The Crusade review by Trivium

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  • Released: Oct 10, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.1 (768 votes)
Trivium: The Crusade

Sound — 10
The sound on this album blew me away and is absolutely astonishing and not one second am I disappointed with the sound. The guitars on this album were just amazing considering that Matt and Corey are both very skilled guitarists and they pull off amazing riffs and absolutely insane solos I mean there isnt that much modern bands with this guitar skill. Paolo is an amzing bassist and he blew me away when I heard it because man he is one skilled bassist and I really love that solo he does in the the instrumetal song (The Crusade) and I hope they have more songs like that. Travis is one skilled drummer I mean man he just keeps improving with every album that Trivium do but too bad they didn't have a drum intro on this album like they did on Ascendancy but nonetheless the drums just blew away. So yah the sound just blew me away and I can't until their next album.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics are amazing Matt Heafy can sing about anything like politics, racism, sexism, honour, selfishness and a lot of other crazy shit that people have don't wrong. I really love the way that Matt writes his lyrics and he is the best lyric writer in the world right at this moment because well he is actually sending messages across the world. I'm kind of glad they moved away from the screaming but I really love their screaming and Ascendancy and Ember To Inferno were f--king amazing.

Overall Impression — 10
This album cannot compare to any other albums because Trivium are one skilled band I'll tell you that right now and I know a lot of skilled bands but Trivium are one of my favourite bands right now and their music just blew most of the albums in this world out of the water. The most impressive songs on this album well, I don't really know because all of them send out a massage to me especially "This World can't Tear Us Apart" because I feel that way for my girlfriend and I'm serious I don't think any hate can pull us away. I love everything about this album and I hate nothing about this album and when I heard it I was like WOW man these guys are f--king skilled at what they do. There isn't anything to hate about this album I swear! If it were stolen I would like rip of the guys head of whoever stole this album because I absolutily love it. If it were lost I would buy five copies I swear to god! Get off you lazy ass and get this album right now I swear you will be blown away unless you listen to pussy music!

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    Ok album. some good, some not so good, slightly dissapointing but worth a listen. Biggest flaw has nothing to do with singing vs screaming, heafey's voice sounds just fine. Yes it sounds a lot like hetfield, the metallica similarities end there, get over it. If we're talking about a lack of ferociousness and intensity that the band had before, its been lost at much more fundamental level than just the vocals alone.. It IS mostly the vocals that screw this album up though.. The vocals all through 'Ignition' make me wince, alternating between boring to just plain wanky and awful... The slower punk rocky sections and breakdown in contempt breeds contamination dont work for me either. Some of it works, some of it doesnt. The album's instrumental is pretty uninspiring, but i quite enjoy Entrance Of The Conflagration and Detonation, so for them alone its probably worth a listen. For fans, just dont expect the rest of it to be on par with your expectations from ember to inferno and ascendancy, because its not, unless you didnt like the band in the first place and are just swept away by their completely different sound like some people probably are.
    anthony4326 wrote: chinga sus madres! this is so annoying! all of you who just come in her and say triviums sucks blah blah are freaking pathetic! seriously. and if you dont like their bad! thats the way they are gonna sound from now one.....hopefully.....i love trivium and i think they have alot of talent. especially at their age.....
    agree with you all the way man they are the best new age metal band!!
    i'm have this album, i've listened to the album pretty well constantly since i bought it. I have to say that it is absolutely mind-blowing. Matt Heafy is definitely one of my idols now...his solos on this album are phenomenal. I love it. They are breathing new life into metal as we all kno it and I think its great I would also like the add that the tone on this album is GORGEOUS! If i could have tone like any other guitar player(s), it would be Trivium from this album!!!!
    actually I dont deathbyemail. I see a humble band, at least through matt heafy. I tend to remember a little interview he did with guitar world a while back, talking about how he doesn't want to be banging groupies left and right. How he wants to keep faithful to one girlfriend. That wasnt just rubbish. My current girlfriend (but not then at the time) and myself, along with a few other friends went to see Trivium in concert, afterwards we all went to get autographs and talk to the members and whatever. My girlfriend is not a bad lookin girl in the slightest and she oh so sweetly requested a small kiss from mr. heafy. he smiled and politely declined. I think that shows plenty dang good humility. Also, learn how to spell Enormous.
    Well this surely proves Heafy's homosexuality!
    Is it just me or does the intro to Unrepentant sound like Through the Never by Metallica?