Silence in the Snow review by Trivium

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  • Released: Oct 2, 2015
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.9 (107 votes)
Trivium: Silence in the Snow

Sound — 8
Trivium formed in 1999, and signed to Roadrunner Records in 2004 after the release of their first EP, "Trivium," and full-length album, "Ember to Inferno." The band has had a lot of success since that time, essentially filling a necessary spot in modern metal. "Silence in the Snow" is the 7th full-length album by the band, with runtime of 43 minutes with 11 tracks, or the "special edition" of the album which has 13 tracks and is 53 minutes. The band has released 3 singles, and each has a music video available, as well. The lead single is the title track, "Silence in the Snow," which the band released in late July. The next two singles, "Blind Leading the Blind" and "Until the World Goes Cold" were both released in August.

The album opens up with a short track written by Ihsan of Emperor, "Snøfall." This track is essentially a thematic orchestral piece. The title track and lead single, "Silence in the Snow," has a pretty cool groove to it and also takes advantage of Matt's recent vocal lessons. There is a definite "epic" quality to this track. "Blind Leading the Blind" has a cool riff-driven hook, and some intense lead guitar parts. The vocals on "Blind Leading the Blind" remind me of Volbeat in parts. "Dead and Gone" has a real sludgy feel to it, and has some few scattered unclean vocals by Corey, which really helps put an edge on this track. "The Ghost That's Haunting You" had a neat intro and built up pretty nicely to a chorus I wanted to sing along with. "Pull Me From the Void" is another track that starts out with a sludgy riff, but quickly moved more into the Iron Maiden school of metal, and then mixes it up nicely from there - including a short but interesting breakdown. "Until the World Goes Cold" is the third single released from the album, which released along with a creepy video with a guy finding a devil mask laying in the trash, he puts it on and wanders around a city's nightscape. This song is one of the catchier tracks, with two of the nicer touches being a really fitting solo and a short acoustic interlude. "Rise Above the Tides" has some more clear cut breakdowns, and while it benefits from some cool riffing it also seems to spend way too much time with the choruses. "The Thing That's Killing Me" was a powerful track for me - I loved the opening, and some of the things done with the vocals on here was pretty cool, too. This track also has my favorite lead guitar from the album. "Beneath the Sun" is one of the more "mid-paced" tracks on the album with a slow but catchy bass line running through most of the track. "Breathe in the Flames" closes out the standard edition of the album; a melancholy intro that quickly turns into some heavy drumming and riffing. Instrumentally, the track goes to some interesting places.

Lyrics — 8
Matt Heafy injured his voice during a concert in 2014, and has sought out the help of a vocal coach to help get him back up to standards and, in fact, improve his overall vocals. The end story here is that Matt doesn't do screaming vocals anymore, he sings, and there is a marked improvement in his vocals. I did, however, miss the more guttural vocals of Corey Beaulieu on this release, which are only used rarely. Matt isn't my favorite vocalist in the world, but his vocals are a large part of what makes Trivium desirable to a more mainstream audience than a lot of their contemporaries. The lyrics from the album are mostly standard fare for metal. As a sample of the lyrics from the album here is a sample from "Blind Leading the Blind": "Losing my faith in/ The world that surrounds me/ Am I, Am I the only one/ To constantly question it all/ So, So far away/ It's ourselves that we betray/ How has it come to this/ We are but drones/ Silenced, led amiss/ Bearer of light/ Break down the walls/ Remove the chains/ Run towards the night/ Blind leading the blind to the sea/ They're drowning/ Blind leading the blind to the edge/ They're falling down/ You hear them calling/ But it's too late for them/ Now claim freedom/ Save yourself."

Overall Impression — 8
What do I like about this album? A lot of stuff, really. I like the general sound and the mixing of the instruments across the board. A few of the songs the bass guitar sounded really great. The lead guitar sounded awesome for most of the album. The drumming was very solid, even if maybe there could have been more volume dynamics left in the drumming. I don't hate Matt Heafy's vocals, but I don't always like them in the context of heavy music. A lot of the songs aren't as "heavy" as I'd like from Trivium, but they have more of a triumphant and hopeful vibe in their music - it almost sounds happy. At the end of the day complaining about anything with the album is just splitting hairs. My favorite songs from the album, excluding the singles, would be "Dead and Gone," "Pull Me From the Void," and "The Thing That's Killing Me."

