The Church of Tiamat [DVD] Review

artist: Tiamat date: 03/06/2009 category: compact discs
Tiamat: The Church of Tiamat [DVD]
Release Date: Jun 6, 2006
The setlist includes all Tiamat's "greatest hits" including The Sleeping Beauty, Gaia, Whatever That Hurts, Bright
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The Church of Tiamat [DVD] Reviewed by: Xeron Brigs, on march 06, 2009
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Sound: The two long weeks had been agonizing: after placing an order for The Church of Tiamat, Tiamat's first and only DVD release to date, it seemed that my entire existence revolved around the day that I would receive a phone call stating that: your order is in. When it came, I rushed down to the music store, rushed back home, and with almost quivering hands removed the DVD from it's case and played it on my DVD Player. Certainly, I was excited to have finally gotten The Church of Tiamat, but after waiting two long weeks, my expectancy of the content was very high. With a quick introduction of Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, we are Tiamat from Sweden, the band launched into the first song to greet my ears: Vote for Love, where I noticed the first of many surprises: Thomas Wyreson, the lead guitarist, was not present: his position was instead filled by (then) Arch Enemy guitarist Fredrik kesson. While slightly disappointed (I wanted to see the full band) his playing through many of the tracks has that distinct Tiamat sound I have come to know and love, while his distinct solos rings out in songs such as Cain and To Have and Have Not. Frontman Johan Edlund's vocals are not as soft as on his albums, having a heavier rock oriented sound, while being decidedly flat. While he sounds different from Tiamat's many albums, Edlund retains that unique voice that makes him recognizable. With bassist Anders Iwers and Fredrik kesson delivering some very good backing vocals, the singing sounds very good, even if it does remain flat throughout the concert. Together as a band, Tiamat sounds excellent. Their sound on the DVD tends to be heavier than on their albums, notable examples include the faster tempo in Cold Seed and the punchier guitar riffs in As Long As You Are Mine. The distinct voices of guitar, drum, bass, and keyboard blend together in perfect harmony to make Tiamat's sound distinctly their own. // 9

Overall Impression: The Church of Tiamat is one of those rare DVDs that feels and sounds fresh each and every time it is played: with over a one year time of ownership, I have never once found any of the songs to become suddenly boring. The songs sound similar to their counterparts, but are different enough to make them a real treat to listen to. With plenty of unexpected surprises of a good nature to be had from both Tiamat and their Polish fans. There are some laughs to be had from watching this concert (and not at anyone's expense, I might add, ) plenty of moments where you thing Now THAT was awesome! and the best part is that upon completion you are left with a feeling of pure bliss. If you are a Tiamat fan, like their style/genre of music, or are looking for something a little different, then stop reading, go to your favorite music shop, and place an order for The Church of Tiamat. You will not be disappointed. // 10

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