Lateralus review by Tool

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  • Released: May 14, 2001
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.7 (274 votes)
Tool: Lateralus

Sound — 10
This was the second Tool album I bought and it was all for Schism. But now that I've listend to the whole album, I can't decide! It's either The Patient, Lateralus, or Parabola. The other songs are good too, but these are my favorate! 01. The Grudge - I'm not even gonna try to guess this time signature!!! It's an exalent opener, but gets really anoying. The end sounds really cool with the claping on beat or whatever it is? 02. Eon Blue Apocalypse - this is a great breather. Adam is really just playing a riff here. 03. The Patient - this song is so cool. I like the bass at the intro. MJK's voice gets really high here (almost as high as the pot, but not quite). Tool really did a good job w/ this song. 04. Mantra - I don't really care much for this song (if you could call it that). I don't like when Tool dose all those tracks with just sounds, there to good to be doing that stuff. 05. Schism - this is also one of my favs! It has a great bass line (best I think). Sounds flippin' sweet, but the lyrics are kind of weak. They are too repetative. I also was hopeing for an epic guitar solo. It's a good song though! 06. Parabol - this is a good "intermission" for Danny and Justin. They needed a break from rockin out on Schism. I like how it leads into Parabola. 07. Parabola - I love the guitar on this song! It has some good bass licks too. I like the lyrics on this song though they can mean meny differant things to meny differant people. The end gets annoying w/the distortion ring though. 08. ticks & Leeches - okay! Danny is a god and MJK can scream his lungs out! The middle sounds good but was too soft for this song. Good song. 09. Lateralus - this has to be my favorate song on this album. It deffinetly diserved the album name! I love the whole song! I play it on bass almost every day! 6/7 days a weak! I can listen to the whole 9 min. over and over again and not get board. It's a marvolus song. 10. Disposition - this is a good fall off from The Epic Lateralus. It has a nice relaxing bass line. Nice break! 11. Reflection - I have only listiened to this song once. All the other times I try to I'm interupted. I'm sure it's pretty good, I just need to listen to it more. 12. Traid - all I have to say is, I don't like this 8:46 of this album. I don't know why? I just don't. 13. Faaip De Oaid - creepy! This has something to do w/ Roseta Stoned from 10, 000 Days. Has some cool drum riffs in it.

Lyrics — 10
MJK is so cool! His voice sounds so much better w/ Tool then that retarted circle band or whatever!.He's cool because his lyrics aren't all about girls and boobs and stuff! They have meaning, even if they are kind of crude(Stinkfist) yeah. He's flippin crazy (but he wears a leotard). The lyrics have a lot more meaning on this album then Aenima though.

Overall Impression — 10
This is the best Tool album I've heard so far (I've only heard a little of Aenima and none of Opiate). Again, coolness strives in Lateralus, Schism, The patient, and Parabola. I hate Mantra and dislike Traid, it's a good song, I just don't like it! If It was stolen I'd cry then I'd go out to dinner to forget about it. Then I'd get home and remember then I'd start crying again. Then I'd suck on my big toe. If it was lost I'd find it. Good Night!

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