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artist: Trivium date: 08/09/2011 category: compact discs
Trivium: In Waves
Released: Aug 9, 2011
Genre: Metalcore, Thrash Metal
Label: Roadrunner
Number Of Tracks: 13
"In Waves" is Trivium's 5th studio album, and the first album release in 3 years. The guitar riffs are still blazing fast, but there was no real new ground broken with this album release. If you enjoyed Trivium's previous releases, then you will probably also enjoy "In Waves".
 Sound: 7.5
 Lyrics: 6.7
 Overall Impression: 7.5
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overall: 7
In Waves Featured review by: UG Team, on august 09, 2011
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Sound: I came to this album with a fairly neutral opinion of Trivium, and I did manage to get some enjoyment listening to this album. Really, at the core of it, Trivium are a thrash band and "In Waves" is a good specimen of a solid thrash album. The guitar tones are pretty good, the playing is solid, the songwriting (musically, not lyrically) is well done and displays Corey Beaulieu's and Matt Heafy's guitar work nicely. I normally don't really pay much attention to the bassist, to be perfectly honest, but I think that Paolo deserves props for doing an awesome job holding the songs together. I wasn't as impressed with their new drummer, Nick Augusto. Maybe it is just me, but listening to "In Waves" next to their previous releases the drums just aren't cutting it. Maybe it was something done in production, and not in the actual execution. Hard to say. I think I was more impressed with how solid the rhythm and bass playing were on this album than with the lead parts. There were a few solos that I really enjoyed, and not trying to take away from Corey's playing (I would love to be able to play like Corey), but the rhythm parts just seemed more solid. I really enjoyed the rhythm and lead on "Forsake Not The Dream", and would have like to see this type of playing where during the chorus/verse the lead guitar is complementing and adding to the rhythm playing. This may be going into the realm of where I approach and leave every Trivium album I've listened to feeling lukewarm about them. I know Trivium is capable of making music better than what I feel like they generally produce, though what they do produce is still solid. // 8

Lyrics: Maybe this is just me, but I'm tired of bands with melodramatically negative lyrics. If you are writing from inspiration and about some bad things that have been going on with you, or even about current events, etc. I can understand. What I can't understand is an album full of songs that seem contrived to just have the most negative lyrics possible trying to appeal to disgruntled teenagers. I also didn't enjoy the title track "In Waves" which, just listening to the lyrics, is written like it is someone contemplating committing suicide and whether they should take other people down with them in the process. I absolutely feel like the lyrics are the weakest part of this album musically the album is competitive with Trivium's other releases (though it doesn't surpass the previous releases) but lyrically I was very disappointed, though Trivium is not known for their deep and well written lyrics. Going into vocal delivery, I've got mixed feelings. I can say on the song "Black" I enjoyed the vocal delivery pretty consistently throughout. My gripe with the vocal delivery is that the screamed vocals are so much more growl than singing in places you can't tell what is being said, and with the sung parts it is mostly sung too prettily. I guess I just would like the growls and the singing to meet somewhere in the middle and have some proper "thrash" vocal delivery going on. At least there could be some work on the growl vocals to make them a little more intelligible, and a little more force behind the clean vocals to make it a little more "metal" and a little less pretty. // 6

Overall Impression: This is the first album to showcase Nick Augusto on drums, who replaced Travis Smith after his departure in 2009. Personally, I've never been a huge Trivium fan, though I do appreciate what they do in a peripheral way. I was excited to see they do have a bonus DVD with live performances of the songs from the album you can get with the "Special Edition" version of "In Waves" which looks like it is listed for $14.99 on most web retail sites. I always appreciate the opportunity to watch a band's live performance over listening to a studio recording. Unfortunately, I haven't got my hands on the "Special Edition" release yet, so stuck with just the studio recordings for the time being. My favorite part of the entire album would have to be the solo from the track "Watch The World Burn". My favorite song would have to be "Black". I think that the song "Of All These Yesterdays" is probably the most musically interesting song on the album. "In Waves" could have potentially been a lot better with better lyrics and delivery. Existing fans of Trivium will probably be satisfied with this album, though it doesn't break new ground it absolutely does keep up their existing standard. I think that because it has been three years since their last album release this could have a little to do with a mediocre (though bearable) effort from Trivium, but I'm looking forward to see what they come out with in the future to raise the bar. // 7

