The Crusade review by Trivium

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  • Released: Oct 10, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (769 votes)
Trivium: The Crusade

Sound — 9
I have been a Trivium fan since 2002 when their demo came out. I appreciate what they have done for the metal community. They are the band that you love, or you hate. When I bought the CD, it was the exact date it was released. I saw them in NY City at Nokia Theater October 10th, 2006. I met the guys and we had a blast. They took a different path with The Crusade. This time around it kind of sounded like Maiden and Metallica mixed, as opposed to their 2005 classic Ascendancy.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics from Trivium have always been mind boggling to me, only because some of them don't make sense, but for most of the lyrics, the songs make me want to go to battle. Matt Heafy was born a frontman, he deserves the spotlight, his vocals are not easily matched by his predecessors Iron Maiden and Metallica.

Overall Impression — 10
The Crusade closely compares with Load and Re-Load from Metallica. The thrash metal portion of it reminds me of the Hetfield Ulrich combo we hear from Metallica. There are three standouts from The Crusade; Tread the Floods, Detonation, and The Crusade. Tread the Floods is an advanced song on all fronts, time signature changes, solos, fast rhythm mutes, stuff like that will make a song instantly. Detonation is one of the songs most of the listeners, including me, weren't expecting. They had that hardcore metal sound in the beginning and quickly flipped the coin and went melodic for the bridge and solo. That's why The Crusade is so good, it is one turn after another. The Crusade is an instrumental, again another direction that is different for Trivium, they took the initiative to make an over eight minute song with no vocals... and everyone has a solo, even Paolo. This album has a lot of firsts and I am eager to know if their reign of metal will continue.

