In Waves review by Trivium

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  • Released: Aug 9, 2011
  • Sound: 5
  • Lyrics: 2
  • Overall Impression: 4
  • Reviewer's score: 3.7 Poor
  • Users' score: 8.3 (204 votes)
Trivium: In Waves

Sound — 5
Trivium's new album "In Waves" have been described as a step back to the "Ascendancy" era and at some point, you can hear some resemblance but this is a more radio friendly "Ascenandcy". The production on the album is very good (Colin Richardson almost always deliver) but the songwriting is very poor at times. Most of the time actually. The only songs that are okey are "Dusk Dismantled", "A Skyline Severance", "Black" and "Drowning In Slow Motion". The other songs just sound like Trivium is trying to get on the radio and they can't handled that sound. It just sounds chessy and wrong when they do it. Especially in the song "Built To Fall", the lyrics made me laugh but let me get to that later!

Lyrics — 2
Its not much to say but the lyrics, they are bad. Matt Heafy stated in a interview that he wanted to write easier lyrics so people all over the world could understand them. Wich could be a good thing if he didn't wrote lyrics like 12 year old emo boy that just lost his girlfriend. I mean "Built To Fall" is just embaressing with lines like "I don't want to hate you but how could I not? You killed off so much I held dear in my heart". I am from Sweden and I could cope with the lyrics on the "Shogun" album. The "Shogun" lyrics were amazing and this is just... I'm not going to say anymore.

Overall Impression — 4
Heafy also stated that they finally found their own style and that this is the best Trivium record. Heafy, I thought you were a good musician and songwriter? This is the worst Trivium album out there. Even "The Crusade" has better songs than this album and I think they already found their sound. On "Shogun"! That album was amazing both music wise and lyric wise. don't get me wrong, I am a longtime, hardcore Trivium fan but this just got me disapointed. I have listened to the album like 5-6 times now just to see if it would grow on me, but no. This is emberassing and I really hope that Trivium get to their senses and realize that too, like they did with "The Crusade". The music on this album are okey at sometimes but doesnt't compensate for the really bad lyrics. And one thing I noticed - People talk about how "Caustic Are The Ties That Band" is one of the highlights of this album? Really? Have you heard the tempochange in the mittle at 4:55? As a musician that is very disturbing to me and personally, I would never let that get on an album. Last words - Trivium, wake up!

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    The lyrics and singing have always been the major issue with Trivium's music. I don't think there's any point in doubting that Matt and Corey are two of the most talented guitarists/music writers that are out there. But I'm just going to reiterate what the first reviewer said...I don't understand why all their music (and a lot of the music in all metal genres) has to be so consistently negative. I mean, I love a good breakdown as much as the next guy, and I can deal with the screaming that usually accompanies, but hell, even metal players have good things happen to them. Honestly, what makes most metal albums boring and unidimensional is that, for whatever reason, the musicians feel they need to make every song so damn angry. Take a chill pill, throw an acoustic track in there, maybe a track where the gain knob isn't at 11, sing a track without any screaming...just SOMETHING. If it's well done, no one should mind. I just have a hard time imagining that these people walk around pissed off all day, and so when I hear an album that basically portrays them as such, I interpret it as pandering, which makes me think it's disingenuous, which makes me not care (just like this album). But whatever, that's just me.
    This album is alright. Ive been a Trivium fan since they released Ascendency. I love a few tracks but the rest just dont do it for me. Ascendency and Shogun are FAR superior to this record. Still doesnt change the fact that trivium is one of my favorite bands.
    Great album from trivium overall. this album is number 1 on uk itunes and there no doubt why. great that theyve went back to 6 string but the riffs dont sound as versatile as on shogun
    If you want to listen an album like Ascendancy or Shogun, go and listen to Ascendancy or Shogun. I'm pretty sure that if In Waves was more similar to Ascendancy or Shogun, a lot of people would be complaining that they went back on their sound and didnt tried anything new, wich is exactly what they did with In Waves. It's something new. And it's good. As far as Nick's drumming, I found it way more interesting that Travis'. With Travis, you get more speed...his ideas are almost the same in most of the songs. Nick is more creative. Thats my opinion. And for those that said there is a lack of passion on Matt's vocals: singing with passion does NOT means screaming. Quoting something that Corey Taylor said on his book "blues singer give their heart on stage, and they don't scream any word". He didnt said exactly like that, but he meant that. xD
    legend shredder wrote: Yeh I take back my statement of not as much screaming, obviously only heard the songs with not as much in it =3
    Cool. A lot of people have gone after the less-screaming thing. I was just getting sick of it
    guitarfreak222 wrote: Guys, This is the first 'serious' review that I have written and I plan on writing more, so could you guys give me some feedback and constructive criticism? Thanks.
    That was actually a good review after I went back over it. I don't have any criticism, because I think it's a pretty great start compared to a lot of what I have read. Really your writing seems to just need more maturity. That will come with time, keep writing, you've got some good things to say. (Btw I love your rating as well)