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artist: Troye Sivan date: 09/08/2015 category: compact discs
Troye Sivan: TRXYE [EP]
Released: Aug 15, 2014
Genre: Electropop, Pop
Label: EMI Music Australia
Number Of Tracks: 5
"TRXYE" is the second (but the first one signed with a record label) EP by singer and songwriter YouTube star Troye Sivan.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 7.7
TRXYE [EP] Reviewed by: Mnstrk, on september 08, 2015
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Sound: "TRXYE" is the second (but the first one signed with a record label) EP by singer and songwriter YouTube star Troye Sivan. Released for sale on August 15, 2014. The sound of the songs may remind you of alternative music artists such as Lana Del Rey and Lorde, but Troye Sivan adds a personal touch to each of the songs.

With some decent headphones you can hear in detail the breakdown of synthetic sounds (since there is no use of even one real instrument [which is not necessarily bad, as the lyrics shows us a real meaning and not a surface]). As I personally prefer music made with real instruments, I have to rate the sound with an 8 rating. // 8

Lyrics: Reviewing track by track.

1. "Happy Little Pill": The first official single from the EP, everybody is really sick of the basic chord progression "GD-Em-C." But Troye gave a little twist, using the chords' "Em-D-C-G," throughout the song without stopping. This song is nothing but depression and drug use to counter it. The sweet voice of Troye Sivan says he wants his drugs do see a different reality, one that does not makes him feel as shit. There is no real climax in the song, it would be boring if not for the use of synthetic percussion and constant loops of the word "ballas?" I'm not sure, it is difficult to understand. It's not a bad songbut neither is the best.

Favorite line: "...lie within, numb my skin..." But yet creepy, c'mon Troye, you're to young to talk about drugs.

2. "Touch": A mysterious vibe shines in this song, plus a beat drop, which removes any presence of a real chorus. Which is good only if it were a dubstep song, and this is not. Troye's voice before the drop is approaches, it is quite seductive, that is what rescues the song to be a disaster. We can listen longer instrumental than the singer's voice, that can be a bit annoying and become boring. And still missing the presence of a climax, Troye!

Favorite line: "...My eyes start to roam to the curl of your lips, In the center of eclipse, in total darkness I, I reach out and touch..." That's way too seductive, and it works.

3. "Fun": When you start listening to this song, you might think is dedicated to some boyfriend of his (you know, because of the fact that Troye is homosexual and the highly repetitive use of the word "boy"), but as you approach to the chorus of the song you will notice that what it actually does is to encourage young people to participate in wars, and that's not funny at all. All what this song is about how the major powers are in charge of showing wars as something good and, in the words of Troye, fun. We still have no climax, Troye!

Favorite line: "Yeah, you're gonna make them proud, boy. 'Til they put you in the ground, boy..."

4. "Gasoline" starts with a piano and the voice of Troye, realizing the harm he has done (who knows who?). He remembers good times with someone, when prechorus arrives, the beats hit your ears (in a good way). Troye wants to redeem himself, using water and fire as the same metaphor: Wash/burn to previous person he was to be born again and start from the beginning. Pretty sad, and you can feel the sincerity and honest regret in his voice. Hell, Troye! Who would you have hurt so badly? We still lack the presence of a climax, but unlike the three previous songs, this is not necessary.

5. "The Fault in Our Stars (MMXIV)": Troye had composed this song before, and had been a kind of promotional single even before the EP was announced. He just felt inspired after watching the film of the same title and wrote the song, John Green (his friend) had no problem with this, so it was remastered and included new sounds to be added to the EP. Ok, you're fighting with yourself to survive (whether against cancer or some emotional harm), you have to stay strong and not give up, you feel it's unfair, etc. We have heard this kind of things millions of times, and we will continue to do. Nothing that special, but guess what? We have finally a climax in the song!! Is it that hard? The bridge of the song gets you right in the feels.

Favorite line: "The lights, they light up in lights of sadness, telling you it's time to go..." // 7

Overall Impression: Honestly, Troye Sivan is a very talented guy and no doubt has a bright future. To be his first job with a record label is not bad at all, but can do much better and all his fans know it, despite loving each of the songs. We have 4 monotonous songs (almost) in terms of song structure. The boy's voice is not bad, is very good indeed. He has made it clear that his influence behind this album are great pop/indie/alternative dark artists; Lana Del Rey and Lorde. And you can clearly notice.

I really like the way he writes his lyrics and the sincerity with which interprets them. What is slightly annoying is that due to the lack of a climax, the songs become monotonous. Is an EP, it's nothing expensive and the quality is not bad, but if you don't want to spend your money (you should do, it's worth it) you can get to Spotify and listen for yourself. // 8

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