Ascendancy review by Trivium

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  • Released: Mar 15, 2005
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (542 votes)
Trivium: Ascendancy

Sound — 9
This album. This album is possible one of the best metalcore albums if not THE metalcore album. It is filled to the brim with amazing riffs, great hooks and mind melting solos, all of which are ingredients for an amazing metal album, which it is. Along with The Blackening and Ashes of the Wake it is one of the best metal albums of the last decade (IMO).

Lyrics — 9
Matt Heafy's lyrics can be amazing, for example The Decieved "Behold your fellow man/Through centuries of torment", or they can be pretty mediocre, fore example Dying in Your Arms "You poisoned my life/So I'll take this knife/And I'll cut you out" but all in all the album is pretty strong lyric wise. Onto his vocals, his screams are quite unique and strange sounding also (they often sound like inhales). The harsh vocals that began to develop on this album are infamous for being like James Hetfields. What? They don't sound much like James' vocals and they were inspired by Robb Flynn. Moving on, his clean vocals can sometimes be weak but for the most part they are great and on "Departure" in particular his clean vocals are fantastic.

Overall Impression — 10
The End of Everything: A short piano played intro. Much like "Last Rites" on Megadeth's "Killing is My Business... " it braces us for the awesomeness that is about to begin. 01.Rain: Blasting forth with a strong punch-in-the-face riff this song sets the bar quite high for the rest of the album but Matt and co. Continue to reach it and often surpass it. 02.Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr: Travis opens the song with a short dose of awesomeness which continues to build as the rest of the band joins in. By the time Matt's vocals begin most heads have already exploded. 03.Drowned And Torn Asunder: Probably the weakest song of the album for the sole reason that it hasn't got the intesity that the rest of the songs do. On a BFMV album this would do fine but not for Trivium. 04.Ascendancy: great song but certainly not title track material, there is a certain song which steals it's thunder... 05.A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation: this is that song. Almost the entire song is composed of awesome guitar harmonies and Matt and Corey's dual solo had my jaw firmly glued to the floor. Easily the best song on the album. 06.Like Light To Flies: the two opening chords are a warning signal for the amazingly tight riffage in the style of Master Of Puppets and also structured similarly as well as there is a breakdown before the solo section. 07.Dying in Your Arms: just your average metalcore ballad which is redemed by the solos and the awesome modulation to the major on the final chorus. 08.The Decieved: galloping riffs begin this aggresive monster of a song, as it progress it continually gets better until it reaches it's peak with the bridge before the solos (ie "behold your fellow man"). 09.Suffocating Sight: I'm not sure about this song, when I hear it I think nothing at all of it, nothing bad but nothing great either. Filler IMO. 10.Departure: ascendancy's hidden gem. As I said earlier Matt's best vocals appear on this very song when the chorus eventually kicks in ("Distance yourself from the pain") and my favourite part would have to be the very subtle spanish-sounding part after the solos (listen closly and you'll catch it). 11.Decliration: not the best way to end an album but still a very good song. Matt continued his way on ending albums with long songs on The Crusade (just beating this one at just over 8 minutes) and Shogun (clocking in at just under 12 minutes). It also fails to deliver on the epic scale which long and album ending songs should have but like I said, still a great song.

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    mchugh92 wrote: the one thing i hate is how people come on here and they piss and moan like a bunch of school-girls saying things like "TRIVIUM SUCK GO LISTEN TO SOME REAL METAL" and on other pages they say things like "aww nu-metal is crap, go listen to some slayer and then you will be cool", ok let me say somethin, when a guy stands on-stage with his best friends and they all play their instruments a certain way, they become part of a genre, for example if korn play heavy angst-ful music, they become a metal band, if dragonforce play upbeat, catchy music, at the end of the day theyre still metal, there is no rule book saying that a metal band has to play any way except the way THEY wanna play it, people are too wrapped up in the 90s and what happened at that time with manufactured pop music, and rap music going mainstream and losing its meaning, the only thing is, manufactured pop music is dead, and now a genre that people are calling "R'nB" has become popular, but theyre too dumb to realize that its nothing like traditional ryhthm and blues, its more of an evolution of the hip hop that came around in the late 90s, but on topic trivium did well with this album and just cos they got a bit of media coverage from it doesnt mean they sold out, they (like millions of bands be4 them) just released the right album at the right time, and the media came running, i dont think they even meant to make it this big so early (i mean it took a decade for metallica to hit their peak musically), and at least theyre stable enough to handle it (coughs) kurt cobain (coughs), they just wanna play music and have fun and if any of you dont see that as originality, then you have a serious problem, anyway im gonna stop the rantin now, this album was awesome and i loved it when it came out and i still love it, the crusade was just as good if not better...
    uh yeah about the whole kurt cobain thing kurt was murdered. if you dont believe me than listen to this.they found a shotgun shell at the scene of his when you fire a shotgun you have to pump it to eject the spent shell so the next shell is ready to if he commited suicide how the hell would he have been able to pump the gun?and if that isnt enough to prove it, courtney love actually offered someone a large amount of money to murder kurt but he turned her down and he went public with it.not just like a few internet websites public like he had a conference about it and all that kinda shit.a few days later after he went public he suspiciously was run over by a train. did he commit suicide?i think not
    i like it i just wish the screaming was atleast a bit easier to understand
    this album is BEAST! his screaming is superb in this album not as angry as ember to inferno but still an epic album i luv it! Long Live Trivium!!!!! \m/
    LarsHamfield wrote: GoodCharloteSux And 555666 you guys dont know what your talking about first of all id like to see GoodCharloteSux play one of the more complex solos on the album like matts one on gunshot and 555666 who gives a sh** if its metal or metalcore there just useless labels so get off your high horses and appreciate some real talent just cuz ur jealous or watever doesnt mean you should talk down about possibly the greatest band of the 21st century so far
    The solos are complex but many people can play them. They're not the best solos to be graced on this earth you know.. This album is metalcore, I don't know why you're getting pissed off when they're just labeling what genre this album is? Let me assure you, there are thousands of better bands than Trivium. Anyway, this is a really enjoyable album. Shogun kicks this album's arse though.