The Crusade review by Trivium

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  • Released: Oct 10, 2006
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 8.1 (768 votes)
Trivium: The Crusade

Sound — 7
When I first heard Triviums previous album, Asendancy, I was amazed. It was something new, and amazing. I was looking forward to The Crusade, a fair bit. If I'm honest, It doesnt't live up to my expectations. I could listen to every song on the previous album, but in my opinion there are a few bad ones of here. For instance, Anthem (We Are The Fire) is a fairly good song, until the cheesy breakdown, were Matt Heafy (lead singer) does his impression of James Hetfield. it's cheesy, and doesnt't make good music. Some Song on this album, however, are extraordinary. The Crusade is a no holds bared 9 minute instrumental, simply superb. Overall, I feel, due to the extreme sucsess of Asendancy, trivium rushed this album, and if they had spent longer on it, could of produce an album that was just as good as Asendancy, which is no easy task.

Lyrics — 8
Matt heafy has an awesome voal range, and he proves it on this album. He is one of the best frontmen around currently. The bassist, Paolo, writes the lyrics for Trivium, and for most songs, they are good. The lyrics seem to slot into place for trivium, as if it jsut comes easily to them.

Overall Impression — 7
The Crusade is a decent album, and will be appreciated by metal lovers. There is some awesome work on this album, musically and vocally. If you haven't got any triviums albums, I would say your best to Start with Asendancy, as long as you don't mind screamo. The stand out tracks are Entrance Of The Conflagration, Anthem (We Are The Fire), And The Sadness Will Sear, The world Can't Tear Us Apart and The Crusade. Tis album is definately worth purchasing, and although first impression may not be too high, with time, it will grow on you, and become one of your favourite albums.

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    the reason why they have stopped screamin is because they cant any more and i have perfect vision and i cant see their egos
    I don't see why people don't like this album. Personally, I think it shows much more talent and skill. It has brung back the golden age of metal. The only song that sounded like a classic song was Anthem, which is definitely Testament/Megadeth sounding. Matt's just using clean vocals, and they are great vocals, and Matt DOES NOT sound like James Hetfield. Everyone go take some singing lessons and see how similar you sound when you use clean vocals!!! I thank Trivium for bringing back true Thrash Metal. Yes, I am a huge thrash fan, I've seen Metallica, Megadeth, and Slayer live recently (All of which I am a big fan of). I can confidently say Trivium is right up there with them. Ascendency and Ember to Inferno are both good, but The Crusade is prue thrash.
    Decent album but except for several songs (the Crusade, And Sadness Will Sear) I thought ascendency was better.
    This has to be the worst ablum i have bought in a very long time, other than Messuggah's Nothing. NOT METAL, FALSE METAL.(Bangs head on keyboard repeatedly in frustraion at lack of musical taste in Crusade, false unconcious and bloody on desk, hits post button)
    william sheppard? herm herm* matthew sheppard. and for the first review. corey doesnt do the solo on ignition. have a look at the booklet. matt heafy.
    Heh that comment about Becoming the Dragon being the worst lyrically is a load of rubbish! Becoming the Dragon is one of the best lyrically - it's a chinese legend where a Koi Carp (Nishkigoi) climbs up a waterfall to become a dragon - the songs a metaphor for courage, perseverance and determination - showing how through these things you can become stronger than ever before! It's a DAMN GOOD SONG!
    This has to be among the most promising bands of this decade they really do what they do sounding real good and are really like among current bands Metallica (if the new album is like MoP) and Megadeth but not much else to compare with.
    Trivium rule they did the best cover of MOP in the world... its actually a little better than metallicas version... I love metallica, bt trivium to me are more exciting... love them
    trivium are a rubbish band, they may be able to play their instruments extremely well for their ages, but seriously.... can't you see there anourmous egos? if you can't, get your eyes tested. I love Trivium and even if they do have big egos it doesnt make them a rubbish band. Metallica are a good band and Lars has one of the biggest egos in metal.
    Well this album is a love it or hate it album. Some love it, some hate it. I agree that they have a Metallica sound but thats what music they like and grew up lissening to, so it is likely that they will sound sorta like them. Unrepentant does sound like Through the Never by Metallica which is a bit gay but i'll get over it. They havent sold out, they play what they like not whatyou like. I like this album, there are some bad songs but most albums have a weak point.
    this album is a million times better than MOP i love it and i love trivium. Trivium to rule the world
    godofrock82 wrote: This album is the greatest thing in metal since MOP!!!!!
    Hell Yeah!!!
    sorry for double posting but.. I love this album, Trivium have a really good sound, and Matt Heafy's vocals make the songs so much better. Trivium ROCK!!
    They probably sound like Iron Maiden, Metallica ETC. Because they were inspired by them. Im inspired by them, and Trivium. So the music I write seems to sound like the music they make. Make sense to you??
    This Album was the shitest thing Ive eva heard when they said they were the next metallica they took it literally. The heavey metal media made this album like god or something it is a peice of shit if u own it BURN IT!!!!!
    go get a life its the best album ever and ill neva burn my copy and trivium and metalica are different you cant compare themso every1 who h8s it can get a life
    $DIME RULES!!!$ wrote: This Album was the shitest thing Ive eva heard when they said they were the next metallica they took it literally. The heavey metal media made this album like god or something it is a peice of shit if u own it BURN IT!!!!!
    Its nice to actually see someone who agrees here. Every damn ass time i make a negative comment on this album, someone pipes up and calls me out on it. So there you traitors of good music, ETI Trivium RULES \m/
    basically. it was a good album. i miss the screaming matt had because he had a really good screaming voice but his new way of singing is really good too. i found them to sound a little bit like metallica but i think i would rather listen to trivium. i see alot of people are either hating or loving the album. it is good. See heres a thing about most other bands that we dont get from trivium.DRAMA.trivium makes music they play it but you dont have to constantly hear about what is going on in there band or what tour they got kicked off of because they were pissy. Trivium is an all around great band.
    "and arpeggios of almost any kind" ha there are only 11 different arpeggios on the whole album
    Let me rephrase that. I absolutely love Ascendancy and Ember to Infero, partly cos Heafy's screaming is SICK. Without it Trivium are just another metal band and a bad one at that. The lyrics on The Crusade are awful, they're so simple and in your face and Oh god sooooo bad! The songs Ignition, Entrance and the Crusade are good though. But Heafy's voice..WTF?? He sound like a dying whale on crack!