Shogun review by Trivium

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  • Released: Sep 30, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (454 votes)
Trivium: Shogun

Sound — 10
This is the fourth studio album from florida based metal band Trivum. From the early screams of 'Ember to Inferno' and riff and solo ridden 'Ascendancy' to the Mini metallica epic 'The Crusade' Trivium press forward on the journy to re-shape the metal world as we know it. Trivium returns with another 11 track masterpiece. Shogun is what trivium are, it encorperates every aspect that you could love or hate about trivium to this point, The riffs, the solos, the screams and the clean vocals. Each song stands alone as a mini- epic and in my opinion there is no weak point in this album. 01.Kirisute Gomen: the album opener sets the scene for the devastation that is to come, Matt heafy bellows "we'll take their f***ing heads" and this line alone describes what to expect.the song features the return of screaming, the deep roars are complimented with tremelo picked guitar riffs, precision drumming and is topped of with growls that give me chills,. The wah pedal drenched solo give the song a sense of variety and the vocal melodies are catchy as hell. 10/10 02.Torn Between Scylla and Charbdis: the 2nd song begins with what sounds like a tapped intro which swells into a brutal riff, heafy's vocals ring similar to that of Rob Flynn's (machine head), The guitar riffs perfectly suit the sound of his voice and completley take the song to the next level.The Breakdown which is remminisant of 'becoming the dragon' leads into one of the best solo's on the album, each component sound good on this track but the intro des get repeditive and tedious- 8.5/10 03.Down From The Sky: the first single, this song has one of the greatest melodies that trivium have ever created, for me the intro is too long and repetitive but when the verse kicks in all is redeemed, Matts voice stands alone in this song from his hearty roars of "These vampires feed of the wars of mankind" in the pre chorus to the beautifully sung "I've opened up my eyes and seen the world for what's it's worth"in the chorus to the almost whispered "They Pump us through the machine valves "in the breakdown. The only downside is that the solo is incredibly short and the introduction and pre chorus can get repetitive. 9/10 04.Into The Mouth Of Hell We March: is another great song that demonstrates Trivium's new found control of Melody as heard in the chorus, the harsh vocals and screams on the verse are perfectly suited the the vibe of the track, the guitar riffs are interesting and sound great with the bass and drums on this track, although it's weak point is the solo which comes out of nowhere, alone the solo is great but it does'nt suit the song and seems as if it doesnt't belong, the drums on this track are perfect and the Vocals sound exellent. 9/10 05.Throes Of Perdition: the intro riff is similar to that on Torn between scylla and chrabdis, Matts vocals are good but seem lacking in comparison to some of the other tracks, His screaming is good but isnt his best, the chorus melody is good and the guitars stay consistant throughout the song and the solo is great, the drumming is superb and helps the song greatly, The song is good but it doesnt't stand strong against some of the other songs on this CD but all in all it still has some brilliant moments that pulls the song. 8/10 06.Insurrection: the Thrash is back. the intro riff is one of the best riffs I've ever heard, The Vocals sound perfect and the softer sounding chorus compliments the heavy nature of the song perfectly, The breakdown again features the brillaint variety of growls, screams, singing from Matt and Corey. The riffs are some of the best and the solo is one of teh best.One of the best Trivium songs to date. 10/10 07.The Calamity: another great song, Matts voice sounds great and when combined with the screams further proves trivium's versatilty in the vocal front, the guitars sound good but do not sound loud enough in the song which is a shame because the riffs in this song are very good. this song is mostly sung, it sounds like it potentially could have been featured on the crusade, one of the slower songs tempo wise on the CD but it still rocks. 9/10 08.He Who Spawned The Furies: begins with a grinding guitar riff, and the haunting sound of matt's vocals suit the lyrics perfectly, the tone of this song is one of the best, a slow grinding, eerie/haunting sound goes perfect until the breakdown which changes motifs completeley, from a slow grind to a full thrash/metal breakdown and solo. The vocals sound perfect with the guitars and this song again demonstrates Trivium's versatile song writing and musical ability. 9.5/10 09.Of Prometheus And The Crucifix: the guitars incorperate a trash motif and includes a lot of other idea's that could be found in other musical styles. The vocal department doesnt't dissapoint and matt uses a range of Growls, roars and clean singing.All together this song is beautiful, from the heavy breakdown to the intricate solo this is one of the best. 9.5/10 10.Like Callisto To A Star In Heaven: the drumming and guitars in the entire song perfectly blend and sound exellent, The riffs are great and sound like some of the earlier Trivium sounds. The song is one of the best on the album. the guitars are exellent, and the vocals are no exeption. nothing holds this song back. 10/10 11.Shogun: I'm not going to give away to much but this song racks up around 11 mins, it has every element of Trivium that you could dig up, Riffs galore and epic solo's, the first acoustic sound that trivium have ever embraced are featured along with a blues type solo. Matt's Voice and songwriting at it strongest. from rough vocals to sung, to operatic to Roaring it's all in this track. 10/10 This is possibly the Greatest collection of songs that Trivium have released.

Lyrics — 9
The vocals are beautiful and are a major factor in what Trivium are, Variation is exellent on this CD, each lyrical set is expressed perfectly by matts continually growing and improving vocal expertise. Matt Heafy is one of Metal's greatest vocalist, and is yet to reach his full potential, the lyrics in this album are great and each song stands alone as almost a mini-epic. Each song has it's own concept and goes through the high and lows that could only be produced in a whole album. Trivium have basically Complied an entire album into 5 minute chucks, which is perfect because every song gives a range of feelings and emotions. In saying this the lyrics are essential. The lyrics cover a range of topics and present each in different ways, from singing about ancient samurai customs in kirisute gomen to singing about mankind's destructive nature in down from the sky Trivium covers it all.

Overall Impression — 10
Trivium are one of the besat metal acts out and if you are unaware of their sound buy this CD. A big year for metal, with Slipknot's return and The metallica's death magnetic Trivium's Shogun stacks up among the classics and the new albumsa and without a doubt is one of the best albums of the year 2008. This CD shows that Trivium are stil re-inventing themselves and are yet to reach their peak. From opener Kirisute Gomen To the last notes Of the Epic Shogun this album is one of the best albums in my collection. if this CD were stolen I would Replace it without a doubt.

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    guitarfreak222 wrote: poona wrote: I really enjoyed this album, had lots of really great songs, although there was some pretty weak tracks (Of Prometheus and the Crucifix, Like Callisto to a Star In Heaven, and bits from He Who Spawned the Furies) but everything else was really crunchy, they do that really over the top, kind of corny, story telling thing that I really love, too. And guitarfreak222, Matt did say on the making of Shogun DVD that he still does the same scream from Ascendancy, it doesnt sound that much different, only difference being that on Shogun it sounds more controlled. Mehh, I think it sounds way lower and louder in shogun...oh well. I may be wrong.
    I think i'll have to agree with guitarfreak222 on that one.
    At first, I really thought it was not "Trivium"s sound, but who am I to say what they should sound like. Really didn't like the songs at first so I made myself keep it in the cd player for about a week and it grew on me. I liked Ascendency and Crusade better, but I can see and appreciate the effort they've put into this. Good album i'll give it a solid 7/10