Bridge Across Forever review by Transatlantic

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  • Released: Oct 9, 2001
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 10 (9 votes)
Transatlantic: Bridge Across Forever

Sound — 9
A four track CD mainly complying of the 25 minute 'Duel With The Devil', the 14 minute 'Suite Charlotte Pike' and the 20 minute 'Stranger In Your Soul' with the relatively short album entitled song 'Bridge Across Forever' lasting a measly 5 minutes compared to the other songs. The last track on the album is by far my favourite mainly because I love the first part to it. No doubt I like all the songs on this album but seldom listen to them all the way through apart from Suite Charlotte Pike sometimes and of course Bridge Across Forever. Maybe its the fact that they are a bit too long but also that in the middle of both Duel With The Devil and Stranger In Your Soul they go into a quiet section that lasts for quite some time. Other than these sections which in my opinion 'ruin' an almost perfect piece of my type of music. Understandably the music is not to everyone's taste, especially of this genre because it is softer than its prog-rock counter parts but band members are all amazing and the vocals of Neal Morse are great.

Lyrics — 7
Nothing amazing about the lyrics, nothing bad about the lyrics. Personally I don't normally pay attention to lyrics unless to say 'these are pretty awesome lyrics' or 'these lyrics make no sense and they are a bunch of crap'. I say neither of that for this album although they do stick in your head. If I had to give an opinion then I would probably say that the lyrics are above average compared to most bands, but I think (rightly so in my opinion) that the band focused more on the music than the lyrics in this album, much more. Although the lyrics for the first part of Stranger In Your Soul (Sleeping Wide Awake) are quite well thought out apart from something about walking into walls... Maybe my non-lyrical brain doesn't get the deeper meaning of this line because I don't think a band would make lyrics on something walking into walls unless they were writing lyrics about drunks... and something gives me the impression that this isn't about drunks...

Overall Impression — 8
I love this album, I honestly do. I can listen to the songs in depth (although I quit halfway through two of the songs) or I can have the album on in the background, either way I appreciate the music. Again, I may mention that, although they are prog-rock, the length of the songs can get a bit annoying and it would have been better if they had split them up properly (rather than just giving section names) so you can listen to that bit you really like without wading through 20 minutes of other stuff, otherwise the songs flow surprisingly well.

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    Transatlantic has a CD consisting of 4 soundtracks. These songs are:- 'Duel with the Devil' Duration 25 minutes. 'Suite Charlotte Pike' Duration 14 minutes. Stranger in Your Soul' Duration 20 minutes. 'Bridge across Forever' Duration 5 minutes. Bridge across forever is my favorite song in the Album. The intro part of the song is magical. Of course, I like all the songs in this album but my personal playlist has Bridge across forever on a repeat. Because of its smaller duration, I try to compensate by replaying the song again and again. Both Duel with the Devil and Stranger in Your Soul have a strange but interesting flow to it and has a longer duration. This music Album will not cater to everyones taste, because of its softer approach as compared to the previous hard rock songs by the band. The voice of Neal Morse sounds great and with the amazing lyrics of the songs, they strike an instant cord with your heart. Final verdict I simply love this album and all its songs. I can listen to this album on a repeat again and again. If I get stranded on a deserted island, I would like to have this album with me. This type of music is now lost and its important for musicians like us to keep the magic of genuine music alive.