The Crusade review by Trivium

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  • Released: Oct 10, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.1 (768 votes)
Trivium: The Crusade

Sound — 10
In this album, Trivium took a turn that I might compare to what Avenged Sevenfold did for City of Evil. Matt Heafy has stopped screaming (mostly, there is still some). Trivium in the Crusade has started to sound more like Metallica. The Crusade features a wide variety of genres, ranging from Speed Metal, to '80s metal, to screaming metal. The guitars parts are very complex and sound awesome.

Lyrics — 10
Matt Heafy mostly normal sings on the Crusade, with a voice comparable to James Hetfield. The lyrics themselves, are very interesting. 2 of the songs on this album have lyrics about murder stories. (Entrance of the Conflagration, and Unrepentant) It has a song about a man that is killed by policemen because of his skin color (Comtempt Breeds Contamination). The Crusade also features a few songs about what society is becoming these days (Ignition and Detonition). And last but not least just made up story/songs.

Overall Impression — 10
I love Crusade just as much as Ascendancy. They have token a turn in their music style. Their guitars parts are very well produced and have great lyrics to accompany them. My favorite songs include Entrance of the Conflagration, Unrepentant, To the Rats, and Tread the Floods. I love absolutately everything on this album and their is nothing to hate about, so get yer ass to the CD store or iTunes and buy Crusade, dammit!

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    i am a trivium fan, and i like this album almost as much as ascendancy, but i think matt heafy is an overrated guitar player. his style of solos is fast scales with wah...sounds cool, but not that amazing. corey on the other hand, is amazing. listen to the solo of "in the fire" off the roadrunner united CD...his part at least. the man can play. anyway, trivium are good, as is this album.
    This album rules i haven't stop listening to it seen it came out, but it sounds like and immitation to Metallica back in the black album,load,reload days... other than that it rules!
    im hearing all this shit here lately about how trivium is the new metallica. i can understand where its all coming from because of matt's voice. but come on people. just like johnnie said. each band is there own band. period. all of these new bands are tied to an older band in some way... its the foundation of metal. trivium is a great band. just as atreyu, and as i lay dying, and it dies today and so on and so on. these bands formed because of the bands before them. im not saying all bands are alike, and yes each band is creative and do things there own way, but how many times have you read about a band and where it says "influences" it dont have any band names there? trivium is trivium. not metallica, not metallica wanna-bes and not a metallica cover band. period
    The Crusade is a great album.I am going to miss Matt's screaming but hey theres nothing wrong with a little bit of change, and if you call yourself a true Trivium fan you should have respect for the new album. I personally like Ascendancy better, but this is still a kick ass album.
    ...Some people just amaze me with their assumptions. Matt never wanted to scream in the first place, but he apparently "had to" in order to "mature his voice." Matt's voice sounds -nothing- like James'. If it's the very fact that he's singing in a heavy metal voice that makes him a rip-off of Hetfield, then what's to say about some of the other metal bands out there that sing in a Hetfield-esque voice ? For some reason, I can't think of an example, but come on people...similar singing styles isn't ripping someone off. And Trivium hasn't sold out; since when was attempting to revive '80s thrash metal (which was a rebellion in itself) been considered selling out ?
    i saw these guys live yesterday and they were f*cking awesome. pretty much every body there was moshing including me and i have the facial bruise to show for it, and for the idiots who are saying matt can't sing... he can. he sucked ass before i know but he sounded exactly like the album. crusade kicks ass by the way
    wow. majority of you are total morons. i registered on UG just so i could yell at you idiots. for one thing, about trivium saying that they want to be the "next metallica" doesnt mean they LITERALLY want to be them. if you how to analyze people's words correctly you would know what they mean. they want to be the next big metal band like metallica WAS back in the hay day. they want to revive metal back to the point where every big metal band was playing in sold out arenas, not smaller venues like the house of blues, or your local small theater. THATS what theu meant by "being the next metallica" ok, so there are simaliarties to matt's vocal stylings to hetfields. but did any of you know he went to a trainer to learn to sing better? he went to a vocal coach who has helped other big acts help keep their vocals in check such as arch enemy's singer. did it also occur to you that hetfield IS a big influence in his music? everyone has their influences, and odds are they WILL rub off on them. im sure all of you musicans know what im talking about. little elements will come into your style of playing of your biggest influences. thats WHY their your influences, cause you dig their sound and you would like to take a little piece and mesh it into your own stuff, making YOUR style. indeed bands like metallica and in flames "sold out" on their fans by having a more mainstream sound. how would you feel if it felt like you were writing the same album over and over, and it was no longer intresting? they just want their music to be spread over a bigger audience but they also try and keep their "core" fans because they are their most trusted fans. how do you think the band feels when they lose those die hard fans by "selling out" by trying to keep it intresting for them,a and for the listeners. if anything, that just makes YOU selfish. bands will change, and if you cant accept that, then listen to you "kill 'em all" and what ever the hell you listen to over and over until you feel better about yourself and your taste of music. and for another thing. they DIDNT LIKE THE VOCALS IN THE FIRST PLACE. they WANTED to switch to the clean because they LIKED IT MORE. read some interviews about it. Paolo even touches on the subject himself. again, THEY DIDNT LIKE THE VOCALS ON ASCENDANCY OR EMBER TO INFERNO. if you dont like it, shove it up your ass, and YOU sing for trivium. since everyone seems to compare metallice to trivium ill use another example. metallica uses ALOT of power chords. i mean, ALOT. look at 'master of puppets', 'fight fire with fire' 'one'(if you look at the shape of the little acoustic piece it IS a power chord) "fade to black"(same deal), "welcome home (sanitarium)" (again same deal) its mostly power chords. trivium DOES use powerchords, but they are VASTLY more technical to their icons. not saying they are better guitar players, but their music says more than metallicas ever could. thats another big difference. and heafy does waaaay more melodies than hetfield ever did. even BEFORE 'the crusade' came out. and i like how everyone keeps calling them 'metalcore' when other than the vocals, nothing about their music gives off metal core. theres no breakdowns, theirs no insanley fast double bass. for god sakes theirs not blasts beats, low growls, or high screams. if you are to call a band a genre at least KNOW what the genre sounds like. these mainstream "metalcore bands" i.e. killswitch engage, unearth arnt real metalcore. they have the metal sound mixed with something else, but that doesnt make them metalcore. trivium's plan was never "lets go metalcore" it was "lets go be metal". they hate the 'metalcore' label and if u where their fans you would know that. PERSONALLY i like ascendancy better. but i dont believe in bands selling out. ever. i look at it from THEIR standpoint and appreciate what they do. i love 'the crusade' and it did excede my expectations, but it was not as good as i hoped it would be. ascendancy is better in my opinion, as are the vocals on that as well. but i can appreciate what they have done, and i still enjoy the new sound as much as i did the old. because im a real fan, and i dont "sellout" on the bands i listen to.
    blackfire1206 damn right,but one thig i dnt get is most people saying they sound like metallica, slayer etc. i dnt think they sound like them at all. and as blackfire1206 said metallica was there influence so they r gonna sound like them sort of, and if u dnt like it, get over it. if u dnt like the songs get over it, go listen to sum other trivium songs. and also someone said the ysound like fall out boy???? lol go get ur hearing checked please.
    I've only recently listened to Crusade, having never listened to any of their older music, or seen the band on Mtv or anything like that. I've taken them on face value, and on that...they are good. Really good, potentially world beating good. I've heard this album once only and the first thing I thought of was that they sounded like Metallica, but they do have a similar but unique sound. Big Day Out in Oz just announced them as an act and after only one listen to the akbum...they've sold me.