Shogun review by Trivium

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  • Released: Sep 30, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (452 votes)
Trivium: Shogun

Sound — 10
Trivium is back, as they work with Nick Raskulinecz to make their next collection of heavy metal tracks and fourth album "Shogun". Via Roadrunner Records. This album is said that it is even more metal than the Ascendancy album. In my opinion, I agree. The band made about forty songs, and demoed about fifteen of the songs. Trivium took a whole step forward in the aggressive factor, and I'm sure Trivium fans want that extra aggressiveness. For people that are guitar fans, guitarists Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu plays hardcore riffs, glorious melodies, and all-out whammy solos. A good example would be, "Of Prometheus and the Crucifix. A nice melodic intro and afterwards the main riff was heavy and really impressive. The sole was also outstanding with advanced techniques perfectly executed. All tracks had differences, and not repetitive, which is simply good. All songs were perfect. Shogun, defines as an ancient Japanese army, and a lot of their songs certainly haves that Japanese sound. "Into the Mouth of Hell We March," solo and intro riff has the Jaoanese sound. "Kirisute Gomen" has the tone throughout the whole song. Most of the tracks have a riff or solo or both with a the catchy sound. Shogun proves that it's Japanese. Shogun is a fantastic album, and it shows with the impressive intro riffs. A perfect example is "Kirisute Gomen," with a catchy intro riff, verse riff, and one of the most impressive solos. It is so good that changes would not be needed.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics have great meaning in each song as an example again is "Kirisute Gomen," even the title has a meaning. It means if you piss of a samurai, you would have to chop off their head. It was the law in ancient times. You could connect with some of the gory and angry lyrics in the song; "There's hell to pay, such disarray, a bloodied mess, flesh masquerade, with all the blood making a flood, you made your path by crossing us." A lot of the songs have the same topic, including death, violence and anger. A lot of the songs have a great deal of meaning but they should try to make lyrics with a different topic rather than just violence and anger.

Overall Impression — 10
With Matt's and Corey's guitar skills impressive as ever, the amazing lyrics, overall Shogun is the best album yet made by Trivium and a definite improvement over their last album "The Crusade." The last album was disappointing with only a few good songs. But I'm impressed into a whole new level with this album and every song in the album. I am quite eager to see what happens next with the band Trivium.

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    Has anyone else noticed the the beggining part to kiritute Gomen is the same notes sang in the title track's chorus? Idk..... I just happened to notice. Anyway, awsome album. My Favorite out of all of the music they've had. =)
    it is matt screaming on the album for the last time!!! if you dont believe me watch the dvd you get with the album!! you see him do it! And they both say that corey only screams live and not on the album. Just thort id clear that up! :-P
    Yes it is Matt screaming, buy the special edition, they still say COREY does it live, but MATT recorded the screaming for Shogun, while Paolo does the backing live also. Matt did everything for the vocals, for the recording process.
    I got this album on its release 3 days ago. I love it so much. It's their greatest album yet. I put in The Crusade in yesterday and it didn't cut it for me, so i put in Ascendancy and it still didn't cut it for me. I just can't stop listening to the cd. If you don't already have it, I would definately go pick up a copy. They've really outdone Metallica with this one. This should be album of the year. I just don't see how they will possibly top this album
    Fatally Jon
    This album is pretty good. I'm glad they found a balance between their "Ascendancy" sound and their "Crusade" sound. The songs on "Shogun" have the complexity of the "The Crusade" with the energy and vocals of "Ascendancy". (I loved "Ascendancy" more, but if you pay attention, every song is structured exactly the same, which is why "The Crusade" was good, too.)
    best album i have ever heard by far best song easily shogun, simply epic
    Ember to inferno will always b my favourite trivium album i havent heard shogun apart from down from the sky which i wasnt fond of to be honest. but i can just tell that the whole album will not be to my liking due to the shitty song titles. Its like ****ing dragonforce meets bfmv, one of my worst nightmares. I'm sorry trivium, i have bought your first 3 albums but i am quite comfortable saying this will not go into my album collection... p.s. thats not to say you arent awesome.
    I really dont see how people can say ascendancy is better than shogun ascendancy is really good but it sounds like typical metalcore Shogun is the album that is gonna make trivium big
    I really dont see how people can say ascendancy is better than shogun ascendancy is really good but it sounds like typical metalcore Shogun is the album that is gonna make trivium big
    i think this album has some pure genius music in it, seriously does has some of the best riffs and leads ive ever heard but i find the melodies of the vocals quite poor. i think his voice sounds pretty good and i like the screaming too and the idea of singing but the melodies just dont work. i especially dont like the way the song will just change time signature for the melodic chorus like in into the mouth of hell we march. i mean that is a killer song but omg that chorus sucks so much balls sounds really random and thrown in with a terrible cheesy melody, otherwise pure genius of an album.
    i put this in the cd and loved it immediately doesn't usually happen with me. normal i listen to things a few time and then get into it but this is fantastic a good balance of the crusade and ascendancy, but leaning a bit towards ascendancy. quality making of dvd. i was disapointed with slipknot's making of, and expect much the same out of this, and was greatly surprised great album
    wtf u judge an album on one song? to the point where ur so sure u wont like the whole thing at all? stupid, ull feel so stupid when u hear the rest of the record
    That trivium036 before you say that please go and pickit up, and do you even what Prometheus, Scylla, Charybids, Castillo and Kirisute Gomen even are or meaning in case of Kirisute Gomen. DragonForce meets Bullet no way. Trivium are genius in their lyric writing ability.
    Glad they brought back the screaming, it fits well when balanced to create something of their own style. Glad to see theyr maturing as musicians. Btw to be honest, i REALLY dont like kirisute gomen...i think im the only one it seems. favs from the album: of prometheus and the crucifix, throes to perdition, into the mouth of hell we march
    Shogun is great album and its a return to their normal sound but with more skillful singing. It kicks the Crusade's ass. Also Trivium shouldnt be compared to MetallicA there is no comparison. MetallicA are so much better but Shogun is amazing. Death Magnetic > Shogun Death Magnetic > Crusade Death Magnetic > Owns anything Trvium have done, and MetallicA > TriViuM