Ascendancy review by Trivium

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  • Released: Mar 15, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (545 votes)
Trivium: Ascendancy

Sound — 10
Ascendancy, the album that launched Trivium into the heavy/modern metal spot-light world-wide. The whole album plays and sounds like Metallica with a mix of Killswitch Engage guitar licks and Pantera lyrics. If metal's your thing, there will be something in Ascendancy for everyone, whether its from the well harmonised solo in Like Light To Flies, or the pure chunky, distorted intro in Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr. The best thing about Ascendancy is the proof that Trivium have grown since Ember to Inferno, not only in their abilities to play well, but as personalities too. Trivium now really sound like metal gods.

Lyrics — 9
Matt Heafy presents a lot of the vocals in Ascendancy with gutsy shouting in an all out metal fashion. It has to be said, however, that this form of presentation of lyrics can be a little hard to understand and perhaps slightly repetetive as the album goes on. The fashion the lyrics are written in is pure greatness, as they can translate to many meanings, making the songs mean something to you.

Overall Impression — 10
As I said earlier, the way Trivium have grown up, this album really beats Ember To Inferno, and is definatly a top notch metal album. A must listen to is Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr for its catchy guitar licks and ballsy lyrics, and the Like Light to Flies solo for a fantastic bluesy/metal instant classic, supported by some great backing chords. I have only one nag about the album, and that is the singing. Matt Heafy tends to scream a slight part too much, but that is a minor flaw. This is a fantastic album. If you like your metal, go out and buy this, now!

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    Dude, this cd kicked ass. The clean vocals are brilliant and the screams are fitting as well. Though, it would be awesome to hear more solo duels similar to the solo in "In The Fire" on the Roadrunner United cd.
    GoodCharloteSux And 555666 you guys dont know what your talking about first of all id like to see GoodCharloteSux play one of the more complex solos on the album like matts one on gunshot and 555666 who gives a sh** if its metal or metalcore there just useless labels so get off your high horses and appreciate some real talent just cuz ur jealous or watever doesnt mean you should talk down about possibly the greatest band of the 21st century so far
    u no all ive got to say is, trivium are ****in sweet, thou it surprises me to say it cuz usually i prefer more singing than shouting (i love iron maiden more than anything, even my girlfriend, thou she dont no it) and this means that i am dead sum cuz i have maiden tickets for december and trivium are support FUCK YEAH
    favourite band- like light to the flies is the best opener EVER. I saw them live, they came on to we will rock you (!!!) and went straight into this. What im tryin to say is that recorded, trivium are awesome, live trivium are FANTASTIC
    Trivium is sic, hardcore. The metalcore thing is a bit over done already but as they go trivium is pretty catchy and bad ass so i recommend it to anyone into metal or otherwise.
    Trivium has loads of talent. It didn't take very long to get into their stuff but the shouting stuff i can do without. Great voice and he proved that to me with the second half of "a gunshot to the head of trepidation"
    I agree, Trivium, didn't really invent a genre, or create a "new movement" but they do it better than any other mainstream band I have heard in that style. Are there underground bands better? Prolly, but who cares. I'm sure in the 80s there were forty thousand underground bands that were as good or better than Metallica, but Metallica got the lucky break first same thing here. Instead of whining about how they are "overrated" because that is moronic obviously if their album is selling then somebody likes them which means that someone my age is making success in a suck dick industry without selling out (have you heard their songs on any radio?) and...even if they do sell out, I still don't care, personally as long as the music is good, thats all I want, I bought the CD not the band. After all if you have no interest in selling albums...don't get signed jesus, metalcore/metal..does it matter, lets not forget metalcore was an evolution of metal, and really only invented because some whiny bitch didn't think one certain band was quite heavy enough for metal. wow...nothing else matters...thats heavy...(kick ass song btw) anyways.. get over yourselves.
    I first seen trivium on the 10 year ozzfest anniversery and i was in shock when i heard the harmonized guitar riffs with the blistering solos. A gunshot to the head of trepedation is prolly one of the best new songs ive heard, all i ever hear in my head is the galloping high pitched solos. there sound is like none other they way they cross genres is amazing i think that if they dont sell out and stay strong with all the music they will totally change metal as we know it.....and lets face it metals ready for it the lack of solos in todays music is sad and with them playin harmonized like that is bliss.
    i bought this cd because i kept hearing good things about it and comparisons to metallica and that it is going to save metal as we know it. i'm really getting sick of all this metalcore and hardcore stuff, so i thought this might be a great band to raise my opinion of new bands, but when i got this i listened to the first couple songs, and while the music is good, its the same old hardcore screaming lyrics, sounds exactly like killswitch engage and every other band on mtv's headbangers ball, it really pissed me off
    Tirvium are now mainstream. They're no fun anymore. And Ember it infero's lyrics are far superior to that on Ascedancy... They're ok though, and dying in your arms is not metal, it's poo!
    while this album is a strong album and a major improvement over ember to inferno, to say this is in anyway original, or in anyway has resurrected metal. Trivium, sound like what they are, a mixture of old metal bands with a slightly different sound, only slightly!
    Phantom Lord666
    What the hell is metalcore??? someone please tell me, for I am stupid. (trivium kick ass, but their first album? I mean, does anyone actually have that?)
    they are called opinions, they are a GENERIC metalcore band, and I could name you 10 better metalcore bands let alone real metal bands, just respect other peoples thoughts on the album, I own, and I think its alright at best.
    for today's sounds and bands, trivium are def really good. what impresses me the most is how much talent they have. great improvement from ember. but with respect to everything metal, which is what they are, they are nothing new or revolutionary. theyre not the saviors of metal; we cant determine this now anyways, like we can with, say, 'metallica.' trivium tries too hard to jump into core. my friend went to skool with them in florida, and while they are heavily influenced by core bands, but they are def not metalcore. im a little worried that you people don't really know what real hardcore or metalcore is, let alone how to distinguish from metal
    yeah id say metalcore, and theres no way id say trivium ressurrected metal, what a joke of a statement that is