Humanoid review by Tokio Hotel

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  • Released: Oct 6, 2009
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 2.2 (219 votes)
Tokio Hotel: Humanoid

Sound — 8
Before I being, I love Tokio Hotel. It's very different and I admire Bill for being talented. I admire all of them. Seriously. But let's be realistic, shall we?

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics on Humanoid... way different than the lyrics from Scream. The lyrics... are painful, in a beautiful way. That's how I see it. There's a story in the single Automatic, "There's no real love in you." A human and an android--unable to feel emotion. You're able to tie that to a relationship, where you love that person, and that person doesn't love you back. In the bonus track, Alien "There's an alien in me. Who are you? Who am I?" Not knowing who you are, or being afraid of realizing who you've become perhaps. In the song Hey You, the beginning line, "Come on, you can look at me; I don't need to fit in. Stand up if you give a damn, it's the living season." Being different. It speaks the truth--don't care what anyone says about who you are or what you say, be you! Bill doesn't fail the fans. He gives his all, always. And the music behind the voice--Tom (guitar), Georg (bass), and Gustav (drums)--they give it their all. The music goes along with the lyrics in a way... that just clicks, naturally.

Overall Impression — 9
I was very pleased with this album. (Especially since it was my 16th birthday present.) It's a CD you can dance to and cry to. Favorite songs would have to be... lolol well, most of them actually. I was only disappointed with Forever Now, really. Zoom Into Me was kinda missing something too, but it faintly remind me of By Your Side (on the Scream album). If this CD was stolen from me--because I sure as hell wouldn't LOSE it... I'd cry. I got the limited edition Best Buy version. English CD with four bonus songs and standard German version. I'd be ticked. I would find a place to buy the freaking CD again!

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    foreverockin_ai wrote: *sighs* Dear lord... Look, I'm gonna make this straight--I LOVE TOKIO HOTEL. But this is supposed to be a review pointing out the strong and weak points of an album... I don't mean to offend you, tokiohotelluvr, but I think I can write a better review... and I think I will. Any one who wants to read an actual review (can't find a better word for ACTUAL, damn >>, look for my review. I just posted it, so give me 48 hours.
    I shall have my "flame-thrower" ready!!
    dude i am a tokio hotel fan too but damn dont you think you went overboard? this is way to biased and doesnt talk about the ****ing album but what you liked about it!
    I'm a fan of Tokio Hotel, and I liked the album, but in my opinion these reviews are way too overrated.
    The album is at least 3x better in the original German. The English translation/writing generally sucks. And I don't think Bill actually writes all the lyrics so there's not even that to go on.. Humanoid is their worst album, definitely.