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    I was really disappointed in this album, and it's not just the vocals as Matts clean voice is amazing. The intensity just isn't there for me, I like them for their interesting song arrangements and good riffs, this just seems basic by their standards.
    This album is definitely going to mark a turning point in Trivium's career. Though I can certainly say this album left a bit to be desired instrumentally, the amount of melodic progress they've made in pretty amazing. It's a unique but good fit for their catologue, once again leaving me looking forward to their next release. I think they'll really catch their stride following this album.
    TTP Penguin
    I actually feel this is the strongest release since Shogun, it feels like a band which is comfortable enough in its own skin to make the album they want to.
    Shogun was their best album for sure. too bad there won't be any more screams on their albuns
    TTP Penguin
    Who knows whether screams will be included in future albums? It depends on the songs surely? It's not like he can't do it anymore, as he does it live.
    According to a Matt Heafy interview, the reason he screamed in the first place was that he was really bad at singing. Maybe the old albums would have more singing too if he had vocal training earlier
    Really? didn't knew that. as the review was written it looked implied that they woudn't use screams anymore, due to the vocal injuries. Glad they can keep singing the old songs live then.
    Glad to see people liking this album. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them. I just like the riff-based and aggressive style of Shogun so much more that I find this album pretty boring. Not that I think it's bad in any way, there are some really strong melodies on this album and the vocals are a great improvement (the Draiman sound seems to be gone as well with the new producer). It's just not really my cup of tea.
    Have to agree. Wanted to like it, and I'm not one of those who only likes songs if there's screaming all the way through - it just all sounded a bit one-dimensional and pedestrian. In fact it bored the arse off me. I always think, if they were to make a Greatest Hits album, or in 20 years time they're reforming for a one-off show, how many of these songs would you want included in the set? For me, it would be none.
    I'm not one of them either and Trivium has been my favorite band for 4 years now.I loved almost all of their previous work,but this just feels average and the singing seems the same on every song...they could do better IMO.
    That's what I thought when I first heard the album. It took me a few listen to really love it. However, after the few listens, it's an incredibly good album. The melodies are in every song. The solos are just as good, and fit every song perfectly. Honestly, I suggest giving it a few listens. This album feels like Trivium's "Black Album." In the sense that Metallica blew up in popularity after the release and became their best selling album.
    Will give it some more listens. Had the same thing with Parkway Drive's new album, I started to 'get' it more as I listened to it a few times.
    I was surprised that I liked this album a lot more than Vengeance Falls. I missed the screams but the songs seemed better put together. That being said this album was still pretty weak in contrast to Shogun and Ascendency (my top two). These guys are capable of great songs, it's sad they might never play material like that again. I also curse the day Matt met his photographer buddy because the hipster runs deep now. A black and white, nonsensical music video isn't "art." It's pretentious bullshit that is stupid for stupidly sake.
    Did you ever notice that when bands like this say they want to start singing clean because it reflects what they've always wanted to do, the clean vocals are almost always incredibly processed? I'm not saying they're auto tuned or that Matt Heafy can't sing, but it's hilarious watching bands who came in on a bandwagon adapt to whatever style is selling more, ala Papa Roach. When the metalcore nostalgia wave happens in a couple of years, watch how fast Trivium 'gets back to their roots', again, just like how nu-metal seemingly made a come back.
    I really enjoy this album. I'm not a long-time metal fan; I've just found that the alternative rock acts I loved from the 90s either disappeared or stopped creating interesting guitar music (not a bad thing necessarily, but it meant I had to look elsewhere to find decent riffs). I already knew Trivium through my brother listening to Ascendancy and Shogun. The first couple of singles drew my interest enough for me to buy the album, and it's awesome. It sounds like they've written the instrumental sections so they compliment one another, not so they can show off their musicianship. As everybody else has pointed out, the vocals are solid; Heafy has never sounded this good. This album and Soilwork's new one 'The Ride Majestic' are kind of rocking my world right now.
    Soilwork's "the ride majestic" might just be the best metal release this year. very complete album.
