10,000 Days review by Tool

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  • Released: Apr 28, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (833 votes)
Tool: 10,000 Days

Sound — 9
This was the first Tool album I bought so I have a lot of respect for it. My friend, who is probaly a better drummer then any of you reading this, told me about the pot, The greatist bass line I had heard untill schism. Songs like jambi, the pot, and roseta stoned are epic! I love this album! 01. Vicarious - very true! You cannot tell me you don't enjoy watching people lie on the ground in pain after being struck in the head w/ a hammer. It's cald slapstick! But MJK has a point: It's all fun and games till' someone gets hurt, then it's frickin hilarious! Good begining to an album! 02. Jambi - I guess this is my favorate song on this album. This is just a cool song. I love the bass solos and the part that gose: da da dum da da dum/" well damn my eyes!" Good, very good! 03. Wings For Marie - yeah, I don't need to explain what it's about. Everyone already told you. It has a cool, spooky sound when it starts and nice G. solo. 04. 10,000 Days - this bass line is so frickin' complicated! But a verywell composed song. Great song all round. I lke the part that gose "10,000 days and the fire is dyin' out, your goin' home." 05. The Pot - this song is epic! It's either this or Jambi. Justin at his best! The reason I bought this album! That was a lot of incompleat sentances. The meaning of the song is not about being stoned or someone talkin' about MJK's dead mother. It's about this toaster eating Danny Cairy. So MJK gets a bazooka and kills it. Little do they know Adam Jones it breading baby gorillas in his basement, so Justin kills them and Adam w/his killer bass lines! I don't know though? That's just what it means to me. It could really mean something differant. 06. Lipan Conjuring - do I need to expain this one? No one listens to it Anyway! 07. Lost Keys - an inermission. A guitar riff. A conversation between a nurse and a docter. And a lead into Most Hard core song on the album. 08. Roseta Stoned - yes it is spelled w/only one T. And yes, it is the sequal to Lost Keys. I love this song! The mistery is if the guy really was abducted or if he was just on some LSD. Or, if he was mad because he forgot his pen. IDK? But it's hard core! Way too meny F bombs though. 09. Intension - this song is cool. I don't listen to it that much though. 10. Right In Two - this song is about how God gave man free will and half of us choose to kill each other. Dumb but it has a good point. I like it uptill the end of the G. solo. Then it starts skipping. Is it supposed to do that? 11. Viginti Tres - what a waist of five min. and two sec. Just a butt load of randomly, gay noises. It's gay! Arn't endings supposed to be epic or somethin'? An absolute waist!

Lyrics — 10
I know that the lyrics disapointed some people because the lack of anal sex referances but Tool is far from normal! Just listen to Roseta Stoned! MJK is amazing! He makes me feel special because he said I was pretty and because he has a low voice and people still listen to him. So w/ my low voice I know I'm not unwanted! Plus he doesen't do those annoying screams. When MJK screams he screams w/ a meaning. Once again Tool is far from normal. These are some of the best Tool lyrics!

Overall Impression — 9
It's not as good as Lateralus but it's better than Undertow. My favs are Jambi, The Pot, Roseta Stoned, and 10,000 Days. The pointless songs that don't do anything for me are Lipan Conjuring and Viginti Tres. I thought that the art work was cool. I'm an artist who likes that kind of abstractness (is that a word? A well don't care). That worked out nice. If the album was lost I'd find it. If it were stolen I wouldn't care because It's on my MP3. Good album. I went to Taco Bell today.

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    MAYNARD wrote: The album is good, but ridiculously overrated.
    I have to agree. It's good but I'm not blown away by it like the previous albums.
    boyan89 wrote: Tool are too good man
    Well they wrote stinkfist, but thats just one song.
    tormented soul
    I'd have to say this is my favourite album by tool. Its Inspiring. Just like the song "Jambi" about him giving into the evil within and then finding his way back to the light. "Silence Legion save your poison, Silence Legion and stay out of my way!"
    Ac/dc_Zeppelin wrote: Buy this album now or you will die.... AND OMG THE CANADIAN COVER...THE ONE WITH THE FUNKY LENSES THAT MAKES THE PICTURE LOOK ALL TRIPPY IS WELL....THE SHIT!!!! Were All Gonna Die Someday....
    So I guess we're not allowed to have the opinion that this is indeed a fantastic Tool album? The only real reason people don't like it is because it's different to their back catalogue. And people hate change. When I wrote my review, I went into the album with a clear head and tried not to let their previous albums change my opinion. It's an album I'm thoroughly enticed by, and it's a challenging album. Hence why I gave it such a high score. If my opinion was that it sucked, I'd have said so.
    One of the best albums EVER PERIOD! I have been listening to it for awhile and just picked it up today at Future Shop, WHAT A LISTEN! Maynard is A God, and Danny Carey defenitely ranks alongside Neil Peart and Mike Portnoy, fascinating time signatures.
    Tool are Epic. its the only way to describe the feeling that almost all of their songs give off. most bands only get one or two songs which have that sound of epicness but tool have a good 20-25 which is frankly astounding
    StringsofBlack wrote: I'm really disgusted by some of the close-mindedness of these "fans". If you don't like this album that much, thats fair, thats your opinion. But don't act like a pinhead talking crap. For the sake of the real Tool fans who DO like the album, put a sock in it.
    I'm a real Tool fan (I have their entire dsicography, including Salival, and absolutely love every bit of it) and overall I was disappointed in this album. It has about four awesome tracks and the rest are very 'meh'. Yes, Tool have evolved with each album, but each album has been amazing in quality and sound. This just isn't up to par as a whole IMO.
    Guitar_Poet wrote: Deliriumbassist wrote: brownsound_00 wrote: Guitar_Poet wrote: is "Right In Two" in 11/4? haha... sweet. one two three one two three one two three one two.... yeah thats the thing about carey, he uses tons of different timings, which is one of the reasons he is so unique. ex.like i just listen to ticks and leeches...i think thats in 7/4 one word. Lateralus. The chorus goes: bar one 6/8 bar two 7/8 bar three 9/8 bar four 7/8 YOU CAN'T MOSH TO IT:p lolol.
    I know this will seem like a stupid question... but whatś the difference between the time signatures 11/4, 3/4 and 3/8..... they all go one two three one two three.. ( i think)... I dont have my theories straight someone please help me out..
    initially didn't like it as much as previous albums, but upon revisiting it is actually VERY VERY good. i'm mad at myself for not revisiting it sooner
    I do believe TOOL can work wonders I turned my cousin's music style around with TOOL she was one of those people who fell into a whole with music following "R&B,Pop,etc." But I put on a TOOL this album and she enjoyed she actually started listening to it!!!!!but for my comment on this album this is by far their best child ever created hope they keep having more children as what Maynard call albums.