Lateralus review by Tool

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  • Released: May 14, 2001
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.7 (274 votes)
Tool: Lateralus

Sound — 10
The sound of this album is absolutely incredible. That is about all that needs to be said. The way Justin's bass osund really pops out at you in the opening few lines of The Grudge immediately grasp your attention and harness it to their overwhelming musical aura. I like the way that more sound wavers and flangers and phasers are used in this album as opposed to Aenima and such. All of the band members contribute way more than they owe the world to the making of this album.

Lyrics — 10
I could go on forever about how this whole album, Lateralus is connected or correlated with the Qabala (Kabbalah) and the Tree of Sephirot. But I will just put in what I think the song means and what it means to me. 01. The Grudge - a great opening track. I think it's about holding on to society because of the "sinking deeper" and "clutch it like a corner stone" suggesting not leaving. This is a strange way of looking at it but I think Saturn may be what you would call th eregulators or landlords and when Saturn comes back around, you may be destroyed eliminating society. My take on it. 02. Eon Blue Apocalypse - this is a short little song that connect to the Tree of Sephirot because of the way it takes one of the paths on it and at the end it represents just the guitar out of all musical instruments and the seven notes of the standard scale. 03. The Patient - the path this song follows represents the concentrations of the mind and uses terms that mean the same thing that yoga is. So Patience or the state of being Patient is when you controll your mind and concentrate on it as well. 04. Mantra - and odd little thing to put into an album. A mantra is sometimes a, sacrifical or ceremonial song commonly uses in meditating so as to control ones senses and dull ones mind down. This comes before Schism. Maybe they want the listener to concentrate hard on the music so they can hear Schism better I don't know. This specific Mantra is called a Heart Mantra which is supposed to bring healing to all. 05. Schism - perhaps one of the best songs on Lateralus. Schism means separation. The following of this in the Tree is a combination between two paths which symbolize both "dissonance" and "juxtaposition". This song could also be just about separating from the church of jesus christ but somehow I don't think that was the idea. When they mention the pieces fitting together and the temple and such, it very much reminded me of The Grudge. 06. Parabol - see below. 07. Parabola - Parabol and Parabola basically have the same lyrics and in my opinion, PARABOLA is the best song on the album. The path this follows is representing the lovers which is quite obviously what this song is about. It also speaks of a parallax which is change in a direct object to allow a view into something else or far beyond. 08. Disposition - this song represents death and is about a dude just sittin' back while dying and watching the "weather change". I think it is also about someone who is just very upset and distressed at the time and needs to take a breather. Great bassline. 09. Ticks And Leeches - this song is about being heavily pestered and someone just being really upset at someone else and wanting revenge. When he says "suck me dry", it sounds like he want s to die so he can get revenge in a supernatural state. I loved the odd time in this tune and it is nice and heavy. 10. Lateralus - probably my favorite song to listen to on the whole album. The meaning is quite simple. It is only just about appreciating life despite it's curves and turns. On the Tree, it represents the ability to turn things into reality and make what isn't real come alive. 11. Reflection - nice and long just how we like it. This eleven minute piece has a 3+ minute intro before any vocals come in. It is simply about how someone almost died and would have gone to the afterlife and done his work, hence the continuous, "before I pine away". Tree says that this path represents the High Preistess, virginal guardian of the Temple of Mysteries. 12. Triad - this represents the first path which is called Keter. The Infinate. Keter's planet is Pluto. This path is at the top of the tree and it basically represents eternity. Binah and Kochma combine with Keter to make a triad of a life representation. Binah representing spiritual love and awareness, Kochma representing spiritual will and purpose and Keter representing a realized infinate self. 13. Faaip De Oiad - this means "the voice of god". Is this what you expected to hear at the end of an album? You tell yourself what this means. I don't want to put in anything to make you think otherwise.

Overall Impression — 10
I will never let this album be taken from me especially becaus e I got the vinyl edition and that is quite awesome to me. If I could I would make the whole world listen to this amazing piece of art. This is Tool's best album hands down. If I could I would give this album an infinate amount of stars but since you can't do that on Ultimate Guitar, I will give it an easy ten all around.

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    "Lateralus is our 'Dark side of the Moon', it is our era's epic symphony and will remain a timeless example of why Tool are masters of their craft."
    Well Tool doesn't really have a sub-genre to be honest.... um they kinda made there own. Its just really trippy.
    Tools amazing. Every single member of the band is amazing. If only they didn't play 7 minute songs with 3 minute instrumental sections, they would be up there among my top 5 favourite artists
    -metalhead- wrote: "Tool has crossed the bridge between heavy metal and trance music creating an amazing mix that I don't even think should be classified as "nu-metal". Their earlier" WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?! Heavy Metal and trance music????? and NU-METAL??? Ur a ****in idiot
    Ok, maybe a leeetle bit of trance, but where in the world did this guy get the idea that tool sounds even remotely nu-metal-ish