The Crusade review by Trivium

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  • Released: Oct 10, 2006
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (768 votes)
Trivium: The Crusade

Sound — 8
When I first heard Trivium back in 2004 with their Ember To Inferno album my first impression was "Wow looks like these guys are gonna be big", and as far as I can tell they have become. With The crusade they switched from their Metalcore, dropped D style and turned towards a 7-stringed, technical, Thrash metal approach. Following in the footsteps of Metallica The Crusade features tremolo picked solos and sweeped arpeggios to blow your mind and is a vast improvement to the previous two albums. The use of strange sounding chords in song like "Detonation" and "Tread The Floods" gives it it's finishing thrash metal tint and adds loads of 16th notes to accompany them, just to make it a little speedier. This album features no screaming, unlike the previous two albums which were mostly all screamed, this upsetted some fans and caused a lot of controvery. Matt Heafy commented on this by saying he "Wanted to break away from the over-inflating metalcore culture that has been steadily growing until now every other band in the world is a metalcore band". The riffs were also slated by critics for sounding too much like a riff from a Metallica album in songs like "Entrance of the conflagration" and "To The Rats", however I personally feel they added their own personal style to the Thrash Metal sub-genre of music and very much made it their own. The band's use of a seven-stringed guitar gave it a harsher, darker sound and gave the guitarists Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu more room to be creative in their playing. It also added originality to their music which made it more interesting. Since Trivium switched their style to Thrash Metal in "The crusade" the solos are made using mostly 16th notes and sweeping arpeggios. This made it very interesting and received very positive reviews, with James Hetfield even noting that "these guys are good guitarists". They took a big chance with the Crusade and many fans feel as though they have failed, some however (like myself) feel opposite. If the Crusade hadn't changed things for Trivium they would have turned into a repetitive mind-numbing band and faded into the ever-inflating music culture. Although I'm not a fan of fret-wan*age this album really seemed original and well rehearsed. The wonderful use of sweeping arpeggios as an emotional fuel really gave the song it's backbone.

Lyrics — 8
Some of the lyrics in The Crusade used power metal influenced themes, for instance in "Becoming The Dragon", and political themes, for instance "The Rising" and "Contempt Breeds Contamination". However the song "This Is To The Rats" is about Matt Heafy's own personal experience with liars in the media and other members of the public, it made a change from the boring, repetitive lyrics in Ascendancy about abuse and Matt Heafy's feelings. The lyrics were fast and often about fighting, this complimented the fast, aggressive music that the musicians produced. The singer Matt Heafy seemed to almost mimick James Hetfield's, of Metallica, trademark "growled" voice, this makes it unoriginal and is the only reason I wouldn't give it a 10/10 rating. The singing style however, when not growling, was nice and complimented every note played by the guitarists. Also in "This World Can't Tear Us Apart" there is a very nice harmony sung by Paolo Gregoletto, Corey Beaulieu and Matt Heafy. I think Matt Heafy should have used vocals other than the exact ones that James Hetfield uses, especially after bragging about how much they influenced him so much.

Overall Impression — 8
The album is possibly one of the best albums of 2006. It's guitar work and lyrics are masterful and very clever. The technicality of the sweeping, tremolo picking, whammy dips, bending, vibrato, slurs is very high and of a good standard. The most impressive songs from the album are: Anthem (We Are The Fire) (the solo is amazing and difficult. The harmonies sound amazing and the sweep picking is almost proffessional standard. The lyrics are warming and uplifting, the song makes you feel good as oppose to Ascendancy in which it makes you want to punch small children, This World Can't Tear Us Apart (the lyrics are sensitive and very touching. The song is about Matt Heafy and his girlfriend, the solo is amazing and the build-up to it is very intense and exciting. The singing and harmonies are spectacular and original. The leading riff is amazing and fun. I love the way their solos are so well planned and technical and their guitar work is so masterful. On the other hand the growling vocals are boring, unoriginal and very repetitive). I broke my CD when I first bought. I then went out bought another one, within a week that one was broken too. I went and bought another one and this time looked after it, the album is amazing and I would definately go and buy it again if it broke. In fact I might just buy snother one just for the sake of having two of them. I liked the album a lot and it was an exciting change for Trivium.

