Shogun review by Trivium

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  • Released: Sep 30, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (454 votes)
Trivium: Shogun

Sound — 10
After two years since their last album Trivium are back with Shogun, album which is a bit different than previous material. Unlike metalcore 'Ember to Inferno' and 'Ascendancy', than later trash/heavy metal 'Crusade', Shogun is fantastic combination between all of that. In every song on album Matt mostly sing with occasional screaming in pre-chourses, heavier parts and (after solos) rhythm change. Entire album has very cool, heavy, sharp and fast riffs, chourses are always melodic and in some songs just spectacular (like Shogun, etc.), as before fantastic long and melodic solos and trash/heavy/death metal drums.Songs which mainly stand out are "Kirisute Gomen", Torn Between Scylla and Charybdis","Down from the Sky","Insurrection","The Calamity'',"Of Prometheus and the Crucifix","Like Callisto to a Star in Heaven" and "Shogun". It's been a long time since I heard album which doesn't have a bad song, and Shogun is exactly that, fantastic metal album with fantastic songs! If there is something negative in all this, that's 'metalcore' screaming.Screaming is not bad, on the contrary, it sounds sometimes very powerfull but occasionally it sounds unnecessary and forced, because 'Crusade' didn't have screaming and obviously didn't fulfill bands expectations so now every song is gotta have screaming (even though some parts would be better without it). One thing wich suprised me is bonus track from Japanese version 'Upon the Shores', this song has a bit 'Cannibal Corpse' growling, which is really ridiculous.But despite those two things Shogun is still fantastic album which cannot leave any metal fan uninterested. 01. "Kirisute Gomen" 10/10 02. "Torn Between Scylla and Charybdis" 10/10 03. "Down from the Sky" 10/10 04. "Into the Mouth of Hell We March" 9/10 05. "Throes of Perdition" 9/10 06. "Insurrection" 10/10 07. "The Calamity" 10/10 08. "He Who Spawned the Furies" 8/10 09. "Of Prometheus and the Crucifix" 10/10 10. "Like Callisto to a Star in Heaven" 10/10 11. "Shogun" 10/10 Special edition bonus tracks: 12. "Poison, the Knife or the Noose" 9/10 13. "Upon the Shores" 7/10 14. "Iron Maiden" (Iron Maiden cover) 10/10

Lyrics — 9
Lyrics talks about murders (like in Kirisute Gomen, where Matt sings about ancient custom back to the Feudal era of Japan where samurai was having the right to strike at anyone of a lower class who was compromising their honour). War and human stupidity ("Down from the Sky"). Ancient greek mythology and their gods (''Torn Between Scylla and Charybdis'',"Of Prometheus and the Crucifix", ''Like Callisto to a Star in Heaven'' and "The Calamity"). Bad things will happen in life and that's inevitable but it's up to us how we gonna deal with it ("Into the Mouth of Hell We March"). "Insurrection" it's about Lucifers insurrection against God. "He Who Spawned the Furies" also about mythology. Shogun is a military rank and historical title in Japan. The Japanese word for "general", it is made up of two kanji words: sho, meaning "commander", "general", or "admiral", and gun meaning troops or warriors.

Overall Impression — 10
Great, sharp and fast riffs, always melodic and amazing chourses, long (Maiden influenced) solos and trash/heavy/death metal drums, spectacular songs like "Kirisute Gomen","Torn Between Scylla and Charybdis","Down from the Sky","Shogun" etc. makes this album the best (so far) from Trivium and definitely one of the best metal albums in 2008.Shogun cannot leave any metal fan disappointed!

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    mosher117 wrote: Shogun is great album and its a return to their normal sound but with more skillful singing. It kicks the Crusade's ass. Also Trivium shouldnt be compared to MetallicA there is no comparison. MetallicA are so much better but Shogun is amazing. Death Magnetic > Shogun Death Magnetic > Crusade Death Magnetic > Owns anything Trvium have done, and MetallicA > TriViuM
    Grow up and learn that music is not about comparison you idiot. I'm up to the calamity listening to this album right now... and i must say, I really like this album.
    [quote]bfmvdisturbed92 : Has anyone else noticed the the beggining part to kiritute Gomen is the same notes sang in the title track's chorus? Idk..... I just happened to notice. quote] Holy crap, yeah! Now that you mention it I realise it too. Thanks for pointing that out! Anyway, I think this is Trivium's best album yet, yaddayadda, not gonna stick around for the whole "Metallica V Trivium" arguements. If Metallica fans feel threatened by Trivium's talent and success, then it's for good reason
    i sure hope this kicks the crusades ass. shogun better not bore me after a week like i have a feeling it might. at least there will always be ascendancy
    This album is by far, the best metal album I have heard in ages. It has brought so much influence to my guitar writing and everything. Trivium will always be my gods!! Keep it metal!!
    JD Blue Venom
    good to hear its receiving the positive feedback it deserves, i think it gives machines heads the blackening a run for it money and thats alot coming from me! ive been with trivium sicne the release of ascendancy and yes it is the best album yet, and to the dude above forget about the fans metallica themselves should be very frightened lol