Empire Theory Review

artist: Tides of Man date: 03/01/2010 category: compact discs
Tides of Man: Empire Theory
Released: Aug 4, 2009
Genre: Rock
Label: Rise Records
Number Of Tracks: 10
Tides Of Man is a surprisingly refreshing take on a corner that's been almost thoroughly explored. Everything they bring in Empire Theory feels fresh and newly thought out, making the album, at the very LEAST, worth a listen.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 8
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Empire Theory Reviewed by: Rockinguitar, on march 01, 2010
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Sound: Arising from Tampa, Florida, Tides Of Man is another one of those great bands who still needs time to get recognition. The band has a Progressive/Post-hardcore with a serious Classical kind of influence. I know what you're thinking: "What th-...How does that even work, exactly?" Don't ask me how, but however it's done, Tides Of Man does it well. Their 2009 debut album, "Empire Theory," has a smooth flow, giving you the feeling like it's telling you a brilliant story song by song, full of highs, lows, anger, love, sadness, hate, and bordering paranoia. Tilian Pearson's beautifully layered vocals, and technical guitar and bass progressions are real forces that drive their style. // 8

Lyrics: Tides Of Man is incredibly poetic and thoughtful, using nice and sweet metaphors and idioms for a nice and sweet thoughts, and then suddenly using dark, clutching metaphors for the grittier lyrics. Take the opening to "Knowing That You've Already Arrived," for example: "This one doesn't cry like the others, Take his vital signs and Medicate him, This ones hopes won't die like the others, Throw him in the hole and Sedate him" And this part from "Not My Love": "And it hurts when you smile, You're a parasite, And your mouth has run dry, There's nowhere to hide I want to be, Someone I admire, Not someone they require, It's not my love." Even the lyrics for the song Descent spells out the word "Descent" with a ton of alliteration! The mood of the lyrics also helps bring out the music, each complimenting each other instead of running their own separate race of "Lyrics and Music." Pearson's vocal style is smooth and ambient, with a few screamed verses that stress the feeling of strain in the lyrics. // 8

Overall Impression: 01. Knowing That You've Already Arrived: this is one of greatest songs on the album. The chord progression laid above the bass-line is artwork, drawn together by Gould's drumming: 9/10 02. Create Couldn't Keep Up: a slower, more ambient track, that has an explosive middle, this is another great song. The lyrics are amazing and Pearson's vocals are hypnotizing: 9/10 03. Empire Theory: this song shows some the classical influence I mentioned. All three guitars and the bass begin playing a counterpointed melody. This is one of those times when the title track of an album isn't terrible.: 7/10 04. Descent: this was the aforementioned song with alliteration. I didn't really get it until I read the lyrics and finally understood it. The acoustic opening is absolutely fantastic, and the drumming is awesome. Another favorite of mine: 9/10 05. Colors Speak True: Colors is one of those songs that you either like or hate, no middle of the road. The beginning may seem sluggish to some, but it's a very technical and well designed instrumental.: 7/10 06. I Saw Mercy Conquer Hate: this is a slightly happier song, though not by much. Pearson's vocals and harmonies are beautifully done on this track, and Gill and Sene's guitar counterpoint are placed perfectly: 8/10 07. Not My Love: this was the first song that I was introduced to when I heard TOM, and it still remains one of my favorite all time songs. Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, this is their best song on the album, with zero weak points! Yeah, I could be a little biased, but I give it a biased: 10/10 08. Western Science: this song has a deeply ambient beginning, and is very lyrically contemplative. Jaye's bass work continues to amaze and the guitars keep accelerating the song higher.: 8/10 09. Contents Within: I love the haunting style this song is played in. It rocks, but feels like it could get a little creepy the later at night you listen to it. Twin guitar and bass lines flow into the song, as Gould's drumming livens and dies all through the song. Also, Pearson's layered, echoing vocals are fantastic!: 8.5/10 10. Rescue: Rescue feels almost like a daybreak after a stormy night. Gould's drumming on this song is my favorite, and Pearson's voice at first makes the song sound like it's from Secret and Whisper. A great ending track that gets: 8/10 Tides Of Man is a surprisingly refreshing take on a corner that's been almost thoroughly explored. Everything they bring in Empire Theory feels fresh and newly thought out, making the album, at the very LEAST, worth a listen. The only thing I can find that I don't like about it, is that sometimes Pearson, as much as I love his voice, he can sometimes sound repetitive for a brief moment. If the album (THAT I GOT FROM THE CONCERT) was stolen, I'd probably send a pack of highly trained wolves to severely injure him and bring back my cd. Yep, that's how I am... // 8

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