The Crusade review by Trivium

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  • Released: Oct 10, 2006
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.1 (769 votes)
Trivium: The Crusade

Sound — 7
Trivium's new album, The Crusade, is an ambitious metal album. It took many turns and diverted from the last album. This is in how lots of riffs are faster and there is a lot more focus on the whole song instead of blazing solos, as well as singer and back-up guitarist Matt Heafy singing, not screaming like some one just shoved a knife into his throat. The guitars sound a lot different than on Ascendancy, in a bad way. It seems like they got new gear. I think the other two albums guitar tones are better. This album flows a lot better as a whole than their last two albums, Ascendancy and Ember to Inferno, and they have obviously grown as musicians. A lot of the songs have a lot cooler parts, too. I'll give you an overview of the album: 01. Ignition - a burning opening track, with a cool chorus, but the verses sound like something Rob Zombie would do. 02. Detonation - I'm listening to this right now, and thinking, amazing. This song starts out fast and real Metallica sounding, but then after the first solo, there is a real cool and catchy up-beat part you won't be able to get out of your head. My favorite track on The Crusade. 03. Entrance Of The Conflagration - real fast, real heavy. Starts out with a little vocal do-dad, then it hits this amazingly heavy riff and they just blaze throughout it and after the second chorus before solo Matt gets back to his roots and screams "Entrance Of The Conflagration!" twice. A hit single and one of the highlights of the disk. 04. Anthem (We Are The Fire) - another hit single, this is another fast track, but instead of screaming about desperateness, the whole song is a bout standing up for yourself and sticking up each other, giving it a happier feel. Very catchy. 05. Unepentant - this isn't the best track, but it still is pretty good. I like it, but it's still not the best. In the first part of the chorus, Matt sounds like Wierd Al Yankovic, taking away from the very heavy feel of everything else. 06. And Sadness Will Sear - this is a real cool track. It has a good heavy feel all the way through, and lots of hard riffs and crap. But what gets me is that the solo just diverts from the rest of the song and is real AC/DC like, more classic rock than metal feel. 07. Becoming The Dragon - ok, could use more body. Even though it has a cool solo it just fails to hook you; there's no real hooky riff in the begining or anything to make you wanna listen to it all. Another track where Matt does some screaming. 08. To The Rats - this is my least favorite track. It has cool riffs and leads and a ripping solo, but it just doesn't have that much. Still a good song, Trivium can't write a bad song. 09. This World Can't Tear Us Apart - a slower track. It has a cool intro lead and a cool verse right after that. IT flows very well and each part is just really catchy. The guitar is more layed back and easier to listen to. It has a ripping solo in the middle and a blazing one at the end, but they are both quick and to the point; the whle song is quick and to the point. A good, simple, and catchy one. Also shortest track at 3:30. 10. Tread The Floods - cool intro with a simple riff and then all of a sudden these really fast ascending scales. Real fast and a good song to headbang to. Really cool and fast chorus and aa nice solo, too. Pretty good. 11. Contempt Breeds Contamination - another fast one, not much to say about it. I'm headbanging to it as I'm typing this. it's good, but doesn't really stick out. 12. The Rising - another single, it is catchy and has a real cool solo, but I think it's not that very special, most are better than this. 13. The Crusade - wow! 8:19 and a instrumental. Complete with I think five guitar solos and a bass solo. Yes, a bass solo! Real awesome, they definetly broke there backs to write this one. Some riffs are told Slayer fast. But some are almost like a Fall Out Boy riff, real complex and astonishing. I love this track.

Lyrics — 6
A lot of these tracks sing about killing or suicide (Detonation, Entrance Of The Conflagration, Unrepentant, And Sadness Will Sear, Becoming the Dragon, Tread the Floods, Contempt Breeds Contamination and The Rising). That's a lot, and it doesn't exactly perk you up. Others sing about no one being able to take Matt away from their lover (This World Can't Tear Us Apart) and standing together and helping others(Anthem). Those are the only Lyrical bright spots, sadly. There are two tracks that sing about killing your children. These are "Entrance of the Conflagration" and "Unrepentant". "Entrance of the Conflagration" is about the tragic incedent in Texas where a pastor's wife pled to being insane after drowning her four children to death on purpose in her bathtub. It also sings of being possessed by Satan and blasts the bible and Jesus, as well as singing about suicide. "Unrepentant" is a bout a man who thinks his full-grown daughters commit adultry on their husbands and kills them because he doesn't want them to bring shame to his family. Well, if people don't look at you with shame after killing your four daughters, how do they look at you?