- Brandon East (c) 2011

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overall: 3.7
In Waves Reviewed by: mysistermeac, on august 10, 2011
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Sound: Trivium's new album "In Waves" have been described as a step back to the "Ascendancy" era and at some point, you can hear some resemblance but this is a more radio friendly "Ascenandcy". The production on the album is very good (Colin Richardson almost always deliver) but the songwriting is very poor at times. Most of the time actually. The only songs that are okey are "Dusk Dismantled", "A Skyline Severance", "Black" and "Drowning In Slow Motion". The other songs just sound like Trivium is trying to get on the radio and they can't handled that sound. It just sounds chessy and wrong when they do it. Especially in the song "Built To Fall", the lyrics made me laugh but let me get to that later! // 5

Lyrics: Its not much to say but the lyrics, they are bad. Matt Heafy stated in a interview that he wanted to write easier lyrics so people all over the world could understand them. Wich could be a good thing if he didn't wrote lyrics like 12 year old emo boy that just lost his girlfriend. I mean "Built To Fall" is just embaressing with lines like "I don't want to hate you but how could I not? You killed off so much I held dear in my heart". I am from Sweden and I could cope with the lyrics on the "Shogun" album. The "Shogun" lyrics were amazing and this is just... I'm not going to say anymore. // 2

Overall Impression: Heafy also stated that they finally found their own style and that this is the best Trivium record. Heafy, I thought you were a good musician and songwriter? This is the worst Trivium album out there. Even "The Crusade" has better songs than this album and I think they already found their sound. On "Shogun"! That album was amazing both music wise and lyric wise. don't get me wrong, I am a longtime, hardcore Trivium fan but this just got me disapointed. I have listened to the album like 5-6 times now just to see if it would grow on me, but no. This is emberassing and I really hope that Trivium get to their senses and realize that too, like they did with "The Crusade". The music on this album are okey at sometimes but doesnt't compensate for the really bad lyrics. And one thing I noticed - People talk about how "Caustic Are The Ties That Band" is one of the highlights of this album? Really? Have you heard the tempochange in the mittle at 4:55? As a musician that is very disturbing to me and personally, I would never let that get on an album. Last words - Trivium, wake up! // 4

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overall: 9.7
In Waves Reviewed by: thesentinel82, on august 09, 2011
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Sound: Following on from 2008's "Shogun", Trivium are back with "In Waves" - an album that takes them back to the days of "Ascendancy". I would think that the majority of Trivium fans agree that "The Crusade" was the work of a band trying to be accepted into the mainstream and forgetting the signature sound that thrust them into the public eye with "Ascendancy". If Shogun was the starting point in the revival of that sound then "In Waves" is the continuation and growth that we have wanted since 2004 and it's evident that the band have gone back to the writing and recording formula used on "Ascendancy". Gone is the Metallica comparison and in it's place Trivium have finally established their sound. The brutal screams are back, mixed in tightly with Heafy's improved vocals and this is perfectly complimented by new drummer Nick Augusto's blistering drumming. Corey Beaulieu is on fine form performing some gorgeous solos and riffs and Paulo Gregoletto is ever steady on bass. // 10

Lyrics: Matt Heafy's vocal work has improved massively since "Ascendancy" and he easily switches between aggressive screams and clean vocals. The lyrics, while not quite on a par with "Ember To Inferno" and "Ascendancy" are excellent and certainly fit with the music. // 9

Overall Impression: An excellent album by a revitalised band, their signature screams combined with excellent vocals. Trivium have finally shaken off the Metallica-clone label and can stand on their own as a band - proving they have the chops. New drummer Nick Augusto fits in seamlessly showing his skill set with some powerful blast beats and effortless drumming. Trivium fans - buy this album as Matt & the boys are back with a vengeance! // 10

