10,000 Days review by Tool

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  • Released: Apr 28, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (834 votes)
Tool: 10,000 Days

Sound — 9
To start, I absolutely love Tool. And I loved the sound of this album, after giving it a chance, which is what you have to do. Initially, you will probably say, as I did, there's too much ambience, the music is ambiguous and doesn't lead anywhere, and there's just not enough "music" present, but when you delve into the tracks, and listen intently, the music exists, and it rocks. Jones and Chancellor play amazing as always, with their stuff ranging from exotic (Lipan Conjuring) to heavy (Jambi) to haunting (Lost Keys). Danny Carey is of course pounding away, offering a great balance to the music.

Lyrics — 9
MJK. That's really all you need to know. The stuff steers away from the spiritual- mind and body direction that was present on Lateralus and observes a more cynical, yet condoning look at the world and society, possibly returning to the roots of Aenima. However, IMO, both parts of Wings, as a single song, might be the best song Tool has ever composed. It's monumental, and the lyrics are some of the best Maybrad has ever penned. The album becomes a bit muddy towards the end, such as Right In Two, which just seems a bit weak at certain points.

Overall Impression — 9
Initially I was disappointed that after waiting five years this is what Tool came out with. But after listening to it several times, all at once, which is what I recommend, it really grew on me. Vicarious lyrically fits well with Jambi, which is why they are probably 1-2, but soundwise seems more appropriate for somewhere in the middle of Lateralus, maybe following Schism or Parabola. It doesn't really fit on 10000 Days, which is probably why it starts the album. As I mentioned before Wings For Marie and 10000 Days (Wings Part 2) are probably collectively the best song Tool has ever done, definitely Maynard's best (Between APC and Tool). The Pot reminds me of something relative to Opiate, a very daring and raw song, that starts with sounds from Maynard that I didn't think he was capable of. Lipan Conjuring is your generic Tool riff-raff, a very tribal and exotic sound. Together Lost Keys and Rosetta Stoned are awesome and haunting, with the initial playing the part of a question and the latter playing the part of the answer to the question. RS is unlike anything you have ever heard from Tool. Intention is a bit a passive compared to RS, and brings you down from your high slightly. For some reason, Right In Two, a song that seems portentially to maybe have radio play, doesn't really do it for me. It sounds a lot like Forty-Six & Two to me, but hey, whatever. Finally, Viginti Tres, which is pretty much a concoction of noises and groans, concludes the album in a solemn way, almost putting the listener to sleep. Then again, this is the end of the album, so why stay up. Eleven tracks, but most are 6-7 minutes. This album is not as good, IMO, as AEnima, and maybe not as good as Lateralus, but I wouldn't slide it any further down than that. The form wants to know if this was stolen, would I buy it? Of course I would, it comes with those sweet glasses.

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    CLOWNDEACAN : i thought it was pretty good... sounds just like tool, no more, no less That's what I've been saying it's superior than Lateralus musically but vocally it's not but it;s still a Damn good Tool C.D. They had the balls to change their sound and personally I hope they keep this sound specially on songs like Jambi man that's gotta be one of my favorite Tool songs ever It's right up there with Sober and Hush.
    They're going to play tomorrow in Lisbon with Deftones,Placebo and Alice In Chains and I'm going to see them,which is awesome!Can't wait,reall!I gave a few more listens to the new album,and I can't get tired of it.Every song is deep and has a magic touch on it,the lyrics are weird as hell,but nothing really new from Mr.Maynard!Just buy it!ROCK ON!
    if you were let down it was because you expected too much. if any other band released this album youd all be going nuts in a "ZOMG THEYRE GENIUSES!" manner.
    Slice N Dice
    This will be regarded as a classic in years to come and i doubht we shall hear a better album than this all year long
    Deliriumbassist wrote: catchtherainbow wrote: ..and anyone know how to use the stereoscopic lenses...i get watery eyes trying them!!! i see double vision
    put your eyes up to them and just look straight ahead at the picture? i dunno i just know how to focus my eyes to things like that... the images should look sort of 3D or at least like paper cutouts placed at different distances.
    hahahaha....its freaking blur though...and viginti tres having lyrics?! i dun hear any....cept for some machine blowing sound(like a fan)...
    Viginiti Tres Has lyrics dude it's some deep synester voice (probably someones voice slowed down) saying some shit about the system a warning do not listen to the song in the dark because that voice will scare the hell out of you.
    aye... what I found scary was that I was actuallu breathing in time Viginti Tres:S And my part trnalstion is somewhere on this page, just scroll up... it's a weird dialect of latin, not the "pure" version that got taught in schools