10,000 Days review by Tool

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  • Released: Apr 28, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (834 votes)
Tool: 10,000 Days

Sound — 9
When I first heard the beginning of Vicarious I was expecting an album much alike Lateralus. But I was so wrong after finishing the album. The album is currently one of my all time favorites because it shows that tool has the balls to go into any direction they want and not care what fans or any other people think. And as far as I'm concerned they have done a fantastic job in doing so. Tool never intended to produce "Lateralus 2".Any genuine tool fan would know that and respect that fact. Tool create albums that are distinctive from anything else and that that's including their very own previous efforts. To me 10,000 days was more rocky and heavy metal-ish than lateralus which was being all mystic and psychedelic with mind boggling guitar riffs and odd-time drum patterns. Not to say 10,000 days is not but it had more of a hard rock punch to it, at least to me. But there were still songs that took you onto an epic journey which really left a lasting impression. 01. Vicarious - most people hate this song to the fact it was too radio friendly. but that shouldn't be of anyones concern. the song is a fantastic opening to the album. To me it re-enforces the whole look of the album artwork. To me the song is about how we have this fetish of seeing others misfortunes not only on the TV but anywhere else. 02. Jambi - great entry riff which turned me on the moment it started. Great progression throughout the track. Adam Jones did a very good job on the solo. 03. Wings For Marie/10,000 Days - these two continue one ofter another (Parabol/Parabola). These two tracks create such an orgasmic experience if you really sit down and carefully disect each instrument and how they play their part. This is including Maynard singing which further enhances that powerful force the song gives you. I think this song is about Maynard accepting the fact that his mother is dead and letting her go. I could be so wrong in any of my interpretations of tool songs but this is what comes to me when I listen to them. 04. The Pot - when I first heard this I was knocked of guard. It did have a very weird intro. It did not feel like a typical tool song at first but this is one of those songs that make you sick to your stomach but then later on grows on you and becomes your all time favourite. Which is exactly what happend to me. This song basically talks about hypocrisy in a way. Great bassline following the marvelous intro by Maynard. some real neat riffs put in by Adam Jones which compliments on Danny Carey's drum work. 05. Lipan Conjuring - this was a very wierd track but somehow was kinda fun to listen because there was a small part where the electric guita comes in for half a second. it was a pretty good interlude. Not sure on what it meant. 06. Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann) - this song was a great prelude for Rosetta Stoned. I think it's about a man on LSD and in the hospital and the doctors not having a clue on what's going on with him. Since the name has the name Hofmann. The creator of LSD. 07. Rosetta Stoned - this song is a masterpiece. it's songs like these that make me smile. Great music all the way through. shifts from one tune to another which ease and great timing. This is probably about the LSD patient describing how he was abducted by aliens. 08. Intension - this is another track that can make you dream away. this song contains real good basslines that sounds so epic and really balance well with Danny Carey's beat work. Real moves on well to Right in Two. 09. Right In Two - my personal choice for an album single. Starts off with a mellow guitar tune then picked up by the tablas (or the electric drums which emulate the tablas) and later becomes intense and real heavy. one of my favorite tracks on the album. This talks about man being competitive and greedy. Fighting over almost anything and everything. 10. Viginti Tres - one of those typical ways to end an album. Cannot make much sense of this track because I got no clue as to what it's about apart from the fact that the title means 23 in latin. Not sure if it is latin or some other language.

Lyrics — 9
I'm going to say what everyone else says. Maynard is my favorite singer period. his lyrics has raised the standard for heavy music today and still maintains that standard in my opinion. His voice fits the usic and the tune and tone of Adams and Justins guitar work and bass work respectively. Lyrics were more straightforward this time. At least to me. But that's definitely not a bad thing. If that's what Maynard what's to do you'll just have to respect his choice. To me his lyrics are wonders so I don't have a problem.

Overall Impression — 10
10,000 cannot be and should not be compared to any other of tools albums. Tool strives hard to create album that are a breed of their own and have their own style. People should not judge and compare 10,000 days to Lateralus. They are two completely different albums with different thoughts and creative juices. 10,000 is a masterpiece of its own. It really allows the band members to shine with their exceptional level of talent that they have. From the great packaging to the very little detail on sound. If this album was lost of stolen I'd cry and then go a buy another 10 incase in happens again!

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    im completely addicted to tool's music.... maynard's majestic lyrics and manner of singing... adam's gigantic heavy swirling riffs.. justin's monsterheartbeat..and the powerful wardrums of danny... this album only shows the band's trademark of progression with each and every album...
    right,so no one here has realized what vigini tres is good for? if you play viginti tres and wings for marie as one song, theyre clocking in at 11.13 (viginti tres first) exactly as long as 10,000 days. Now, start the combined version of viginti and wings, and 10,000 days at the same time and guess what happens? THEY SYNCH PERFECTLY! (23 is the number of synchroniazation)and this is awesome! the ULTIMATE memorial song to maynards mother who passed! its incredible! god i love Tool...
    : tool is good but alot of bands like megadeth and metalica are way better but i still like tool the vocals are good i agree but i think they should put more metal style i think it would be better
    You retard dont u even know what kind of music that Tool is...They are art rock, proggressive, experimental, alternative metal..and whatever other categories u wnat 2 put them in. They still have some really heavy songs listen 2 Ticks and Leeches from Lateralus or Aenima from Aenima, those songs show the type of heavy that Tool is...u cant compare ToOl to Metallica and Megadeth, and Megadeath sux...so shutup u stupid f**ktard poser
    Tool will definitly go down as a one of the greatest bands of the generation. I just wish the got a little more recognition, cause i never hear them on the radio. When i think if they were played more they would be more popular
    Anybody who says Tool has little talent or boring should shut the **** up. I would LOVE to see anybody insulting Tool go form a ****ing band and release an album. Then let the UG community review them. Or be godly and go record all four instruments themsleves (or maybe 5 or 6? i dont know, there might be some ass****ed godly talent here on UG that go around dissing good bands) Simplicity DOES NOT EQUAL TO zero talent. Creativity ****s up speed and technicality anyday. And being progressive is already a technical skill in musical aspects. Im a Tool fan, maybe a hardcore one, but i must say, comparing Tool to other bands i listen to, they fare off pretty well. This album lacked the flow Lateralus had (i own it, i borrowed 10000 days from a friend), but individual songs wise, its still traditional Tool. And still amazingly nice. Overall, to be fair, i'd give this album 8.
    Yeah Tool is my all time favorite band their vocals are just unbelievable and their styles of sound that they used are unreal. Tool is no were near like Metallica...Tool is so much better than Metallica and I hate Megadeth!