'm not one to argue with people's opinions, especially with a band this good. The breakdowns are more than breakdowns as they make any breakdown look weak and the complexity of the guitars alongside vocals and drums just make this album an extremely good album to have in your collection. It's most definitely worth buying again and again.

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    The Necrotizer
    I quite like this album, I'm not sure what you'd box it as... Technical Deathcore maybe, The only things imo that stop it from being an excellent Technical Death Metal album is the overuse of those 'machine gun' breakdowns, it works great for the intro ' Laceration Penetration ' which sounds almost meshuggah-esque, but they shouldn't have used them on so many songs. Also occasionally there are lighter riffs in there which doesn't feel like it fits the Death Metal label. But overall its a good album, nice and brutal and the lead work is creative, technical without being wankery and very emotive
    whether tr00 kvlt metalheads want to admit it or not, deathcore is indeed a genre. And as for this band not being on metal-archives, that is bullshit because they are now listed. I love all kinds of metal as this cd does have a lot of tech death elements. And I agree with most of what was said in the review. This is a great tech death album with deathcore elements. The music is ****ing heavy, the vocals are brutal, the lyrics are sick. There isn't enough good I can say. Just listen to this album and let is grab you by the throat! One of the best releases of 2010.
    The Necrotizer
    Metalcore Jero wrote: This IMO, just doesn't compare to they're EP. 'Infinite Death' just seems miles ahead of where they are now, and the old vocalist absolutely ruins CJ. No offense to CJ at all cause he's still an awesome vocalist, but the old one is so much better
    What ? That Emo screamer they used to have when they were straight up scenecore? You think that was better? Can I have your dealers number? Thats why he left, he wanted to do scencecore and they wouldnt to move a bit closer to a Tec Death sound