    Not sure what other metal you're into, but def check out Phinehas. Their new album is so good.
    Wow an 8? Not really expecting that at all. Maybe it will take time for the album as a whole to grew on me but this is their weakest effort for me. Every chorus or the songs overall just repeats so damn much. I know Trivium had this kind of structure through out their career but at least Ascendancy, Shogun and even In Waves(I think this one was just released on a wrong time and people had massive expectations since it's the follow up to Shogun) was backed up with great instrumentals. I don't want Shogun 2 but i just wanted the same effort as that album.
    Biggest Trivium fan ever since Ember... Bit this one... SH!T ALBUM! Boring and unoriginal! Only song i liked to be honest was Pull Me From The Void... And it's embarrassing that it was the last song they wrote, actually "frankenstein"-ed at the end of the recording sessions... Well good luck, we'll see each other after two years... solid musicians, average playing on this one... Downvote me as much as you want, i know my Trivium good enough to be disappointed. More riffs please, less radio metal!
    Good review but the OP did get a few things wrong. 1. MKH changed his vocal style because his original style was killing his throat. He does sing more but will scream older songs. 2. Corey and paolo both sing vocals live but MKH is the only one who records vocals. I love this album. Its so diverse but still has their core sound. 4/5
    I was waiting for someone to mention that Matt is the only one who records vocals on any of their releases. Corey and Paolo only perform them live to fill out the sound. That being said - I dig the album. Certainly better than Vengence Falls. I am curious to see if they can blend this new melodic prowess into their Shogun era techy-ness on future releases. That would be incredible imo.
    I know he injured his voice, but part of the reason Trivium's great material was great was the vocal variety, and the instrumental avenues harsh vocals opened up. They were a very multi-faceted band and now they are limited, in my opinion. They sound like a significantly more talented Scream Aim Fire era Bullet for My Valentine. Without the harsh vocals, obviously.
    True this is why Shogun was their best. Along with great instrumentals, Heafy has his thrash vocals, metalcore screams, death growls and clean vocals in that album.
    This album is actually really good and gets better & better with every listen. The songs get stuck in your head almost right away, and Matt's singing is very impressive. The only songs I found to be boring or to soft were Pull Me From the Void & That Thing That's Killing Me, The album is a lot stronger as a whole than per song though.
    John D'Oeuf
    What the hell happened to this band is beyond me, this is not even funny, I hear Breaking Benjamin, Hoobastank, Sum 41 and Yellowcard in this album... yep, can you believe that shit? how did they've come to this? first class Thrash/Metalcore band to Alternative/pop punk bullcrap, UNREAL! sound like a bad joke, dunno if we should cry or laugh, they've rejected everything that made them unique, for a sound we've heard thousands of time on the shitty radio. Cringeworthy, uninspired, flat, lazy, tasteless, unhonest, boring, insulting is how I qualify this album.. sorry people, this is not progression but MASSIVE REGRESSION, a fucking waste of talent. Anyway I wish them Good luck with their new direction. - An Old Fan
    Well, the award to the most boring album ever goes to...Trivium, Silence in the Snow! Come on guys, grab the prize and get the fuck out my player.
    I'm not sure I'd call it the most boring album ever , but I agree that it didn't stand out in my opinion. Boring instrumentation and cliche lyrics, I was disappointed too.
    I had the same thought when I first heard it on the day of release, I was even dissapointed on having pre ordered it. But the next day I gave it another chance and it grew on me, to the point of having some songs on my permanent playlist. It is really a great album and I have found, with all Trivium albums, that they take a while to grow on me. Just last month I was starting to dig In Waves, which I had disliked on release. The only albums which I've liked almost immediately are Shogun and this one
    Im honestly surprised that this is getting down voted so much because it's true. Such a snoozefest.
    kill it
    Not too bad, a bit European sounding to me. I honestly think they have never matched Ascendancy. That album was fantastic.
    Well, it sucks for his voice. This record shows some insane cleans, I'm even kind of disappointed : he improved his range that much that I'm no longer able to sing along. But his clean are really incredible. For the screaming part, it just sucks. I was always wondering how long he could continue killing his throat like this. Well, I didn't expect it to happen that fast : to me, he had the best sounding screams in current metal (I said scream, not growl). It's a shame that he lost that part of himself, and I really hope he crosses that way of a vocal coach that can help him getting back on heavy unclean vocal (maybe even switching to growl if screaming is no more possible).