Detox review by Treble Charger

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  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (2 votes)
Treble Charger: Detox

Sound — 10
What a great album! The sound of Detox is solid. I thought every song on the CD had really good sound. "Hundred Million" was quite the intro to Detox! Nice heavy riffs and killer vocals. I really liked how each song had a different sound. Greig's songs were very upbeat and catchy and Bill's had that really nice, smooth sound that they always have. The most interesting sounding song on the album was "Drive". The long guitar instrumental at the end of the song was really good. The use of a slider was a really cool idea and it just give it such a nice sound. The way the vocals blend with the guitar on each song is what makes it so good. Overall I totally love the sound of Detox.

Lyrics — 9
Lyrics were also very good. I thought they were well thought out and I could totally relate to them. The song with the most interesting lyrics was "Hole In Your Head". When I first heard them I was trying to figure out what they meant but as I listened to them more, I really started to dig them. Greig and Bill are really good song writers and they sing the songs very well. I am impressed with the lyrics on the album.

Overall Impression — 10
This truly is a great album. Every song had something special. I've been listening to Treble Charger for 10 years now and have always loved their music. I own three of their albums: "Maybe It's Me", "Wide Awake Bored", and "Detox". "Wide Awake Bored" was a solid album and Detox was definitely a great follow up. Here's my overall impression of each song: "Hundred Million". Easily the best song on the album! Love the heavy riffs and powerful singing. 10/10 "What You Want" - a great follow up. It has a cool guitar riff and cool sound effects in the bridge. 9/10 "Can't Wake Up" is a solid song! Instruments sound great throughout the song and the guitar solo is awesome! 10/10 "The First Time" - Bill's first appearance on the album. I really like this one. Nice soft rock song and Bill sang it very well. 9/10 "Ideal Waste Of Time" - one of favorite songs on the album. The instruments were great, the singing was great, and it's a song you can just totally rock to. This is also a song where the drums really stood out. I loved the ride cymbal in the pre-chorus! 10/10 "Hole In Your Head" - another one of my favorites. This song just had such a nice feel to it. The way the guitar riffs blended with the vocals really made this song. 10/10 "Don't Believe It All". What an amazing song! When I first heard this song I was hooked instantly. Very well done and one of the best. 10/10 "Over My Head". I really liked this one. I totally loved the acoustic guitar riff and the solo. 10/10 "Tired Of It Anyway" - very catchy song and you can't help but sing along to it! 10/10 "The Downward Dance" - very cool song any you can dance to it! I really liked the verses and the bridge. 10/10 "Drive". This was a very interesting song. The best parts were the solo and the long instrumental at the end. 9/10 Overall this album is awesome and it is one of my favorite CD's that I own. The most impressive songs have to be "Hundred Million", "Ideal Waste Of Time, "Don't Believe It All", "Hole In Your Head", and "Tired Of It Anyway". If this CD was lost or stolen I'd buy it again in a heartbeat.

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