10,000 Days review by Tool

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  • Released: May 2, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.1 (832 votes)
Tool: 10,000 Days

Sound — 10
Tool is one of the few late-alternative bands to survive the new era, and this is their best yet. 10, 000 Days is the follow-up to the famed album Lateralus, and it blows it's predecessor out of the park. The sound of Tool is unique in its own way. There is no other band that does it better, or even does it good. Amazing drums from Danny Carey, the best ever in a Tool album. The effects on the guitar are better than ever, and Maynard James Keenan has totally changed his vocals. He has still the same classic eerie feeling, but now he includes a hard bite into his soft vocals. Adam Jones got rewally technical with this album. It includes a talk-box guitar solo in Jambi, in which his guitar has a pipe-bomb microphone built in, you can totally tell when you compare it to all the other albums. Overall, the sound is unique beyond unique. If you're looking for a new sound, you won't know what to say about this. The best sound out of any other Tool album.

Lyrics — 10
Really, the vocals are amazing throughout the whole album, but the higlights are in Vicarious, The Pot, and Rosetta Stoned. Lyrically, however, the songs switch in complexity. Rosetta Stoned easily has the best lyrics in the whole album, along with Vicarious and Lost Keys (Blame Hofman), which is actually part of Rosetta Stoned. Tool has came a long way lyrically, and vocally too. A lot of the songs are still ten minutes long, but they're worth it. Maynard has one of the best vocal talents of all alternative rock and anybody that came from it. He puts on an amazing show, if anyone has seen them live.

Overall Impression — 10
01. Vicarious: the first single on the album, Amazing, Brilliant, Outstanding in every way. Guitar kills in this song, and vocally this song is the best out of any other song by Tool. A song that can never get overplayed, every time it's on the radio, it must be turned up. 10/10 02. Jambi: the third single on this killer album, and this song is yet another great performance, especially on the drums. There is no better song for the drums by Danny. I listen to this song every day, this is one of the few songs by Tool that sound quite punk, but still have the "Tool" feeling to it. 10/10 03. Wings For Marie: the first part of a 17 minute-24 second song, this song is NOT, i repeat NOT for any mainstream fan. It would probably bore any modern day listener to sleep. For a Tool fan, however, will be extremely intrigued by it. Nice vocals for the amount of it there is, the lyrics are simple. It would take a genius in the art of eerie music to write something like this. 8.5/10 04. 10,000 Days: the second part of the song, and it is just as curious as the first. Guitar gets way better, lyrics and vocals stay the same, but the bass gets brought out more. Amazing performance by Tool, I would love to see this live. 8.5/10 05. The Pot: the second single of the album, and it is just as good as the other two single, if not better. This is my favorite song by Tool, it has the best guitar, best lyrics, and best bass in any other song. It got nominated for a Grammy, and totally deserves it too. 10/10 06. Lipan Conjuring: Every Tool album has one of these, the 1-1/2 minute song. Very peculiar. That's all there really is to say. 7/10 07. Lost Keys (Blame Hofman): another 2-part song, and it slays even more than the first. First, it's about Maynard as a Protagonist who takes LSD and suffers from it. This is obvious because Hofmann is the founder of LSD. 8.5/10 08. Rosetta Stoned: amazing lyrics and vocals, now it's Maynard in the hospital from the LSD, and eventually the nurse reveals that it's all in his head. That's from the LSD. Anyway, the intro is orgasmistic, the bass kills here. The drums improve throughout the song, and the guitar puts its best foot forward when it comes to effects. Amazing song, but quite peculiar. 9.5/10 09. Intension: a good follow up to Rosetta Stoned, but not that great. This is one of the songs that I don't listen to on this album. Vocal talent goes nowhere here. 7/10 10. Right In Two: the other song I don't really listen to. It's a good song, but it isn't really that catchy, a little too peculiar if I may add. 7.5/10 11. Viginti Tres: Tool always has a closer with a weird name, like in Aenima, there's DIE ER VON SATAN, and in Lateralus there's FAAIP DE OIAD. Now there's this. It always sounds like a news report or something, and it closes the album well, really lets your mood for the song rest, instead of drop. 8.5/10 Overall, the most impressive songss are: Vicarious Jambi The Pot Rosetta Stoned The biggest factor in this album that I love is the amazing vocals throughout. The only thing I don't like is...well I can't think of anything. This is the best album of 2006, ahead of Slayer's Christ Illusion. If I had lost this, I would buy it again, buy a safe for it, and keep it in it.

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    pmc_funkbass wrote: so are you sayn its a dissapointing album or a sweet one? cause im confused. the first guy seems to hate and like it at the same time? and another thing. tool is a talented band, but nothing that technical. not tryn to start stuff cause i know their are alot of haters, but trivium do know thier instruments very well, and so does lamb of god. and Ryan martinie(mudvayne) is an alot bettr bassist than tools. just stating facts.
    could you sound like anymore of an idiot?? justin's sound and technique is way more original than ryan martini. your just under the stereotype that all funk, or in this case, funk-esque bassists are better than any other bassists. just cause ryan is slapping and popping and doing all this shit doesn't mean he's better than justin.. btw i heard dig, and that bassline is boring as shit and sounds incredibly out of place.. everyone says ryan can rip, but he has yet to amuse me and judging by mudvayne's more recent material, which he doesn't stand out on btw, i doubt he ever will..
    F-ing amazing album, i love vicarious, the pot, jambi... well i like all of the songs. Tool is an incredible band, and i cant wait for their next album.
    just gotta say, play virginti tres and wings for marie pt1 one after the other in a playliast, and in another player play 10,000 days(wings pt2), start them at exactly the same time and you get probably one of the best songs on the album! virginti tres and wings pt add up to the same track time as wings pt2, dont know if anyones put this already but try it out!!!