Blood Sweat & Towers review by Towers of London

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  • Released: Aug 1, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (28 votes)
Towers of London: Blood Sweat & Towers

Sound — 10
This is the majot debut of Towers of London and lets just say it's here to please. This CD will kick you in the face, pick you back up, and do it again and again. You can feel the attitude in every song and every song's different feel. 01. I'm A Rat - starts the CD off right with blarring sirens followed by a snarling guitar riff. With a catchy chorus it'll be stuck in your head for hours "I'm a rat. I'm a rat. I'm a rat. I'm a rat." 02. Air Guitar - the first single off the album. With guitar like Last Caress by the Misfits it is easily one of the most likeable songs. 03. Kill The Pop Scene - has punk written all over it and any punk rocker would love it. Great riffs, another catchy chorus, and a sleazy solo, this song is easily my personal favorite. 04. Beaujolais - the usual punk song with some nice guitar licks. Another one of my favorites. 05. Fuck It Up (acoustic) - nothing really speical. Very western feel. Kind of repetitive. 06. King - starts out with orchestra followed by acoustic chords. The intro is a big change from the beginning four tracks. It gets better towards the middle of the first verse and bust out with blarring guitar. Really grows on you. 07. Good Times - another one of my personal favorites. Starts out with great punk guitar with some great fills here and there. Good break-downs and once again another catchy chorus. 08. On A Noose - this was the first song I heard by Towers Of London and this is the song that made me want to buy their album. A little repetitve but very, very catchy. "Rock 'n' roll, she is my creator." 09. Start Believing - nothing speical. A good, solid song. 10. Nothern Lights - another acoustic intro song, but better. Excellent break down and guitar solo. Everything fits together perfectly. 11. I Lose It - a Sex Pistols sounding bash of punk and classic rock. A decent song. 12. Fuck It Up - this version (the original) is way better, in my opinion, then the acoustic. The electric guitar just fit the attitude a lot more. 13. How Rude She Was - this song has the most guitar action of any other song on the album. What I mean by action is about two minutes into the song theres a constant guitar solo going on in the background. An all around great song. 14. Son Of A Preacher - fast, in your face punk rock. Another catchy song you will sing for hours. 15. Seen It All - this is another Sex Pistols sounding song. The intro guitar lick and lyrics really give it attitude. "I'm goin' give you a heart attack, goin' stab you in the back." What more could you ask for?

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics are what really kick this record off. They're striaght up and in your face with the occasional "I don't give a f--k!" I was kind of disapointed when I got the CD though because some of the songs were not listed with lyrics. A big disapointment for me because the first thing I do when I get a CD is read the lyrics.

Overall Impression — 10
Punk rock. Classic rock. Rock. Call it what you will but this is a CD for all to enjoy. With great guitar riffs, pounding drums, and in your face lyrics you won't be able to put this record down. A buy for anyone with a passion for punk rock. Whether you listen to the Sex Pistols or The Ramones you will love this album. The only disapointment was the repetitiveness of some songs. They're all great sure, but anyone could play the same notes over and over and sing the same lyrics over and over. If I lost this album I would definetly buy it again. Hell I'd buy it if one song didn't work. This is by far one of the best albums I've heard in a while. Even if you've never heard punk rock before, this is an excellent album to start listening to punk.

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    :O punk pop dont be silly these guys are punk through and through ledgends without a doubt love the albums its current on repeat on the whole album love it
    I seen them supporting Gn'R in the summer and they were awesome, i'd never heard of them before but went and bought the album, deff. one of the better albums out this year!
    the track listing is differtent on the album you have reviewed....i lose it is a b-side?
    it's a great band, saw them live in germany and they really kicked ass... beaujolais is a kikk ass song with a amazing lead guitar... After the impressions I've got I bought this CD and I will never regret it!
    Been banging on about this band on this site for just over a year and now you finally listen, praise jesus!
    a bunch of crazies with great songs and punk image, sex pistols still rule but towers are like their kids, rock on boys
    i saw them couple days ago. crowd was insane. can't help but think that all the hype is only to do with their look as opposed to talent... but catchy songs, yes indeed.