Aenima review by Tool

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  • Released: Sep 17, 1996
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.4 (168 votes)
Tool: Aenima

Sound — 10
This is by far my favorate Tool album! I like Lateralus, but this Aenima tops Lateralus in my opinion. The sound is heavy but smooth at the same time, you can really tell that these guys work hard to get the sound they want. Here is a list of the songs, and my opinion of all of them: 01. Stinkfist - this is one of my favs. I love the chorus! It's really not about fisting but about wanting more. Maynerd just puts it into a very crude metophor. It's a very good song. 02. Eulogy - another great one! It's kind of long but If it was missing any part, it wouldn't be as good. The intro is kind of annoying though. My favorate part is when it goes, "would you die for me? don't you f--king lie!" This is one of the better Tool songs, but all Tool songs are good! 03. H. - this album just keeps getting better! I love the guitar and bass part in the beginning after the destorted intro. Maynerd sing very high. I like how he uses a snake as a metophor for what seems like a drug, probably heroin. It's missing something though. 04. Useful Idiot - this is just a noise. But a break from H. to 46&2. 05. 46&2 - an spectacular bass line! No really. It shows how talented Justin really is. A great song, but I can't figure out what it means? 06. Message To Harrymanback - I do like the piano and beach sounds like the seagulls and waves. But the guy talking kind of ruines it though. 07. Hooker With A Penis - the story is clear, someone didn't like Tool and went up to Mayned and said that they were in it just for the money. So Maynerd gave him this response. It's actually a really good song! 08. Intermission - this is a really catchy tune. It's Jimmy but circus style! 09. Jimmy - this song is okay. It's like a short 10,000 Days. I like the chorus, "Eleven and she was gone." It's not the best though. 10. Die Eir Von Satan - yeah, Nazis suck! Who knew cookie recipies could be so evil? Very funny. 11. Pushit - this is a very long song. But very good! I like the beginning how Maynerd is all robotic sounding. It's another one of my favs. 12. Cesaro Summability - this is a very dissturbing track. Scary but I kind of like it. I know that sound a little evil but it's kind of cool? 13. Aenima - I agree with this song. Hollywood sucks. Mabey I'm just wierd but that would be like the last place in the world I would want to go. Great song. Oh and the whole end of the world thing is another metophor. 14. (-)Ions - most of the time I hate the noise tracks that Tool does but, This is a very nice one It just sounds like a rain storm. Very peaceful. 15. Third Eye - this is not my favorate track but is the best Tool song. that's not opinion that's fact. If it was opinion I'd say it's just okay. I is a very good song though. I agree with the guy who says it's about a drugy father who beats his kids so the mother takes them away. Later one of the kids see's the the father and is scared to do it but helps him out. I think it has something to do with the relationship beetween Maynerd and his father. A good song but again not the best.

Lyrics — 10
It's Maynerd and he'll tell you what's on his mind. He has an great singing voice no matter what. From Fisting to Cookie recepies, when you have Maynard writting lyrics for you, You'll have song about all kinds of things. Some are very deep like Jimmy and others are funny like The Ball Of Satan. They mean different things to different people so don't think your entierly wrong if you think Pushit is about Evil toenails or whatever.

Overall Impression — 10
It's the best in my opinion. The best songs are Stinkfist, Eulogy, H., 46&2, Hooker with a penis, Intermission, Jimmy, Pushit, Aenima, (-)Ions, and Third Eye. Really nothing bad about it. If your a Tool fan and do not have this album, get it! If I lost it I'd find it. If it was stolen I'd cry then buy another one. Buy this album, it will make your day.

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    This was the first Tool record I have ever listen to. Thank Tool for making it!!
    for all of the people who didnt know what pushit was about its about child abuse ya know: choke this infent here before me.
    Stinkfist, is about a heroin addiction, but it can also be intrepreted as human self-indulgence, H. is about how maynard is coming to terms with his son, 46&2 is about the eveloution of human genetics and us trying to further look into what we would become as a species, " wanna know what I've been hiding in (my shadow. 2x) Change is coming through my shadow. My shadow's shedding skin. I've been picking my scabs again. " all refering to see future change and how we will likely evolve "through our shadows" so to speak
    but tool lyrics as maynard has said are interpreted by indivduals individually, everyone will have a different opinion
    Root Beer
    FlapJack85 wrote: for all of the people who didnt know what pushit was about its about child abuse ya know: choke this infent here before me.
    Wow, I never knew that. Cesaro Summability makes so much more sense now (starts with baby crying).
    Forty-Six and Two is about the next step in our evolution. Currently humans have 46 chromosomes so the next step would be another pair. This is pretty much the theme of the CD, the evolution (not necessarily literal) of one's thought and being, the cleansning (an enema) of society, replacing the old sh*t we don't need with the new and better (the meaning of the title track). An anima is a word for the soul, the title in fact is a combination of words making a pun... this whole CD is amazing. Every single song has a place, including Useful Idiot which is not just a useless track. The irony... And no, Stinkfist is not about fisting, and no, Hooker with a Penis is not about a hooker with a penis. These are all metaphors and are not meant to be taken literally. Oh and by the way, Intermission is Jimmy played on an organ. So it's sort of an intro. Third Eye is the most amazing song performed by Tool. Personally I like the Salival version better, but thats just my oppinion. Think for yourself, question authority.
    i don't get why more people don't like pushit. just listen to that solo(or breakdown you might call it)..****ing amazing.
    AEnime is a great album by TOOL and I hate it when people complain about the intermissions (Useful Idiot,Message to HarryManBack,Intermission,Die Eier Von Satan,Cesaro Summability,(Ions) becasuse if you listen very carefully they either go together with the next song or prepare like when listening to "Intermission" "It sounds like circus music" NO!!!! It sounds like "Jimmy" duh give them a LISTEN!!!!
    is it me or can you tell immediatly how much more serious these guys got with this album?? alot of the songs from undertow just seem completly upbeat and not serious at all, but this album just shows how much different and more mature they were at that point. just 3 years later..