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artist: Transatlantic date: 05/27/2010 category: compact discs
Transatlantic: SMPT:e
Released: Mar 21, 2000
Genre: Progressive rock
Label: Metal Blade (US)/ InsideOut (Europe)
Number Of Tracks: 5
I personally love the sound of Transatlantic and this album shows some of my favourite works of theirs.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.3
SMPT:e Reviewed by: jenguind, on may 27, 2010
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Sound: I personally love the sound of transatlantic and this album shows some of my favourite works of theirs. The 31 minute epic that is All Of The Above is phenomenal throughout the best part of it, We all need some light is also a nice 'epic' track that may not be to the taste of people who like prog-rock but I think its good for certain occasions. The other tracks are also good, my favourite of the rest being mystery train. Neil Morse of Spock's beard has a great vocal tone perfect for most of the songs, personally I'm not too much of a fan of Ronnie Stolt's (Flower Kings) voice but definitely of his guitar playing and soloing. Mike Portnoy's (Dream Theatre) drumming is, as always, second to none and Pete Trewevas' (Marillion) bass playing is very good as well. All four of them together have a somewhat unique sound and their chemistry for composing is great. Although considered prog-rock it is less 'hard' than most of this genre. // 9

Lyrics: Personally I don't pay much attention to lyrics in songs unless they are really good so my judgement isn't all too great. The lyrics don't stand out as being anything amazing although they are better than a lot of the music I listen tom the ideology of mystery train is a nice concept and 'We all need some light' has obviously been planned out well lyrically. Other than that the lyrics do stick in your head quite a bit but they don't seem anything too great but then again definitely not bad. // 7

Overall Impression: Maybe it was having the pleasure of seeing them live but I listen to this album A LOT. Mainly the first three tracks as they are the best and contain some really catchy tunes that I love. I do like their style quite a lot, I don't know what it is but they are different from any other of their genre. The only thing I find annoying is the length of 'All Of The Above' and wish it was sectioned into different tracks because one of my favourite parts of the song is 20 minutes into it and I don't often get to listen that long. Other than that I think this album is great and would definitely but it again if it was lost or stolen. // 9

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