Lemon Parade review by Tonic

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  • Released: Jul 15, 1996
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 10 (2 votes)
Tonic: Lemon Parade

Sound — 8
Whoever forgot that alternative scene from 1993-1999? I liked it though. The sound was very crunchy and willing to be at your mercy. With Tonic's 1996 debut album "Lemon Parade" it was just that. This album is uplifting and also a little timeless. I can't really say I don't like any of the songs on this record. Of course some aren't that good and some are great. This album has a variety of music and this album isn't any joke. Nice indifferent guitars from this era make this album a little bit compared to something like "A Boy Named Goo" by the Goo Goo Dolls in sound but a little more out there in terms of experimental on one album inside itself. It's a basic, post-grunge alternative album that rocks.

Lyrics — 6
My impression of the lyrics are a little rocky. It has some great lyrics in songs "If You Could Only See" and "Lemon Parade." The song "Mr. Golden Deal" is very nice also. It has it's bright spots in the song writing but at times a few of the songs don't really bind with the guitar and mesh of the band. It is a little choppy in complicance and the singing isn't great but good. Don't be dwindled down to not buying this album though. It has some good songs and this is my opinion.

Overall Impression — 8
Overall this band is good. This band (I hate to say this) is a one hit wonder. The song "If You Could Only See" is awesome, it went to the top 5 position for a long time in 1997. It is almost good enough to own the album for. It blew up in late 96 to the end of 97. It is a very good song with an almost perfect chorus. "If you could only see how blue her eyes can be when she says/when she says she loves me". That is surrounded by acoustic/electric and surprising vocals that flow witht his song. The guitar is pretty and yet a little slashy too. It's nice to listen to in your car especially. "Thick" really is a song that was put on the album to keep you guessing. It's almost heavy rock, but keeps just close enough to matter with the rest of the album. Tonic, the vibration is there, the words aren't very still, but the sound is. Any alternative or post 1993 music lovers check them out.

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    I'm surprised at this review, never mentioned once Casual Affair or Open Up Your Eyes, the next two best songs besides If you Could Only See...but that's just my opinion. I like Lemon Parade too, and easy to play on the guitar.
    A Superb album. All the songs have their own identity and for that there all great and fun to play.
    This album was much more than the sign of a one hit wonder. Tonic went on to do music for several albums & soundtracks, and their dual guitar sound with the acoustic rhythm & electric harmony/melody is one of a kind.