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overall: 5.3
In Waves Reviewed by: JY-Rasputin, on august 09, 2011
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Sound: Trivium has always been a hard band to pin point given the fact that you never know what they're going to deliver. Every album thus far is different from it's predecessor. This has been a double edged blade very since their critically acclaimed release "The Crusade" which gave them the stigma of being Metallica copycats, and then again with "Shogun" which resulted in them being called show-offs. In Waves represents progression by looking back, quotes the band. How far back however is the question. "Shogun" promised us more "Ascendancy" like songs and it failed to deliver on that specific level. We got the same promise for "In Waves", and quite frank this album makes me doubt they even remotely remember how "Ascendancy" sounded. The songs are dull, repetitive and overall a very uncomfortable experience. Here and there some instrumental tracks were thrown in making it a more artsy kind of album. Few songs actually work for me. From the overly repeated motif of the intro track ("In Waves" main riff with a NIN feel due to over compressed piano) to the "master piece" "Of All These Yesterdays" which isn't nearly as great as they gave it credit for. There's nothing wrong with the sound of the record or the production but the lack of solo's, original riffs and out of the box drumming makes it a very boring record. // 5

Lyrics: The Lyrics are a bit dull as well. There are some nice hooks here and there but most of it is same old same old. I actually preferred Matt's Lyrics from when he was about 18, "Dying In Your Arms" and "This World Can't Tear Us Apart" aside of course. They are functional nonetheless. And though I think vocals make or break and album, as long as they're functional they score neutral. Matt's clean vocals have improved yet again, so that's a plus. They tend to get annoying on some occasions though. "Ensnare The Sun" is a good example. The screams have stayed the same more or less. The few vocals that Corey delivers are unfortunately laughable at most. // 6

Overall Impression: I started this review trying to be as positive as I could be. Halfway through I realized I don't need to be lenient just because this used to be one of my favorite bands. This album fails to deliver on more than one front. The only songs I enjoyed listening to were: "Inception Of The End", "Caustic Are The Ties That Bind", "Built To Fall" and "A Skyline's Severance". Songs like "Dusk Dismantled" and the painfully awkward "Drowning In Slow Motion" are a good enough reason of never playing this album as a whole. I sure am glad I kept the receipt, because this album doesn't deserve to be in my record collection. // 5

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overall: 8.7
In Waves Reviewed by: zeroceid, on august 10, 2011
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Sound: Although on some songs the "Metallica" label with be hard to shift, the majority of the album can be classed as distinctively "Trivium". It seems with the new album "In Waves" and a debut for their new drummer Nick Augusto, that they have finally found their own sound. Their sound encompasses everything from the black metal influenced "Dust Dismantled" to the flamenco-esq acoustic passage of "Ensnare The Sun" available in the special edition. New song ideas that don't just stick to the simple verse-chorus-verse help produce a very solid album that will keep any metal fan interested right to the end of the special edition's 70 minutes of aural massacre. The relentless guitar and drum attack is brutal, all held together by some of Paulo Gegoletto's tightest and best bass lines. The guitar tones featured across the album are perfect and as documented in the bonus DVD, they even switched studios just to achieve this sound. The rhythm playing is a sonic force not to be underestimated, however Corey Beaulieu's lead playing does occasionally seem forced and soemtimes not needed at all. // 9

Lyrics: On "In Waves" Matt Heafy has replaced his James Hetfield voice with a mixture of death growls (most notably on "Dust Dismantled", "A Skyline's Severance" and "Chaos Reigns") and soft clean vocals (present on "In Waves", "Caustic Are The Ties That Binds" and "Of All These Yesterdays"), even though (inevitably) Hetfield does make appearances, it is only when needed and always to good effect. The singing highlight of the album comes on "Of All These Yesterdays", where Matt Heafy's voice and technique is simply breathtaking. In this song, and throughout the album, he demonstrates that his clean voice is good enough to rival that of Corey Taylor. The lyrics of this album are a little forced at times, e.g. in "Of All These Yesterdays" the lyrics "press it against my head and dream of the colour red" scream "I couldn't think of anything else to rhyme", however, most of the lyrics are well written and fit the mood of the song and the album wonderfully. // 8