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    i agree with SndThePnBlw 100% to just write and release the exact same thing over and over isn't great. being able to change and show versitility is wat makes the difference between a good band and a gr8 band, i no i would love to b able to write and play music the way these guys do
    Lets think about it in this way. Something f*ck up in Matt's voice so he can't scream as much now. Seeing he still wants to be a lead singer in Trivium he has to just sing. But the point I'm trying to make is, maybe they had to soften their songs a bit, c'mon you wouldn't like to have a heavy song like "Pull Harder" and then hear him trying to sing as loud as he could, because whoevers seen trivium live lately then when matt sings on the old song it sucks, it doesnt go with the music. Also, they've released 2 album's thats heavy as shit, maybe they fancied a change.
    [quote]blackfire1206 wrote: Adamantium wrote: ...whoops, my comment got cut off, sh*t. anyway, i've lost respect for them because of what they said, because either: 1. they were trying to use the media to reach audiences and hope that their words would stick to 'em, and hope that their fans started referring to them as the next metallica (which is lame) 2. they really DO wanna be the next metallica (which is lame, there can never be another of another band) 3. they're idiots and didn't realize that what they said TO THE MEDIA would reach so many people (which is lame, because it's stupid, they should know that what's said to the media is 10 times stronger then what's said to anyone else.) seriously, after this album (so long as you've heard both metallica and crusade) you can't deny that trivium sounds more like metallica than any other two bands sound like each other. trivium and metallica sound more like each other after the crusade than any other two bands i've ever heard. yea, he changed his singing (to sound like hetfield in my opinion)... but forget about that right now, because you're completely ignoring the fact that as a BAND they changed everything, their drummer is actually cutting back a bit on double bass, their music completely changed, it's thrashier. they even jam like metallica did non stage, heafy even had a hetfield sorta beard for awhile. they're goin to far. look, completely aside from them sounding like metallica, i still dont respect them anymore. i've been around music all my life, i know it's purpose, and i know what i'm talkin about. i feel as though if i were to sit in on one of their practices while they were makin up as song, they'd probably say stuff like "put this riff there, that riff here, put that drum beat over that bass line cuz it sounds f*ckin badass!!!" as opposed to "put this riff there, that riff here, put that drum beat over that bass line cuz it inspires the feeling and thought that i want it to" you guys, there are way better bands out ther, i won't mention any of which i think are better, but it's still a fact that there are better. trivium as barely metal anyway, i don't think they should be given so much attention. much less, i don't think that if they ARE the one's to change metal, that it would be any good. there are much more bands out there with much more talent, and musical ability and understanding that do a much better job of creating music than trivium, i'm not mentioning any because i'm sure all you guys could easily find them for yourself. so yea, i don't know if you'll agree with me, i doubt you will, but yea, hope you comment back dude, just curious to hear what you have to say, even if it's in total disagreeance with what i've said. ahaha. finally someone who isnt as one sided as everyone else is >.>;; ok so like, trivium is prolly the crappiest band i listen to honestly. im not going to deny they have an EXTREME closeness to metallica, since i used to be a die hard metallica fan (read their biographies [books], listened to them everyday, had 9 of their shirts)and i wont deny that a lot of their songs arent very original sounding i.e. anthem (we are the fire), the rising (sounds like maiden/def leppard esque). so, ive got your back on that subject. in orginality i give them an F on the crusade. and his vox are definately like het's. but like i said earlier, big influences, yadayadayada. u have to admit, if u had never heard het's voice, his vocals would be amazing which they are. its just too bad he modeled them almost exactley like het's. music isnt always about making something that has huge significance to people's mindset or feelings. some songs are just made to be bad ass. like, cannibal corpse. u cant really believe that they mean everything they say in their songs. or slayer, to quote tom araya "they are just words." but i do agree, trivium DOES need to eff off and get their own style instead of blending everyone elses. but i say they do