Think This review by Toxik

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  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.9 (9 votes)
Toxik: Think This

Sound — 9
Toxik's Think This would be their second and last album before calling it quits in 1992. It would be released in 1989 and two lineup changes happened during the time of this record. Charles Sabin or the "Sabe", as he was referred to as in an interview, would take Mike Sanders' duties on vocals and there would be in additional guitarist added by the name of John Donnelly. The sound of this record sounds definitely more polished and now you could really notice the progressiveness of the band with the added keyboard sounds and special effects like the added sound bits of TV commercials before some of the songs begin. Charles Sabin's voice also added a more versatile feeling to the band and Josh Christian's guitar playing sounded more mature. According to Josh Christian it's a better album than the first.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics are once again great and thought provoking. The main idea for this album is about TV mind control and how you see it every day and you don't notice it but it controls your life and the way you think. Josh would receive more help from his band mates to write the songs and already in the second album you really saw the band begin to evolve. The music was as or if not more technical than their first release and it's easily noticeable that it was more melodic. In Think This there are different points where it feels like "stop and go" for instance in the title track and in Technical Arrogance it's more apparent. I really like the solo in Technical Arrogance it sounds very Steve Vai and from that you could kind of infer that Toxik was going through a more experimental phase thus really creating their own identity in the thrash scene; though they were already pretty unique sounding with the arrival of their first masterpiece. It's safe to say that Charles Sabin has more range and versatility as a singer, but I don't think he would ever be able to replace Mike Sanders. Some probably would argue and say Charlie's better, But Mike's the true voice of Toxik. Charlie sounded like a heavy-metal version of Geddy Lee and that only added to the growing progressive aspect of the band.

Overall Impression — 10
This album I don't think can easily be compared to other specific albums, but you can kind of point out and compare some different musical styles. The tracks of choice for this great album are Greed, Spontaneous which was sung by Mike before the release of this album on the Dynamo Open Air 1988 DVD, Black and White which shows once again Josh Christian's skill in songwriting, Technical Arrogance, Machine Dream which can be heard with Mike singing in the demo version in the bonus tracks of World Circus, and Out on the Tiles a song from Led Zeppelin which is honestly one of the greatest covers I've ever heard. I want to mention Machine Dream again because it contains a great intro, great lyrics and an amazing solo to round it out in the end. I also wanted to mention it again because in the beginning of the song it has a great example of how TV advertises a certain food and then tells you to work out. I recently saw a funny comment on youtube regarding Think This and one guy wrote that he was blasting this record while driving to school and another guy responded by saying that he wishes he had this album and a [explicit] car! I like this album a lot, but even though I've heard it been said that it surpasses World Circus in every aspect I still enjoy listening to World Circus more and it's really up to the listener to decide which is the better album. If for some reason I were to lose my copy of Think This I would try to get another copy as fast as possible. As stated in the lyrics Watch it! Believe it! Receive it! See it! You eat it! Consume it! Live it! Dream it! Think it!

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    One of the greatest bands I have ever heard, and I think this is the best of the two albums they released. I only wish more people knew about this amazing band, and that they were still a band.