Overall Impression: It seems Trivium focused a lot on the art, visuals and concepts behind the album to try and produced the most complete feeling album they've ever made. Every time I listen to the album I find myself in "In Waves land" depicted in the packaging and the music video (and also wanting Matt Heafy's Jacket), which tells me they've achieved their goal. In my opinion the best song on the album is "Dust Dismantled" because of its raw aggression and fantastic vocals and guitar work. Dispite all this, I feel the album lacks something, which holds it back from being an epic masterpiece. "Ascendancy" will probably still remain the ultimate Trivium album for most fans, but "In Waves" will definitely come close. Although, for me, "In Waves" is their only album which I've liked every song and this makes it worth every penny. // 9

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overall: 8.7
In Waves Reviewed by: HardAttack, on august 11, 2011
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Sound: Trivium has always had generally positive feedback. "Ascendancy" was the album that got me interested in them, and I continued buying their material when "The Crusade" and "Shogun" came out. "The Crusade" seemed a lot like a Metallica tribute album, and "Crusade" seemed to move in a different direction completely, almost as if it was a different band. When I heard earlier this year that there was going to be a new album that is very similar to "Ascendancy", bringing them back to their roots; I was very excited. I can tell you now that it has not disappointed me. I feel that Trivium has steered their song structure style and vocals back towards "Ascendancy", but have kept their even more advanced guitar techniques and some experimentation from "The Crusade" and "Shogun". The guitar work is impressive as always, but it seems more fun to listen to this time around. That may sound kind of odd, but I feel like "Shogun" seemed to be more of an abstract, experimentation album or a technical guitar work album. It was good, but I think "In Waves" is better. Top shelf work from start to finish. Drums are very good despite the new drummer. I learned the old one had left only within the last few days, and honestly I don't hear much of a difference. There are a few examples of drummers in the metal genre who have a very unique and easy to recognize style, but I don't think Travis Smith was one of them. I think the guitar work in Trivium out-shined the drums for so many years that I've become used to the ripping fast drums and kind of put them on the back burner. I'll put my flame shield up anyway, since I know Travis was named Best Drummer In The Universe a few years ago by Metal Hammer. // 9

Lyrics: I think the lyrics have some dark and depressing undertones a perfect example being their single from the album; "In Waves". Honestly that song combined with the intro track "Capsizing The Sea" is what still sticks in my head after listening to the entire album. Matt's voice is just as strong as it has always been on Trivium's previous efforts. I can't speak about his live performances, but I suppose if I sit down to watch the bonus DVD that came with it, I can have an opinion. I'll worry about that later. I really bought the collector's edition for the extra tracks. I think it was well worth it in the end. The lyrics fit the music well, I don't think this band has ever had a hard time making songs run along smoothly, and a lot of songs match up with the common theme of the album. I think the lyrics are more clever than some of the other metal bands I listen to, so a bonus point or two will be thrown in for that. // 8

Overall Impression: Does the album compare to other albums or artists? Yeah absolutely. After Trivium decided to do "The Crusade", I don't think they'll ever get away without having a bit of Metallica in them from now on, but that's a good thing. I think Trivium puts any of Metallica's recent efforts to shame (Flame shield up again). It's shred/thrash/melodic metal at its core, and I couldn't be happier with the final sound all of those elements combine to create. As I said earlier, the track that sticks with me most is still "In Waves", but "Downing In Slow Motion", "Chaos Reigns", and "A Skylines Severance" are a few great examples of others that I think were done well. Not every track can be my favorite, but I don't think there were necessarily any fillers, even on the expanded version of the disc which I got for the extra tracks. Playing this album the entire way through without stopping gives a non-stop comfortable sound. And yes, I find bands that can be labeled by the press as "brutal", "hardcore" and "extreme" comfortable. I wake up on the way to work with this kind of music, I work out to it, I play video games with it and I'll play along with it on my own guitar. Ladies and gentlemen, this is an album I can do all three of those things with, very easily, over and over again. I have a lot of music, and I can't say that about a good portion of my albums. I'd definitely buy the album again if I had to, first because it's good and second because I'm the kind of person who tries to collect all CD's from bands I like, whether they're brilliantly made or not. I love the sound of the guitars, the lyrics work pretty well, and I love the amount of content they give you for the money. I hate that it's not free, but the band deserves money for their efforts. Take Trivium for what you will, but overall I recommend the album fans, newcomers, and I encourage skeptics to at least try listening to it. // 9

