Stand Up And Fight review by Turisas

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  • Released: Feb 23, 2011
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (7 votes)
Turisas: Stand Up And Fight

Sound — 10
This album is probably my all time favorite album until now. It starts off with an awesome intro song. It starts off with horns, then it goes over to the drum beat and Mathias's great voice to it. It goes over into this catchy chorus... Wonderful. All in all, the album starts of very, very good. It goes over into another great song, probably with "End Of An Empire" my favorite of the album. It doesn't really sound metal-ish, but it creates an atmosphere I can't describe. It sounds during the riffs a bit monotonous(not that I don't like it), but it goes over to a chorus... It just sounds so intense... I would've liked to see it live with a real accordion (Netta Skog), but unfortunately she left the band, together with Hannu Horma. Anyway, back to the review, you can easily imagine an army of vikings marching to the chorus, it is just the perfect beat for that. The next one sounds like metal, but maybe not in the way you know Turisas normally. "Hunting Pirates" sounds like a very pirat-ish song, you just want to sing! These shouts in the beginning of the song are really catchy, what makes the song live really good. The next one is a bit similar to "Hunting Pirates", and here it starts to settle down a little bit. The beginning and the end of this album is its strength, in the middle it starts to sound a bit repetitively. As already said, it sounds like a non-pirate like "Hunting Pirates", not made with such a passion. It's a good song, but it is kind of a disappointment after such a great start for an album. Next up is the title song "Stand Up And Fight" and here it starts to slow down with the music, too. It gets slower, the lyrics with a sad mood. The upcoming song is then "The Great Escape", the worst song of the album, which you can't speak of like that, it is not bad, it's just not that great. In contrast to the first five songs of the album, it depends on my mood, if I want to hear it, or not. Most of the time it is skipped because of the beginning, which I really don't like at all. It sounds uncreative and boring, until maybe 1:20. There's a sign of hope for the song to not end in a disaster. And after the chorus it really saved the song's ass, as stupid as it sounds. There is this instrumental riff after they stopped singing, it really sounds awesome. Now we get to the 2nd worse song of the album, but still not as far as a disappointment as "The Great Escape". "Fear The Fear" is not bad, but not that outstanding, too. It's okay. It could've been shorter, it sounds, as if they stretched it out a little bit throughout the song. Now as already announced, with "Take The Day! " the best song of the album. These two really make the review title, as also already said. This song alone could be a movie, it is so full packed of emotions. A lot of the atmosphere makes the choir, that makes the song probably even better than "Take The Day". It releases emotions I only get at this song and maybe at Alcest's "Tir Nan Og", but I'm off topic here - sorry for that. I can't describe this song, you just have to listen to it yourself - you won't be disappointed, believe me. Unfortunately, now the album ends, as it may sound at the previous song... A long journey takes an end, not everything is good, but there's hope. Anyway, the last song reminds me of Moonsorrow. It is not bad, I like Moonsorrow, but it has a certain style from 1:54 - 2:44. And here Mathias has one of his highlights of the album. He has a great story-teller voice, what makes the song a worthy end of an immense album.

Lyrics — 6
The Lyrics are made for a concept album, a sequel of "The Varangian Way". The idea is a good one, but to implement it is a hard thing to do - what they managed to do medium-well. Mathias Nygard has a great voice, this album was almost made for him, and as already said: The last song masters Mathias perfectly.

Overall Impression — 9
All in all, I think Turisas made a little bit of a change in the music style, I think positively. The only thing really disappointing of the album is the cover, I somehow just don't like it at all, as much as a review of the cover it is NOT. But I'm not an album cover analyst, neither I can really tell you much about the sound. It is good, it sounds good to me - I like it.

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    Mr Winters
    Great album. End of an Empire is their best song ever along with Miklagard Overture.
    whoever had the idead of doing the cover WW2 recruitment style was the freaking Bauss.