Blood Sweat & Towers review by Towers of London

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  • Released: Aug 1, 2006
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.9 (28 votes)
Towers of London: Blood Sweat & Towers

Sound — 8
Towers Of London really suprised me with this record, having been out and brought other punk records I thought this would be a bog standard wannabe group who have basically copied the pistols or the clash. But on 1st listen I was amazed at the depth the music had with 2 guitarists instead of one Towers mix rythem and lead very well. I thought the music itself was better than that of someone like The Pistols, granted the pistols didn't have the same amount of recording equipment available at the time, but even so I was pleased to find a more competent rythem section backing an amazing lead player. Onto the lead playing, lead guitarist The Rev isn't well known but he plays some very good stuff on this record, I'm a Rat has some good lead lines and a very catchy intro riff. His playing is at times quite bluesey and I know he's no where near Slash's league but he goes some way to playing licks like him and it has a good sound to it. One bad thing is the lack of variation in the record, F--k It Up (acoustic version) aside the band play non-stop power chord riffs when I've got to say they could play more complex stuff as they sound like they have a lot of musical talent in the band. This does little to drag down the good points to the record and I think the band could go on to be a very succesful band.

Lyrics — 7
Donny Torrete. A strange man I thought at first when seeing him on Never Mind the Buzzcocks but on the record he lyrically impressed me, ok the lyrics are simple but they are very catchy. Take Beaujolais for example the words just fit into place so well and you'll be singing along in no time. The only downside is some of his antics off stage, getting into fights on camera for people critising the band. I know this is part of the rock n' roll lifestyle but not with every person that dares to criticise. All in all I think he's the right man for the band and certainally doesn't lack ambition.

Overall Impression — 8
Blood Sweat and Towers doesn't really compare to much I've heard it's not quite full on Punk like the Pistols but the simplicity and Donny's Sneering vocals go some way towards it, on the other hand it's more old fashioned rock n' roll each song having a main riff, chorus and solo to make it sound suprisingly good. The most impressive songs are I'm a Rat which is a fluent rolling song which gives you a feel for the rest of the record, Beaujalais because it's catchy and simplicity at it's best and How rude she was becuase it probably has the best rhythm and lead sections on the album. Why do I love this record? Beacause it stands out as different from the current scene which bands like MCR and 30 seconds to Mars are dominating. Why do I hate this record? Because it's a bit too radio friendly with the exeption of F--k It Up of course, there's no real ranting and raving which a self confessed "Punk" band should have. All in all I wouldn't pause to recommend this album to anyone who swants to hear someting different and exciting.

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