what they feel is right and hopefully their next album wont be so bad. but i do believe that their cd was more of a dedication to the bands they love. most likely the reason why they all sound like bands they are really into i.e megadeath(corey), metallica(heafy), def lepard(poalo), iron maiden(the band as a whole). and i honestly was expecting blast beats in ignition and was seriously disapointed. but the point is, in all honesty. dispite what everyone may claim about them and their suckiness ill stick by them and hope for the best. i believe they are wonderful musicans, its just they need to figure out what trivium really is. not what all their favorite bands are. and once they get that down, maybe they will release their own epic, instead of everyone elses. im just trying to prove a point that not everyone should just say they suck and not think of the process/effort that went into the album. im in a band so i can relate to them. i know what its like to write a song, listen to it and say "shit that sounds like a slayer song" or "shit that sounds like amon [
    [quote]Jawshuwa wrote: [quote]Adamantium wrote: blackfire1206 wrote: wow. majority of you are total morons. i registered on UG just so i could yell at you idiots. for one thing, about trivium saying that they want to be the "next metallica" doesnt mean they LITERALLY want to be them. if you how to analyze people's words correctly you would know what they mean. they want to be the next big metal band like metallica WAS back in the hay day. they want to revive metal back to the point where every big metal band was playing in sold out arenas, not smaller venues like the house of blues, or your local small theater. THATS what theu meant by "being the next metallica" ok, so there are simaliarties to matt's vocal stylings to hetfields. but did any of you know he went to a trainer to learn to sing better? he went to a vocal coach who has helped other big acts help keep their vocals in check such as arch enemy's singer. did it also occur to you that hetfield IS a big influence in his music? everyone has their influences, and odds are they WILL rub off on them. im sure all of you musicans know what im talking about. little elements will come into your style of playing of your biggest influences. thats WHY their your influences, cause you dig their sound and you would like to take a little piece and mesh it into your own stuff, making YOUR style. indeed bands like metallica and in flames "sold out" on their fans by having a more mainstream sound. how would you feel if it felt like you were writing the same album over and over, and it was no longer intresting? they just want their music to be spread over a bigger audience but they also try and keep their "core" fans because they are their most trusted fans. how do you think the band feels when they lose those die hard fans by "selling out" by trying to keep it intresting for them,a and for the listeners. if anything, that just makes YOU selfish. bands will change, and if you cant accept that, then listen to you "kill 'em all" and what ever the hell you listen to over and over until you feel better about yourself and your taste of music. and for another thing. they DIDNT LIKE THE VOCALS IN THE FIRST PLACE. they WANTED to switch to the clean because they LIKED IT MORE. read some interviews about it. Paolo even touches on the subject himself. again, THEY DIDNT LIKE THE VOCALS ON ASCENDANCY OR EMBER TO INFERNO. if you dont like it, shove it up your ass, and YOU sing for trivium. since everyone seems to compare metallice to trivium ill use another example. metallica uses ALOT of power chords. i mean, ALOT. look at 'master of puppets', 'fight fire with fire' 'one'(if you look at the shape of the little acoustic piece it IS a power chord) "fade to black"(same deal), "welcome home (sanitarium)" (again same deal) its mostly power chords. trivium DOES use powerchords, but they are VASTLY more technical to their icons. not saying they are better guitar players, but their music says more than metallicas ever could. thats another big difference. and heafy does waaaay more melodies than hetfield ever did. even BEFORE 'the crusade' came out. and i like how everyone keeps calling them 'metalcore' when other than the vocals, nothing about their music gives off metal core. theres no breakdowns, theirs no insanley fast double bass. for god sakes theirs not blasts beats, low growls, or high screams. if you are to call a band a genre at least KNOW what the genre sounds like. these mainstream "metalcore bands" i.e. killswitch engage, unearth arnt real metalcore. they have the metal sound mixed with something else, but that doesnt make them metalcore. trivium's plan was never "lets go metalcore" it was "lets go be metal". they hate the 'metalcore' label and if u where their fans you would know that. PERSONALLY i like ascendancy