Obliquus Externus review by Tool

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  • Sound: 11
  • Lyrics: 11
  • Overall Impression: 11
  • Reviewer's score: 11 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.8 (77 votes)
Tool: Obliquus Externus

Sound — 11
UPDATE: Happy Fool's Day!

To get the technicalities out of the way first, Tool's new album "Obliquus Externus" was leaked by a group of Russian hackers earlier this morning, who stole the record from Maynard James Keenan's personal Google Drive and made it available for online streaming only for a brief period of time before being taken down.

What seemed like a simple 66-minute file turned out to be the most sublime piece of music anyone had a privilege to listen to; there is no doubt here, this is indeed the new Tool album. Off to the review now.

All we can say is... wow... We remain absolutely stunned and shell-shocked from this glorious musical experience.

We are not sure there are appropriate words for describing this album, which shines with an aura we have not yet encountered. We are talking sounds not yet heard in music as we know it - revolutionary drums, stellar bass and guitar, and vocals that strike right down to the essence of your soul.

For 66 minutes, the listener will stand still. After that, nothing will be the same. Your life will change.

Lyrics — 11
And then there are the vocals. What Maynard captured in that recording studio is the very essence of humanity, the core elements of being human molded into words and vocal melodies that pierce through your heart like an unstoppable divine force. And indeed, for a brief moment during the album's climax, the listener is left with a feeling that God himself had spoken to him. Maynard is by all means God's tool, brought to this world to show you the way. Heed his words.

Overall Impression — 11
Every avid music listener knows the struggle of searching for that perfect piece, the one to encompass the human nature and express the essence of being human in a way that nothing can be added or left out without crushing a perfect structure of notes, emotions and sounds. This is what "Obliquus Externus" does - it will anger you, make you cry, smile, love, hate and then leave you with an altered state of mind. It will change your life. 10+, highest rating ever.

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    That song beats everything they have ever made. Seems like they are finding themselves as musicians. Also lyrics on different language that smoothly! Impressive. Love the melody and instrumental parts.
    It's a grower for me, to be honest. Probably because of that time signature. And I can definitely hear some Puscifer's influence on this.
    Meh, this album is so disappointing. Sounds like another generic djent band or something, I miss the times of Undertow. Probably all the excited ones are 14-year old hipsters. Music sucks these days, everything was better 20 years ago.
    I literally saw this on facebook, got extremely pumped and skimmed through the review, ran out to my shed and smoked a bunch of joints and jammed a little bit in anticipation, when I got back I couldn't believe what I'd heard, it was breathtaking.... nearly mind blowing.. I'd never been Aprils fooled so hard..
    I had to check the date before clicking this. You won't break my heart again, UG!
    Mr RafaelD
    It could only be April Fools to name an album after a muscle. Happy April Fools UG!!
    If you play this track backwards, you can hear the drums following the Fibonacci sequence. Masterpiece
    I'm literally so excited right now that there is feces exploding everywhere!
    Haha it's even more funny when for last week I was laughing at that song
    UG absolutely blows. They basically plagiarized an april fools joke. How much lower can you get?