The Crusade review by Trivium

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  • Released: Oct 10, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (768 votes)
Trivium: The Crusade

Sound — 9
The Trivium of now as as opposed to Ember To Infero is simply this Trivium is more composed and much more structered. Multiple layers of guitars, from the heavy seven strings to the acoustics that you can barely hear but still add flare and power to this album. For Trivium to write something that overall is a classic album while touring tells a lot about how composed this band really is, one goal for one cause, bringing the essence of true heavy metal back.

Lyrics — 10
Ignition: With it's very heavy beginning and very powerful lyrics, you could almost think that Trivium dropped their style of a melodic chorus/bridge. But when that chorus kicks in and the emotion that you hear in Matt's voice, with the heavy guitars and the acoustic guitar hiding with-in, you get that awe inspiring feeling. When the solo kicks in you hear that their techincal skills have only grown, from when they started. Then to finish they do the acoustic chorus intro into the heavy guitars, and literally can drop any true fan of Trivium to their knees. 01. Detonation - an extremely heavy start to the song, as the drums march peacefully behind the well complied guitar riffs. Heafy and the vocals on this song show that he has matured. The verse and chorus compliment the heavier side of Trivium and that they can still do some screaming but only when it is a nessecity. The solos sound like something the Whammy Bar Genius himself (Dimebag Darrell) would have written. The Bridge is what really gives this song layers and allows appreciation of melodic vocals, with well placed solo's inside the bridge this is a very amazing track. 02. Entrance Of The Conflagration - did you hear that, James? Wow, Matt really hit the nail on the head, a very fast and steady song, catchy especially the chorus, great riffs and very powerful meaning. Torment of the soul something any artist can write about. The bridge right before the solo's with the chant like whoa's allows listener's to feel that the day's of A gunshot to the head of Tripediation aren't dead. Matt and Corey's solo's are some of the best of this year, and very few bands could top them. 03. Anthem (We Are The Fire) - the beginning of this song makes you wanna start a roit, and then the verse kicks in and you find yourself naturally headbanging, with a very very very catchy chorus, and amazing verse this is probably the highlight of the cd, with Paolo rocking the bass throught the whole song, gives you memories of Cliff Burton. The Dual solo and then separate solo's in this song are truely perfect, and then the chant comes to get you, whoa, whoa whoa a classic track. 04. Unrepentant - with the music for this track written by Corey you see that stability isn't always needed in a song. The vocals don't rhyme and still flow perfect, cool song, great solos yet again, and the chrous is a very emotional catching chorus. This song is a good way to message to everyone not to listen to rumors! 05. And Sadness Will Sear - the beginning riff is very grooving and almost later Slipknot sounding, while the vocals are Heafy at his very best. The chorus music and lyrics alike are capturing and very awesome. The ending bridge talks of today actually, October 12th and is a great peice of art, solo's aren't the most soul capturing but leaving the solo's back into the chorus is amazing, with Heafy backing himself the vocal pattern grabs you in. 06. Becoming The Dragon - not my favorite track but still very good, telling that they can write about mythology and still kick it's back side, descent chorus, and a nice fast paced verse. Corey proves that his ability to scream is far surpassed what Matt was able to do, with them both having their own singing style now, they can conquer the world! 07. To The Rats - fast. A very thrashy song pretty much telling everyone to back off if you, disapprove of what others are doing, musically and socially. The chorus is a great compliment to the verse as it is a completely different style than the verse. The great the backing vocals and how the song is built around riffs that Paolo wrote, shows that everyone in Trivium has tons of musical talent. The bridge and solo are very very angry and fast, with the whole song showing thrashy ability, finishing with the song dropping to a slower tempo. 08. This World Can't Tear Us Apart - at the beginning riff you are caught in a wave of emotion, and then you hear the vocals and what Matt talks about, and he pours his heart out to his girlfriend. A thrashy ballad? I think so very well done, the solo/vocals/music/drums/everything is a compliment to eachother, with the post solo chorus starting a key lower, making a very nice soothing but still awesome sound. Great Track. 09. Tread The Floods - a very Iron Maiden intro takes you back to the good ole' days of metal. With the verse sounding like a fusion of Metallica's vocal's and Pantera's music, with the chorus going against the norm of Trivium and staying very true to the song, and being a heavy hardcore chorus. good good. 10. Contempt Breeds Contamination - Dimebag must have been the inspiration for this intro, and the verse is very cool and heavy, then the chorus is wow. Overall a descent track. 11. The Rising - a classic intro that grooves all the way into the verse straight to the chorus and back around, the song flows like a true riffer(river) of metal. This song has so many different sounds, from Tallica, to Pantera to Def Leppard to Kiss, a great beginning to the end of the CD. 12. The Crusade - ten stars to this instrumental hands down, nothing sounds outta place.

Overall Impression — 10
Had this CD been released around the time of Metallica's Ride The Lightning or Megadeth's Peace Sells But Who's Buying, I really don't think that Metallica or Megadeth would have been able to keep up. This album brings the essence back to the Metal scene. A great album that will keep fans satisfied and feasting until they return with a better album! I would buy this CD 10000 times if it were stolen ever, there is nothing that they do on this cd, asside from not releasing 2 more CDs with the same caliber of hits at the same time, that I don't like. The catchiest and most impressive song would hands down be Anthem (We Are The Fire).

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