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overall: 9
In Waves Reviewed by: Nansho, on august 09, 2011
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Sound: Here we go, another album by Trivium, that some of you may count as a failure! But we are musicians, and we know that behind each failure... There's a success! Let's see why! The sound, tones, and tuning... All, can help to give you the sound that Trivium wanted to sound like, they wanted to get back to a less SLASHING guitars sound, "maybe" something like the old "Ascendancy"... Matt K. Heafy said that "In Waves" Is the album that they really wanted it to be a TRIVIUM Album, and that it shows the real side of Trivium! Music/Sound: Hearing the album from "Capsizing The Sea" till "Leaving This World Behind" we can easily see that the music and sounds are so coherent, the drums are CLEAR but not taking over the song, the guitars are harmonized but not noisy! The bass is the feeling of your headphones/speakers, and not the clash of your ears! Everything is just where it should be, everything's great! The style featured in "In Waves" is a style different from the previous styles played by Trivium, but CMMON!... In each and every album by Trivium, we say this thing! And then we discover that Trivium can be just in the right place, where the really want to be! Metalcore, thrashy vocals... ALOT of head banging, if you hear "Black", "In Waves" or "Watch The World Burn"... A lot of musical senses... In "Built To Fall" and "Dusk Dismantled" and what makes it a complete coherence, are the short tracks in the beginning, middle, and ending ("Capsizing the sea, "Ensnare the sun, Leaving this world behind"). Your really feel like "We made it, to hear it!" // 9

Lyrics: The idea behind the lyrics in this album, generally, is... I am Against The Whole World! The band promoted the album on its official website, when it actually closed the site, and typed "Do I End This All For The World To See?"... Brave words, there are always challenging lyrics by Trivium's Matt Heafy! But the new thing in this album is the timing and the melodies of these lyrics, just like in "Black" when he says "So Deep, Into the Soul! So deep into the soul"... Or when the whole band stops in "Built To Fall" on the chorus "You're built to fall" and the thing that attracts you to the song is the harmony! The backing vocals are really well done in this record, as we can hear in "Inception Of The End" ("Hands are shaking, heart is breaking"). The lyrics are well put with the music! "In Waves" can clearly indicate that! With the high notes catchy chorus, and the backing guitar plays a simple bass sequence, "Do I End This All For The World To See"... That sounds just EPIC! And we can see that in the screaming in "Dusk Dismantled" the timing of the beats, and the screaming, everything... is (AGAIN) great! Matt K. Heafy never stopped from being a thrash vocal addict! But in this record, he proved that he can sing, EVERYTHING (Everything!)... "Of All These Yesterdays" is a whole new style by Trivium, and it is a success! The vocals in "Watch The World Burn" are weird, but very attracting, that's another perfection! // 9

Overall Impression: "In Waves" is the fifth album by Trivium, and they still prove that they can be a different band in each album! This album is just like all the others... A Trivium album! That has all my respect! There are a bunch of great songs in this album! From "In Waves" to "Dusk Dismantled" to "Watch The World Burn" and "Inception Of The End" passing by "Drowning In Slow Motion", and the song that is full of feeling, and great guitar solos "Forsake Not The Dream", but the thing that I really hated about the album, is that there are some songs that just don't deserve being in it! I'm talking about "a Skyline's Severance" and "A Grey So Dark" and maybe "Chaos Reigns"! As a conclusion, Trivium proved that they can be different, always, and always have anticipated albums, and always amaze us! And if I lost this album I will fly from the balcony trying to catch a bird's shit and smash it on the nearest shop to buy it again! Trivium, are still the Trivium they used to be! But this time, with a wider range! // 9