Overall Impression — 8
I got this on the release day, Oct. 13, and I was expecting to get blasted away after hearing "Entrance Of The Conflagration". I was getting what it thought until I hit halfway through the album, there until "The Crusade" it is all pretty the same and blah. I was truely dissapointed. If I lost it, I would just buy the good tracks on iTunes, if it stinking worked! For a Trivium fan like me, you need this but for someone that doesn't die for them, I wouldn't recomend it. Get Ascendancy.

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    i like this album and personally, i cant see them taking the next-metallica tag seriously anyway, theres definitley SOME influence of them on the album, but not as much as people proclaim. And besides, if you had been labelled the NEXT METALLICA, wouldnt you want to hold onto it?
    how can you people say an album that has screaming and songs with happy lyrics (Anthem) sounds anything like MetallicA
    emr_steelmech wrote: latviancheese : first people moan about them being metalcore, now your moaning cause theyve stoppeed screaming. the band cant win. But anyway they really dont care if you think there crap, they playin good metal for people who appreciate it. They brought back the solo, something which crappy emo and nu metal didnt do. i dont know if the solo ever really went away, but Trivium definently made you go, "oh hell yeah i remember now--guitars can be played fast" --and that was even when they were metalcore. The new thrash stuff seems just as fast or faster, though in my opinion less catchy and memorable than the riffage on ascendancy. And off topic, am I the only person that thinks DAMAGEPLAN "beats phil, darrel, vinnie and rex"?
    yes you are
    I would give their 2nd album 10/10 but since they stoped screaming they just wanted to be metallica wanna-bees.
    Am I the only one that thinks Hanson is way better than all of these bands. I mean come on now, the boys from Hanson are way better than Dime, Vinnie, Rex, and Phil. And they are certainly better than the guys from Trivium. I mean mmmmbop. C'mon guys greatest song in the world, lyrically and musically.
    they've changed alot from an awesome band into a metallica impersonator its sad
    i didn't like ascendancy, because i didn't like the vocals. i can't stand screaming. except in a pantera song, where a few key words are screamed, but not the whole ****in song. this album, however, i can't get enough of. the vocals are good, and musaccally it is insane. ZarDac i hope you're kidding. for a fundraiser, my school played that song at every break and kids paid for it to stop.
    i really just couldnt be asked to explain myself, plus i was drunk at the time hence the spelling mistakes. i have my opinion, trivium are rubbish no matter what you lame people think. theyre a poor attempt at trying to be an 80's style metal band (the solos, i would say, are very 80's influenced).
    yes, Mr. Beer I am kidding. I was just bored and pretty much making fun of everyone here. First I was making fun of the whole label thing saying all forms of metal and hardcore and such should be called Pop/Rock. Then I was making fun of ya'll getting mad over what band is the greatest. I mean who really cares. As for my thoughts on the album, not like anyone cares, I thought it is an excellent album. I really don't see that big of a resemblance to Metallica and I am a big Metallica fan. I think ya'll just say that becuase everyone says they are going to be the next Metallica. Yes his voice is sorta like Hetfields but it isn't. If you listen to it you can tell it is very different. I also think that some of the best songs are the ones written with seven strings, they just sound way different than the rest, and are just more unique than the others. The instrumental track in no way resembles Orion. Again I think ya'll just say that becuase of the whole next Metallica thing. The only song that can resemble a Metallica song is Unrepentant. It sorta sounds like Through the Never. Anyways about the whole ripping off of Metallica and other bands. Bands do this all the time. I remember reading in a Guitar One magazine and one of the guitarist from Shadows Fall said all they are really doing is ripping off stuff from older bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden. Even those older bands were ripping stuff off of other bands. It is just the way things are. It's not intentional, it just happens. If you listen to a lot of Metallica or Maiden, their influences will come out in your playing.
    Skat64er wrote: sounds like their just trying to be metallica
    Sounds like you need to get over it, Triviums new cd is great...and since St. Anger was just hasn't been the same wtih Metallica.
    This new Trivium album is a god sent, they've given back life to a genre that metallica invented with RTL and MOP. These individuals are extremely talented for their ages and I will continue to follow their evolution for years to come. People accusing them of ripping off the likes of Metallica or pantera are foolish because these bands are still very different in comparison.
    Kevin67 wrote: you guys are all crazy taking back sunday is the best
    It's like you are doing the same thing I was doing above about Hanson.