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    Never in my whole life did I ever think Trivium would become such a target for flaming. This nearly rivals some pop artists. Seriously, get a life. They've sent out the album, its not half bad (in fact, its actually rather sweet!) and as far as I'm concerned, we need to take some of these genres back to their roots anyway. Good on you Trivium. Now that you've proven you can do this sound, evolve again in the next album.
    Mr.Garreth wrote: I just wish people would listen to this album without considering previous works of Trivium because comparing this album to their other albums is stupid. Just enjoy it without compairing.
    What? Don't compare it to their other albums.. so what can we compare it to? Iron Maiden? Metallica? Sure coz comparing bands to other bands makes more sense than comparing bands to their other works. Knob.
    whats wrong with being like your idols, I bet my life that if all you guys could be like your major influences,you would sign your soul away.
    Everyone is so stupid. Have some damn respect. When you make a metal band as successful and talented, then you can bash them. These guys are awesome, and I have to agree with most that I thought Ember to inferno and Ascendency were better than The Crusade, but damn its still good. When I first heard Pillar of Serpents I thought they were bad ass, and after hearing Entrance of the Conflagration, I still think they're good. And when I first heard Heafy's new vocals, I was amazed at how well he pulled it off. Hey, at least it doesn't sound like he's "screaming boat rudder strange mountain" instead of "pull harder on the strings of your martyr".
    i got this album for christmas last year. the crusade is a great song,entrance of the conflagration is not bad, and anthem(we are the fire) is ok. other than that i find a lot of it sounds just plain bad. i havent heard a whole lot of triviums earlier stuff, but none of this album lives up to Gunshot to the head of trepadation. i find a lot of it sounds pretty bad, and kinda just fills up the album. wouldn't reccomend this album at all, except for the crusade, which is worth a good listen.
    wow this album is by far my favorite from Trvium i wasnt to big of a fan on there first 2 albums because of the screaming but i got used to it but when this album came out i was like hell ya and i loved this album from the begining to the end Detonation by far ny fav song this album and for those people who said they are to overrated umm then how come i know only 1 other person that thinks trivium rocks and everone else asks me who they are? idk why u r here to be bashing on a band.. i give it 10/10 loved it
    supersolus666 wrote: buddy_bomber wrote: jesus, dont be all tough with a keyboard - if you dont like the band - fine - everyone has an opinion if you dont like the new album - trivium didnt say you have to listen to it if you like the band and new album, just say it people arent wrong - their opinions just differ, its human life. i completely agree but i would like to add if you dont like trivium - why the **** are you here?
    its kind of like why a few hundred thousand people here in the west are going to but the next metallica album... To see if anythings changed. People are entitled to their opinion, and the right to voice it. The degree that some people go to however, is disguisting. They dont bother to explain why they dont like it. Its like saying, "Canada sucks because its canada!: Makes no sense. P.S. im canadian, and it rocks here...
    Fobbah wrote: Ok album. some good, some not so good, slightly dissapointing but worth a listen. Biggest flaw has nothing to do with singing vs screaming, heafey's voice sounds just fine. Yes it sounds a lot like hetfield, the metallica similarities end there, get over it. If we're talking about a lack of ferociousness and intensity that the band had before, its been lost at much more fundamental level than just the vocals alone.. It IS mostly the vocals that screw this album up though.. The vocals all through 'Ignition' make me wince, alternating between boring to just plain wanky and awful... The slower punk rocky sections and breakdown in contempt breeds contamination dont work for me either. Some of it works, some of it doesnt. The album's instrumental is pretty uninspiring, but i quite enjoy Entrance Of The Conflagration and Detonation, so for them alone its probably worth a listen. For fans, just dont expect the rest of it to be on par with your expectations from ember to inferno and ascendancy, because its not, unless you didnt like the band in the first place and are just swept away by their completely different sound like some people probably are.
    its kinda wierd. I loved the crusade, but ascendancy's screaming kind of grew on me. Theres just places that you can go with screamo that you cant go to with thrash, and vice versa. Good albums botht tho. Up The... Triviums? lol
    Hamer213 wrote: Gopher636 wrote: Matt also said in Total Guitar Magazine last January "No one uses it anymore so we thought we would try and be different"-and needless to say, the tuning seems a bit more, ah, "metal." Oh and brilliant cover artwork as well. yeah, doing something to be 'metal' isnt why people hate trivium at all... i like Ascendancy, but the songs i heard off this werent anything to cream your pants about. they ought to just stop trying to be 'metal' and just do what they do best, write metalcore songs, since their a metalcore band. no way around it. OMG, Trivium were never "metalcore" they ARE thrash. Its idiots like you who label them as "metalcore". TRIVIUM FOREVER
    are you serious? ascendancy and ember are definitely metalcore, or hardcore..... the cusade is the only thing remotely close to thrash
    I wasn't impressed with this album at all. It was a Metallica rip off clearly and many people have stated that. But at that, their old stuff I really liked(well guess it's not that old, but before this). After hearing Ascendancy I was pumped about this album... big let down.
    I just wish people would listen to this album without considering previous works of Trivium because comparing this album to their other albums is stupid. Just enjoy it without compairing.
    This isn't thrash. Period. I don't have a problem with Trivium, but don't feed me bullshit and call it chocolate cake.
    p5Ych0 wrote: i hate this album... i hate trash! trivium, come back to music.
    haha you makez me lolz come back to music??? haha
    yeah his vox did sound a lot like hetfield. but if you look at really recent vids of them live, matt's voice is different and actually original, with the basis of the hetfield style of course
    "the crusdae"
    slipknot91111 wrote: I'm definetly buying THE CRUSADE any good songs in perticular to look forward to?
    And besides, who cares what they sound like, THEY play in THEIR band. THEY play what THEY want and if YOU don't like it. DON'T listen to it! It's tht simple! If you want a different sound, join your own band and do your own stuff...
    Some songs are pretty good, but most of the album is pretty bad. As if they rushed through it and just wanted to be just a little bit too much like their idols.
    To everybody thinking Trivium is too much up their own asses, they're really not. Its just Matt Heafy, and he's not really an *****. When you actually pay attention to his interviews, hes not saying he IS the next Metallica, hes saying that his dream was to be playing on large stages, and to somebody be the NEXT Metallica, not as in sound, but the amouont of influence.
    Btw. I think some of your flaming should be directed at "musicians" that deserve it. Like MCR, Green Day, and bollocks like that, that some people call music. AND for the people who think that Billie Joe Armstrong is the "best guitar player in the world". Seriously guys, move on.
    i hate this album... i hate trash! trivium, come back to music.
    I absolutely love Trivium, however they will never be another metallica. I do think that alot of people have jumped on the band wagon with regards to them sounding like metallica. I can't hear it at all, and i agree with some people on here that have said that half of you wouldn't be saying this shit, if Matt hadn't commented on Metallica being their biggest influences. Why can't we all just get along !!
    OK so I just don't really understand how any of you people can sit there and say that Ascendancy is so original and that The Crusade isn't. How many metal bands are out now that scream? Now how many metal bands are out now that sing? Yea, that's what I thought...think about shit before you say it people. I don't see anything wrong with wanting to be the next Metallica (if that means before St. Anger Metallica at least). If you were in a band, wouldn't you want to be as successful and comparable to Metallica? I know I would rather be compared to a band of Metallica's caliber rather than a band like Good Charlotte, wouldn't you?. Ember to Inferno is a very good album, Ascendancy is a very good album, and The Crusade is a very good album. Best albums in the history of music? Probably not, but it's still very very good music that I know that I, along with the rest of the people on this website could only wish they came up with. You can't bail on a band if your a so-called "fan" just because they want to change up their sound...they didn't sell out, they just wanted something different so they wouldn't become part of a trend like todays that wouldn't even be remembered by many people You don't have to scream to be a Metal with it. Also, Matt Heafy never wanted to be in a screaming says so in a interview with him...he screamed because in is words "he couldn't sing for shit but wanted to be the singer in a band". I personally love The Crusade, I think it's much better than all of the generic screaming metal out today. I think all of their music is great, pre-screaming and post-screaming. I'm not bashing on bands that scream because they are good too...there's nothing wrong with screaming but if thats not what you want to do then that's just not what you want to do...there is no selling out in that. Also...another thing that I've noticed everywhere is how everybody claims that Metalcore isn't Metal.....if you would just sit back, eat a cookie, and take a second you would realized that the first part of Metalcore is in fact, Metal. Different type of Metal? Yes. But does that mean that it's not Metal? Of course not. People...enough with the genre bashing...if it's Metal then it's Metal, whether you like it or not it's gonna be that way till the end of time. If you don't agree with that then maybe your just not a true music fan and you just want to be part of a trend to make yourself feel better...but that's just one man's opinion...but I'm sure many of you may agree. That's all I gotta say about that so lates people. Oh and btw...Pull Harder is my favorite Trivium I'm not biased towards either sound..but I can honestly say that I'd give my left nut to have the talent to be able to write and play any of their songs and make it look as easy as they do.