The Crusade review by Trivium

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  • Released: Oct 10, 2006
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (768 votes)
Trivium: The Crusade

Sound — 8
After two successful releases, (Ember To Inferno, Ascendancy) Trivium's 3rd attempt was The Crusade. Undoubtedly, it is different to the others, like no screaming and more of a thrash style instead of Metalcore. It has been criticised by many Trivium fans but I think it is worth the buy. There isn't a single track on it that I don't like. It has the explosove singles like 'Entrance of the Conflagration', 'Anthem (We Are The Fire)' and 'The Rising' but it also has other underated songs like 'Unrepentant' and 'To the Rats'. A brilliant new sound for modern metal.

Lyrics — 9
There are a large range of lyrics on this album. Ignition & Detonation are both about society and warmongers like George Bush. Entrance of the Conflagration is about Andrea Yates drowning her 5 children in a bathtub. Unrepentant is about Nazir Ahmed murdering his daughter for getting married to the man of her choice. And Sadness Will Sear is about the murder of Matthew Sheperd and Contempt Breeds Contamination is about the shooting of Amadou Diallo. These songs all show the range of Matt Heafy's lyrical abillities. Some may riticise matt's singing instead of Screaming and have been accused of 'Selling Out'. Usually these people are complete Metalheads who are afraid to try something different. If all of Trivium's albums where the same, it would be rather boring don't you think?

Overall Impression — 9
The best songs on the album are: Ignition, Detonation, Entarnce Of The Conflagration, Anthem (We Are The Fire), Urepentant, And Sadness Will Sear, Becoming The Dragon, To the Rats, This World Can't Tear Us Apart, Tread the Floods, Contempt Breeds Conatmination, The Rising and the Crusade. Oh wait, that's all of them! But seriously, do not skip any of the songs, they are all amazing! It's like a greatest hits in it's own making. 01. Ignition - great way to start the album at 240 bpm! And then a brilliant interlude almost halving the tempo. 02. Detonation - I have to admit, I didn't like it at first, but now it's my favourite Trivium song! Amazing solos and dramatic interlude's. 03. Entrance Of The Conflagration - brilliant riff, brilliant solo, amazing druming. The making of a perfect song! 04. Anthem (We Are The Fire) - this used to be one of my favourite songs but the fact that all the wanabes love it and it's always on music channels just ruins it. I'm not to keen on the lyrics either. 05. Unrepentant - very underated song. I think it's one of the best on the album. 06. And Sadness Will Sear - beautiful song, dedicated to Matthew Shepard. 07. Becoming The Dragon - I love the rffs but the lyrics are kinda cheesy. Becoming a Dragon. Has a great moment of screaming in it. 08. To The Rats - very fast! I love this song. The only downside is Matt's solo. It sounds horrible. 09. This World Can't Tear Us Apart - reminds me of 'Dying in Your Arms' from Ascendancy, But I prefer this. It's longer and has better solo's. 10. Tread The Floods - this has one of the most amazing double bass rhythms in the chorus. It's so fast! Watch out Dave Lombardo. 11. Contempt Breeds Contamination - not to keen on the Intro, but the rest of the song is great. 12. The Rising - another brilliant single from the album. A big change for Trivium's standerds. 13. The Crusade - some good riffs. I think it goes on for a bit too long.

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    they are not trying to rip off metallica, hell man they've toured with metallica
    SAS bassist
    Ok, all this bull**** about Trivium selling out to be the next Metallica and Matt stopping screaming for that reason and so on so forth is really starting to shit me off. If you people (not everyone, just some in particular) really claim to be fans of Trivium, you wouldnt insult the band for who they have become. They play music for a living and make their songs for YOU the listener. Sure, you can have your personal preference to which album you prefer and all that, but the Crusade is just another album and there will be plenty more. About them becomming the next Metallica, whoever believes that should go **** themselves. Yes, Metallica is one of their greatest influences, along with Iron Maiden and others, but that doesn't mean they want to become the next best thing. Yes they do love their style of music and want to be like them as they idolise them in their own right, but they wont become simple copies. ALL the members of Trivium liked Metallica (going back to when the had a different bassist and Matt wasn't the lead vocalist) a very long time before they became as famous as they are, or before releasing the Crusade for that matter. Matt's reason for stopping screaming? Well, he only started screaming because he couldn't sing for shit as he says himself. After many tours of Ember to Inferno and Ascendacy (keeping in mind the amount of screaming involved in these two albums) his voice got ****ed up big time. Between shows he could hardly speak as his vocal cords were swollen and cursing the day he became a musician. This is reason a for stopping screaming. Reason b, is after Ascendacy which is about 50-50 screaming-singing, he reaslised that, hey, he knows how to sing now, so he did just that for the Crusade. Being in a band myself, along with many other musicians out there, I idolise certain bands - Trivium being one of them - along with my other band members and want to be just like them. Some people can scream songs, others cant. Those who can, usually **** up their throats pretty bad eventually (Slipknot's singer had plenty of throat ulcers), Matt i beleive came close to this and managed to sneak out just in time before destroying his ability to communicate verbally for all time. But besides, September 29 their knew album comes out. Yes it has screaming in it again, so that will make alot of you happy again. Does Matt scream though? Or does Corey? Personally, I couldn't give a ****. They are all excellent musicians who make up a completely rocking band and it doesn't matter who does what. (Travis doing lead vocals to a song while Matt taps away on the hi-hat? Who knows). All i can say is the next album will blow everybodies minds, reshape the metal universe and create a body that everybody will think of when hearing the words "Heavy Metal."
    this album was's just that the lyrics are kinda sorta lame...