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overall: 7.7
In Waves Reviewed by: Amaranth.Co, on august 15, 2011
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Sound: Ever since Trivium came onto the metal scene they have had a lot of variations to their sound. From metalcore, thrash and even moments of prog metal, they have a unique sound in their own way (although highly controversial). With "In Waves", Matt Heafy told us they were going to approach a much simplier method to creating this album, so we knew it would be harder to top the complexity of "Shogun". They have definately gone back to their old roots. Much to people's disliking of it not sounding as good as "Ascendancy", this album gives off something different. It's a definate metalcore album but they have used almost all of their experimentational ideas with "The Crusade" and "Shogun" in this album and mixed it with their old-school way of writing. Corey and Matt have a good partnership with the guitars. Matt's rhythm's were brutal along with Corey's epic melodies and crazy licks make them a pair which should considered as one of the best in this day and age. This is also the album which introduces the new drummer Nick Augusto after Travis Smith departed. Nick brought something new to the table (although the use of blast beats do not bind well with Trivium) his drumming was solid throughout this album. // 8

Lyrics: As much as Matt Heafy isn't the most gifted lyricist. Their are some decent lyrics in this album and fit well with the music. In this album he does seem to repeat the song title or lyrics too much in songs, such as "Chaos Reigns" and "we are too far gone..." in "Of All These Yesterdays", making it repetitive and after a while, a little boring. But on the otherhand, this can make the song sound awesome like "Black" and "Watch The World Burn" His voice has yet again improved as it does with every album. Hands down he has one of the best screams in the new wave of heavy metal. The one attribute he didn't include as much, which he brought into "Shogun", are the harsh vocal but that's what makes songs like "Built To Fall" stand out from this album. I feel with the album, Matt was a little lazy, writing wise and in his execution, although he did create some enjoyable and epic melodies. // 7

Overall Impression: Is it in the same dimension as "Shogun" and "Ascendancy"? No, but this album should NOT be underestimated. It is a solid album with songs that will keep any diehard Trivium fan pleased. The songs that really stand out on this album are "Caustic Are The Ties That Bind", "Black", "Watch The World Burn", "Of All These Yesterday's", "Forsake Not The Dream" and "Built To Fall". From a personal diehard Trivium fan, this is a solid album that does deserve more credit than it's getting at the moment. It's not "Ascendancy", it's not "Shogun"... It's "In Waves" and that's what makes it a good album, it's different, it's exciting and a must buy. // 8

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overall: 4.7
In Waves Reviewed by: unregistered, on august 15, 2011
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Sound: Trivium has done it again with their fifth studio album "In Waves". They have changed their sound (once again) into whole different direction. "Shogun"'s thrashy and groovy sound and long songs are gone, their new sound is more "radio friendly" (as Matt Heafy said in Bare Bones Music interview), very simple songs, simple riffs, simple lyrics, simple song structures, simple everything. There also songs which are "heavier", songs where they only use scream vocals. Trivium are softer than ever and "heavier" than ever, "In Waves" has everything from metalcore to death metal. "In Waves" is simply lacking uniqueness and balls. It is not a good thing when you can imagine some little girls and metalcore kids liking this album. Matt Heafy's clean vocals lack balls, he could be the lead singer of any metalcore band but fortunately scream vocals are great, very powerful and unique Nick Augusto's drumming isn't as innovative or good as Travis Smith's, and some riffs example "Inception Of The End" main riff is totally ruined because of it. Nick sure can play, but he doesn't have as good taste as Travis. Overall the whole album is very generic, and because of that very boring. // 5

Lyrics: Lyrics have taken a step back too. They are repetitive and somehow amateur, childish and "metalcoreish", something that everybody could have written in high school. Examples from song "Built To Fall": "I don't want to hate you, but how could I not". "You killed off so much, I held dear in my heart". And examples from "Caustic Are The Ties That Bind": "can you help me find my way, I've been lost for so long I don't even known where it went wrong, can you help me". I prefer "Shogun" lyrics, although they weren't so good either. // 4

Overall Impression: In my opinion "In Waves" is so far the worst album from Trivium. There are only two good and two ok songs in this album. The good songs are "Shattering The Skies Above" and "Slave New World" cover, which both are bonus songs and were released before the album itself. Ok songs are "Black" and "Caustic Are The Ties That Bind". Both songs have something good but nothing to be wowed about, basic songs. It is sad that they have lost that something which made them unique. Changing sound is not necessarily a bad thing, but when you have a working sound why to change it? "Shogun" was a masterpiece and "In Waves" can't get nowhere near to it. // 5

