10,000 Days review by Tool

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  • Released: May 2, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.1 (832 votes)
Tool: 10,000 Days

Sound — 10
The band's sound is still as unique and original as Opiate, that is great because there isn't many bands who sound so unique and so Orignial like them. I Read a artical on Adam Jones in Guitar World and he said that people are saying that is took 10,000 Days to record this album but if it was true, it would have been relesed in about 27 Years. The thing on this album that I really like is the Talk-Box Solo in Jambi which is really cool. If you don't have this album, go buy it right now.

Lyrics — 10
The things that Adam Jones writes about hasn't changed and I hope it never does. The lyrics are just perfect with the music, the perfect example of that is Vicarious, The Pot, and Rosetta Stoned. Maynard's singing has not changed one bit and his voice is perfect in Rosetta Stoned when he's singing so fast.

Overall Impression — 10
Tool has never been like other bands in any way and they will always be like that, I'm very impressed with Jambi, Vicarious, The Pot, Rosetta Stoned, Right In Two, and the rest. I love everything about the album, if it was stolen or lost, I won't go buy anthor copy because that would be anthor 15 bucks out of my pocket, I'd go beat up the person who stole it.

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    toolfender29 wrote: I have just purchased a copy of 10,000 Days and have listened to it several times. I have read the previous comments and would like to provide my impression of the album. The production on the album is, in my opinion, better than any of the previous albums. The vocals are warm and chrystal-clear, the guitar cuts through with clarity, the bass is sharp and not at all muddy, and Carey's drums sound brilliantly full and encompassing. 10,000 Days is wonderfully mixed. Each instrument resides within it's own sonic space without any distortion, bleed-over, or sonic clutter. As far as the general sound or feel of the album: get ready for something different. This is not the Tool that you are used to. If you are expecting another Aenima or Lateralus, you are going to be in shock. Tool has obviously expanded its boundaries and is experimenting with new emotions, sounds, concepts, and structures on this album. Not only is Maynard's vocal delivery much more emotional and dynamic, but the band, musically, takes on a much more atmospheric, organic, emotional, and transparent role in several tracks. I agree with some of the earlier postings that upon first listen, I felt a bit apprehensive about the album. But this is a common phenomenon with me when I listen to new Tool material. It often takes a few listens before I become familiar with the songs and begin to embrace them. The tracks on the new album are not "easy-listens". You cannot passively sit back and listen to this album. This is a fact that Maynard has commented on several times regarding Tool's music. Their songs require listeners' attention, time, intelligence, and emotions. All in all, if you feel a bit concerned after your initial listen, don't fret. Tool has once again challenged its listeners to get outside of their comfort zones, open their minds, and experience their music, rather than just listen to it.
    they havnt really expanded that much they just sound more like a perfect circle now i do think this album is a bit of a dissapointment i dont know i guess i just expected more... vicarious, the pot, and jambi are my favorites on the cd
    You can't expect this album to be like their others. TOOL grows from each album and tries to do something different each time. This albuim is a bit like their first in that they are angry again, with the world and the state it's in. I have to admit this album is not my favourite, but who has one? It's hard to compare true works of art when each are so different. TOOL is a band that i don't think will ever go bad. Therefore TOOL will always take the cake (chocolate of course).
    I'm really disgusted by some of the close-mindedness of these "fans". If you don't like this album that much, thats fair, thats your opinion. But don't act like a pinhead talking crap. For the sake of the real Tool fans who DO like the album, put a sock in it.
    I have to admit, this isn't my favorite TOOL album, but I have to say Tool still brings every bit of ingenuity, originality, and straight up awesomeness that they have in the past. I love songs like jambi, vicarious, and the pot, that continuously change pace and tone, but seem to flow seamlessly at the same time. The only flaw -well I wouldn't call it a flaw as much of a personal preference of mine- I found when listening to 10,000 Days was the tracks that were most likely put on the CD to deliver a message and in may cases define Tool as a band. These tracks, like the one where its seems as though someone is breathing into the mic for ten minutes, maybe interesting to listen to one or two times, but I feel they lack the longevity and replay value (although these most likely were not something Tool was aiming for when they put them on the CD) that the other, more musical songs have an abundance of. I find myself skipping over these tracks when I pop in the CD, so that there are really only three or four songs that I listen to. Despite these little problems I still loved this CD, keep rockin' TOOL!!
    WTF? str8savage do you realize,Maynard dosnt really care what you ppl called bad critics say because TOOL has a passion to creat music whether it is so called mainstream or mot the point is,they love to write music and thats that,so much for you being a hard core tool fan...