better. but i dont believe in bands selling out. ever. i look at it from THEIR standpoint and appreciate what they do. i love 'the crusade' and it did excede my expectations, but it was not as good as i hoped it would be. ascendancy is better in my opinion, as are the vocals on that as well. but i can appreciate what they have done, and i still enjoy the new sound as much as i did the old. because im a real fan, and i dont "sellout" on the bands i listen to. yes, another intelligent person to argue. i respect what you're saying man, and i'm not gonna bash you, i just hope you're not one of those people that get butt hurt if i disagree. anyway, for a band like trivium to say something like "we wanna be the next metallica..." i'm sure they must haveknown what they were sayin...either that or they're idiots not to know how that statement would be taken or how much it's gonna stick to people. i'm not even kidding, i can't read about them anywhere without them being referred to as the new metallica, the new guitar world says somthin like "the crusade is the best metallica album that metallica never made..." i bet you a million bucks, if trivium never said anything about wanting to be the next metallica, they wouldn't be refered to by so
    Fantastic, thanks for that xCoilx. Lets hope some of the bandwagoners will see what we're talking about now. Cheers
    HAHAHAHA Anyone who's dissing this album is incredibly ignorant of good music, because that's what this is. i bought a seven-string guitar just so i could play the songs on this album, because this album RULES!
    SndThePnBlw wrote: OK so I just don't really understand how any of you people can sit there and say that Ascendancy is so original and that The Crusade isn't. How many metal bands are out now that scream? Now how many metal bands are out now that sing? Yea, that's what I thought...think about shit before you say it people. I don't see anything wrong with wanting to be the next Metallica (if that means before St. Anger Metallica at least). If you were in a band, wouldn't you want to be as successful and comparable to Metallica? I know I would rather be compared to a band of Metallica's caliber rather than a band like Good Charlotte, wouldn't you?. Ember to Inferno is a very good album, Ascendancy is a very good album, and The Crusade is a very good album. Best albums in the history of music? Probably not, but it's still very very good music that I know that I, along with the rest of the people on this website could only wish they came up with. You can't bail on a band if your a so-called "fan" just because they want to change up their sound...they didn't sell out, they just wanted something different so they wouldn't become part of a trend like todays that wouldn't even be remembered by many people You don't have to scream to be a Metal with it. Also, Matt Heafy never wanted to be in a screaming says so in a interview with him...he screamed because in is words "he couldn't sing for shit but wanted to be the singer in a band". I personally love The Crusade, I think it's much better than all of the generic screaming metal out today. I think all of their music is great, pre-screaming and post-screaming. I'm not bashing on bands that scream because they are good too...there's nothing wrong with screaming but if thats not what you want to do then that's just not what you want to do...there is no selling out in that. Also...another thing that I've noticed everywhere is how everybody claims that Metalcore isn't Metal.....if you would just sit back, eat a cookie, and take a second you would realized that the first part of Metalcore is in fact, Metal. Different type of Metal? Yes. But does that mean that it's not Metal? Of course not. People...enough with the genre bashing...if it's Metal then it's Metal, whether you like it or not it's gonna be that way till the end of time. If you don't agree with that then maybe your just not a true music fan and you just want to be part of a trend to make yourself feel better...but that's just one man's opinion...but I'm sure many of you may agree. That's all I gotta say about that so lates people. Oh and btw...Pull Harder is my favorite Trivium I'm not biased towards either sound..but I can honestly say that I'd give my left nut to have the talent to be able to write and play any of their songs and make it look as easy as they do.
    Dude thank you there are way too many trivium haters. But I disagree that their screaming on ascendancy was un original. Nothing like ascendancy had ever been done before. I love metal bands that can fuking scream but i also love the singing. in fact my three favorite bends are machine head, trivium, and killswitch engage, and those bands all sing and scream
    and even though there were no sandwiches...or small jerkey people...this album still rapes the pants off of several small schoolboys.