10,000 Days review by Tool

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  • Released: Apr 28, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (833 votes)
Tool: 10,000 Days

Sound — 9
Five years in the making brings us another great Tool masterpiece in 10,000 days. This album delivers the melodic, hard hitting and mind blowing polished sound that can only be described as Tool. This CD will give tool fans just what they have been looking for the past five years, and will amaze first time listeners leaving them salivating in their seat, yearing for more. To those who know and love Tool, this CD incorporates the same elements known to the tool sound, but with a heavier and more instrumental twist. For those who do not know or listen to tool, prepare to be amazed as you will hear the totally unique and most unpredictable music you may ever hear. This CD never bores, with the fast paced drum lines ever changing rhythm and breathtaking vocals. One little flaw to this album which is not present in it's predecessors is that the vocals, I think, are not as loud as they should be. The instrumentals seem to be much to overpowering compared to Maynard's voice.

Lyrics — 9
To anyone familiar with tool's style, the lyrics are what is to be expected. These lyrics are well though out and are mostly easy to pick apart at a glance on some tracks, and others are completely insane and seem as though they have no meaning. Although some songs seem to have no meanings to their lyrics I can assure you this is not just random writtings. All, and I mean all of tool lyrics have some sort of story or deep meaning behind them. This cd is no exception to that.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall this is another great Tool album. To those who are big fans of tool, I'm sure you will love this album. To those who haven't had a chance to hear much or any of tool this is probably a good spot to pick up listening to them. to those who wish to find another great band, or would love to experience something different this is the band for you. For those really uncertain about buying the album, you should definitly at least download these three songs. Vicarious, Jambi and The Pot as these songs are great and I think will make the your decision alot easier. Lastly even if you are determined not to listen to tool, at least try to get out and see the album design. You will not be disappointed. It is one of the coolest cd casses I have seen to date by far. I showed the album to people who don't even know who tool is let alone listen to them and they were amazed and astounded by the case and its design.

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    I love this album. The worst part is the c.d. cover. you have to bend the top flap all the way over and slide the c.d. out and bend it all the way back to close it(im afraid it might rip or something). Theres some cool pictures in the book(but its glued to the inside). I agree boatriga("the pot" is awesome).
    pmc_funkbass wrote: and another thing. tool is a talented band, but nothing that technical. not tryn to start stuff cause i know their are alot of haters, but trivium do know thier instruments very well, and so does lamb of god. and Ryan martinie(mudvayne) is an alot bettr bassist than tools. just stating facts.
    woah dude.... BIIIIIG things ur saying there... although Trivium can solo with the best of them, they couldn't write a riff as good as Tool to save their lives... It ain't about technicality, it's about creativity, and Tool creates music that fits exactly what they're trying to convey to the listener, without the need for twiddly hammers ons and pull offs..... and Ryan Martinie and Justin Chancelloe are two of my fave bassists.... Ryan is awesome, and makes Mudvayne what they are, his slapping style and approach to bass lines is wicked, but justin is able to add that ethereal touch to Tool, to take us down the rollercoaster of Tool's rhythms and meanings without sitting in the back, or being overbearing. Both do the best they can for their respective music. I try and incorporate Ryan's slapping and lead bass riff style and Justin's approach to effects within my own bass playing. Technicality is NEVER a basis for a musicians skill. And Lamb of God? Don't make me laugh. My white boxers may turn yellow. and boatriga, the pot is so good, I wanna get high
    brownsound_00 wrote: Guitar_Poet wrote: is "Right In Two" in 11/4? haha... sweet. one two three one two three one two three one two.... yeah thats the thing about carey, he uses tons of different timings, which is one of the reasons he is so unique. ex.like i just listen to ticks and leeches...i think thats in 7/4
    one word. Lateralus. The chorus goes: bar one 6/8 bar two 7/8 bar three 9/8 bar four 7/8 YOU CAN'T MOSH TO IT:p