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overall: 9
In Waves Reviewed by: Sinsyk3, on august 16, 2011
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Sound: Just like their older material, Trivium used their usual very heavy sound. The riffs are crushing and fast. They start it off with a little intro number. Basically it's the melody of the next song, the title track "In Waves". This song was my favorite because it was something new for them. It starts off with a technique they usually don't use. It's got low pitch bends and a great beat, something you can head bang to. Matt Heafy's growls are one of a kind and his clean vocals are outstanding. Trivium even decided to have some softer material; some clean chord progressions and some soft melodies. It does not stick out like a sore thumb. It blends in with the rest of this bone-rattling record. This album is definitely my new favorite Trivium album. A close match to "Ascendancy". // 9

Lyrics: I am a guitarist, not a vocalist. I'm not gonna start judging the lyrics because that wouldn't be right. I do know that I love to listen to this album; all instruments and vocals come together in such a great way. Heafy's got some chops, and the background vocals/harmonies work beautifully. // 8

Overall Impression: This album is the best work Trivium has done since 2005, "Ascendancy". Both are great albums. "In Waves" is just a little different in the fact that "Ascendancy" has songs that all go in the same direction and have the same structure. This new album has so many different styles mashed into one that I don't know how they pulled it off. Mad Props to Trivium and their new drummer. He obviously proved himself in the making of "In Waves". // 10

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overall: 6.3
In Waves Reviewed by: guitarfreak222, on august 09, 2011
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Sound: Trivium is a band who have long established themselves as giants in the modern metal community. Following the release of their masterpiece, "Shogun", in which the finest and some of the most intricate song writing was demonstrated within a metalcore band, I was wary of their newest release. Does their latest installment, In Waves, live up to the reputation that they instigated after "Shogun"? - No. It is, however, a solid record with some moments of brilliance. Taking a more simple musical route, Trivium have disregarded their complex and technical songwriting ideals and sought to make a more straight forward record. Disappointingly, this album is one of the more radio friendly of Trivium's releases which is demonstrated in songs such as "Built To Fall", and "A Grey So Dark". Despite the distinct progression in musical ideals and intentions that Trivium have upheld in the past, there is no denying that this album sounds like Trivium. There are still driving riffs, large, melodic "sing song" choruses and the inclusion of Nick Augusto seems almost unnoticeable as he has closely adapted the drumming style of Travis. In "Caustic Are The Ties That Bind", some of Trivium's best song writing is demonstrated, primarily due to the inclusion of the clean section in the middle that nicely breaks the song up. With beautifully written clean melodies which accentuates the entire mood of the song, it is followed by a flawlessly executed guitar solo and instrumental section. The other highlight of this album, is the track "Dusk Dismantled", which is an odd choice, indeed. The song exhibits musical styles which Trivium have never ventured into before. Upholding a dark and forbidding tone, the track is definitely a crowd favourite. It has a catchy, headbang-inducing chorus, followed by a classic Trivium riff + solo. Definitely a worthy listen. // 6

Lyrics: Heafy's vocals have noticeably improved following previous albums. Tracks such as "Of All These Yesterdays", "Caustic Are The Ties That Bind" and "Watch The World Burn", the band's distinct structural, vocal and lyrical choices are clearly exhibited. Heafy has always been an adequate lyricist and his skills have not diminished in this album. In some tracks, however, his lyrics may seem slightly cheesy but they aren't bad enough don't ruin the overall experience. Cory has clearly improved his ability to produce harsh vocals which highly enhances the overall vocal experience of this album. // 7

Overall Impression: Trivium's latest album, "In Waves", is a very consistent album with flashes of their past brilliance. While it is not the innovative and impressive masterpiece like their previous album, "Shogun", it is still a solid record. This will definitely keep dedicated Trivium fans happy and maybe attract new fans due to the more "radio friendly" sound that that had adapted. Overall, a pretty good album which will definitely be embraced by my MP3 player for a long time. // 6

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